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Asians Involved:

Social Accountability in Asia and the Pacific ABSTRACT Social Accountability (SAc) is defined by two parameters: constructive engagement and citizen monitoring. Simply put, it is the government and the citizens working together to achieve common goals. Spearheaded by the orld !ank in the early "###s, this advocacy aims to open communication and information lines from the government in order for accessible and socially$ useful data, as well as connect it with the citizens for dialogue and creative problem solving. %he Affiliated &etwork for Social Accountability (A&SA) is a global organization system with autonomous regional chapters based in different continents: in the 'ast Asia and the (acific (formerly anchored by the Ateneo School of )overnment, now A&SA$'A( *oundation, +nc.), in Africa (anchored by the +nstitute for ,emocracy in Africa in South Africa), in South Asia (anchored by the +nstitute of )overnance Studies in !-A. /niversity in !angladesh), and in the Arab orld (anchored by .A-' +nternational in 'gypt). %his presentation will focus on the different SAc pro0ects led by A&SA$'A(, implemented with the assistance of seven convener groups in four different countries: .ambodia, +ndonesia, 1ongolia and the (hilippines. +t will e2amine the presence of the enabling environment for SAc to thrive, as well as identify the various SAc tools and techni3ues used to promote citizen participation leading to good governance. ,ata$gathering will be done through analysis of SAc pro0ect updates and end$of$pro0ect reports, as well as in$depth interviews with practitioners. +n conclusion, this presentation will enumerate lessons learned from A&SA$'A(4s wide$ranging and on$the$ground Asian e2perience in terms of the SAc advocacy, in relation to politics and good governance, which can be applied in the conte2t of the social realities of the (hilippines. %his series of lessons hopes to contribute to both the practice of citizen engagement, with particular reference to policy$making as regards it, in the (hilippine political setting.

About the Presentor: .had (atrick 5sorio is the current (ro0ect .oordinator for 5pen .ontracting (hilippines, funded by the orld !ank +nstitute. 6e formerly served as the ,ocumentation and .ontracts 1anagement Specialist of A&SA$'A(. 6e has also worked as a legal intern for the /nited &ations7 Assistance to the 8hmer -ouge in .ambodia. 6e is a "nd year student at the /( .ollege of 9aw.