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Lesson Plan: Class Discussion Geography Part 2 Name: Erin McGinnis and Amy Maroudas Class Subject: CI 402

Date: 3 ! "3 Student Objective/Student Outcome: #tudents $ill %e a%le to: & 'nderstand the impact o( geography as a necessary su%)ect* & +o re(lect upon the si, core elements (or teaching geography as listed in ## C-. /* & +o identi(y $hat our compass lesson co0ered in terms o( the si, core elements* & +o create other ideas o( incorporating geography in our lessons Materials/Resources/Technolog : 1eading re(lection (rom 2ee3 4* ## %oo3 to re(erence* (illed out Compass sheet (rom 5th grade acti0ity Teacher!s "oals: +o as3 thought pro0o3ing 6uestions to engage in a good con0ersation $ith our peers* to recei0e (eed%ac3 on the Compass lesson and ho$ it applies to teaching social studies $ith geography. Time: 7 minutes Start o# Class: 1e0ie$ our compass acti0ity* & -o$ did it go8 & 2as it rele0ant to geography (or si,th graders8 $ntroduction o# Lesson/Lesson $nstruction: Class Discussion As3 them $hat they thought o( ## reading & -o$ does it apply as (uture social studies teachers8 & 2hat geography classes $ere o((ered in your middle school or high school8 & 2hat $as the larger (ocus: human or physical geography8 & #hould it %e %alanced8 More (ocus on $hat8 & -o$ can $e integrate geography $ith history8 & -o$ else can you use maps8 & 2hat resources are a0aila%le to us to use8 E,: Google earth & Are you con(ident in your a%ilities to use them8 9o8 As3 them a%out the 9ational Geographic $e%site & 2hat did you (ind use(ul8 & 2hat $as the most interesting to you8 & 2hat did you loo3 at the most8 %ssessment/Chec&s #or 'nderstanding: & +he (eed%ac3 a%out the lesson sho$s their in0ol0ement in it & I( discussion is (lo$ing: then class has read the readings: and has points on their reading re(lections that they can discuss

"0&"7 minutes

Closure/(ra) u)/Revie*: & 1ecap the readings and lesson: as3ing (or any more 6uestions or (eed%ac3. & As3 a%out reading re(lections* $hat did $e may%e miss8 Sel#+%ssessment: & I( it;s a good thing as discussion continues to %e a%le to as3 more 6uestions that aren;t listed a%o0e & <uestions are strong enough to prompt discussion $ithout needing to dominate the discussion =class discussion is not )ust the t$o o( us tal3ing>