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Your Name: Dan Bingman Lesson Title: Learning Handchimes and Handbells with Technique Introduction: This introductory

lesson will help students understand the basics to playing handchimes and handbells as well as the techniques used to play. Content Area and Grade or Age Level of Students: 7th Grade General Music Objectives: 1. tudents will be able to understand the basics o! handchimes and handbells ". tudents will be able to identi!y and demonstrate techniques used to play handchimes and handbells #. tudents will be able to understand terminology associated with music theory and handchimes or handbells. Standards Addressed: $hio tate tandards !or Music %ducation Grade 7 1&' independently or collaborati(ely) per!orm a (aried repertoire o! music) representing di(erse genres and cultures and showing e*pression and technical accuracy at a le(el that includes modest ranges and changes o! tempo) +ey and meter. "&' &er!orm accurately) independently or collaborati(ely) with good posture producing an appropriate tone quality. 1'% ,pply multiple criteria to e(aluate the quality and e!!ecti(eness o! music per!ormance and composition including their own.

Relative Advantage: The best ad(antage o! using (ideos to learn the techniques o! handchimes or handbells is !or di!!erentiated instruction. There are students who best learn by seeing how something is done in di!!erent ways or methods) or e*plained a di!!erent way. The purpose o! the per!ormance (ideo is to see how handchimes or handbells are played in a per!ormance. tudents can see the techniques used in this !ast paced per!ormance. Timeline: Teaching all o! the techniques will ta+e se(eral classes to accomplish. -t is only appro*imate to determine the amount o! scheduled classes) because o! indi(idual achie(ement and practicing. The initial teaching o! techniques will ta+e (ery little time. -n order to master the techniques o! playing handchimes or handbells) it could ta+e the students multiple lessons. aterials:

Materials used will be using the te*t Musical %lements. , /lassroom Method 0or Handchimes by 1enneth L. Lis+e. The lesson will also need a computer with pro2ector and audio. The classroom is already setup with a pro2ector screen. Grou!ing Strategies: tudents will not be using indi(idual computers Learning Activities: 1. tudents will read through 3Musical %lements. , /lassroom Method !or Handchimes4 pg. 1 to read through the three techniques o! handchimes. a. tri+ing b. ustaining c. Damping ". tudents will practice these basic techniques on their own) without demonstration 5pre6assessment7. #. tudents will watch the (ideo entitled 3-8T'$D9/T-$8 T$ H,8D/H-M% ,8D T$8%/H-M% 4 until :;<<4 into the (ideo. a. tudents will practice these techniques a!ter they are demonstrated on the (ideo 5pausing in between each technique7 4. Students will play 3Musical %lements. , /lassroom Method !or Handchimes4 pg. 1 e*ercises =1) ") >#. a. The strategy !or starting the e*ercises will be e*plained) since the same strategy will be used throughout the rest o! the course. <. tudents will watch the (ideo 3Handbells 1?1 -ntroduction Tutorial =14 starting at time mar+ 1;"?4 as well as 3Handbells 1?1 -ntroduction Tutorial ="4 Assessment: tudents will be assessed using in!ormal methods. - will obser(e each student repeated and gi(e them !eedbac+ on their positioning) posture) and technique. , !ormal assessment will be gi(en using a rubric a!ter successi(e lessons to critique their position) posture) and technique. Ada!tations for Learners "it# S!ecial Needs: -n my e*perience) - ha(e not had to use any modi!ications !or students with special needs. - ha(e had se(eral students with -ndi(idual Learning &lans) a student who is listed as % L) and students will mild physical disabilities. ,ll o! these students ha(e been able to demonstrate an ability to per!orm handchimes@handbells. -! howe(er there was an instance o! ob(ious disability) would wor+ with an aide or special education teacher in order to !ind a method !or that student to learn and per!orm with handchimes@handbells. References: Lis+e) 1. 51AAB7. Musical Elements a Classroom Method for Handchimes .Dayton. ,merican Guild o! %nglish Handbell 'ingers.