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Joe Manos 21st Century Learner

1. Photo number one illustrates the need for 21st century learners to use and understand technology. With the way technology is today students are able if not more able to use technology than their teachers. When used effectively technology is a great tool for teachers in the classroom. In the power point understanding 21st century learners it illustrates that technology has become a major factor in learning. I chose an IPad because I just purchased one and I am amazed by what it can do and cant wait to learn more on how to use it as a tool for learning. 2. Photo number two illustrates the need for email in 21st century learning. In todays world there is a great need to be able to communicate to mass amounts of people over a wide geographic area easily. Email is a great tool to do this effectively and easily. A good example has happened quite a few times this semester with all the weather problems and teachers needing to communicate to their students about class statuses and homework assignments. The power point understanding 21st century learners lists the importance of frequent, timely, constructive feedback. Email is a very good method to do this. 3. Photo number three is a representation of an online classroom. Todays learners have to opportunity to participate in online classrooms. Meaning the opportunity to gain education with out having to leave their home. This is a great use of technology by universities and teachers because it puts all the course material at the students fingertips. This gives the students all the tools he or she needs to succeed without leaving their home. And as the 21st century power point says it gives students a way of using technology to communicating technology and skills. This semester I have

two online classes and many of my regular classes have online sessions. Theses are very convenient and effective ways to effectively share knowledge. 4. Photo number four illustrates social media. To me this image represents other tools aside from email. Such as face book, twitter and other outlets. These are great was of communicating for 21st century learners. These outlets often transmit news and data faster than email because of the access to national sources such as CNN and other companies. I personally use these outlets to keep up on news and events for Akron U to around to world. 5. Photo number 5 for myself was a great representation of 21st century learning. In todays . To me it illustrates the learner using all the resources available to them. They take things from all around them and apply them to learning in todays society. Working at a school this year as a special needs aide has been a resource that I have used many time already this year. From taking advice from current teachers to observing how students learn it has been a great tool. 6. Photo number six is a quote from Charles Darwin. The quote speaks of the importance of adapting . This can be directly applied to the 21st century learner. Learning has become all about adapting. This one hit home for me especially, this is my first year returning to college after a 7yr absence. The amount of technology used today compared to what was used when I went is astounding. I have had to get over my fear of technology and learn to use it as a tool to help me not terrify me. 7. Photo seven is a picture that states How do you learn. The power point understanding 21st century learners talks about what learners expect. Today learners expect their teachers to teach them in the most effective way possible. To do this they must know how you learn. For me I learn can say I learn best through instruction and then experience. However I am open to experiencing all the new way of learning. 8. Photo number eight is a representation of learning based games. These have become a big part of todays classrooms. I have seen them used first hand as instructional tools and as rewards. The students really respond well to this use of technology and method. They are learning and they dont even realize it.. 9. Photo number 9 represents the standards that the 21st century learner is taught by his or her teachers. With the adoption of these standards and the testing required by the state these have become one of the main focuses of the teachers thus making it a huge part of the 21st century learner. These actually benefit the learner because it gives them a more focused curriculum throughout their school career. I personally got to be a part of this during the OAA practice testing where I was a proctor this year. 10. Photo number 10 is a picture of B.F Skinner. He was a very famous psychologist and behavior specialists. The power point understanding 21st century learners talks about his theories on observable behavior and reinforcement. These are two major components teachers use on 21st century learners today. I work first hand with a special needs students and this is one of our main tools we use everyday. What did we observe and how can we reinforce the behavior we want repeated.

*all pictures are listed with url under them and the power point presentation mentioned is from spring board Understanding 21st century learners ew