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Tech – No Fear

A poem by

Victor L Machin
Pen’s mightier than sword, they say, But bro en swords come into p!ay" #n a poo! o$ in !ies %ourna!ism, &i!!ed by !ac o$ rea!ism" The P' man decides the news, And sends the photos they shou!d use" And i$ you dare to write it true, No editor wi!! pub!ish you" The b!og’s the on!y p!ace $or scoops, But a!ways watched by pressure groups, (ho press to end $reedom o$ speech, )nder the guise o$ copyright breech" The end o$ the web’s the $ina! $ate, The greatest boo *burning to date, But when the internet’s no more, #’!! pic up pad and pen once more, And eep on scribb!ing on and on, For my great audience o$ one"