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name ________________________________ Pour _____

1he kound 1ab|e

1op|c: 1he |n and nan Dynast|es
D|rect|ons: 1hrough Lhls acLlvlLy, you wlll be obLalnlng lnformaLlon abouL the |n and nan dynast|es of Ch|na.
?ou wlll need pages 104-109 ln your LexLbook.
1) Who was Confuc|us?

2) Accordlng Lo Confuclus, whaL are Lhe f|ve bas|c re|at|onsh|ps?

3) Confuclus sLressed LhaL chlldren should pracLlce f|||a| p|ety, or:

Lth|ca| Systems of Ch|na
4) WhaL Lhree ldeas
make up Dao|sm?




Lth|ca| Systems of Ch|na
11) WhaL Lhree ldeas
make up Lega||sm?



Sh| nuangd|

1he |n Dynasty Un|f|es Ch|na
3) WhaL does Sh| nuangd| mean? Why dld he use

6) Shl Puangdl was deLermlned Lo _____________
Chlna. Pe acLed declslvely Lo crush ______________
____________ aL home. 1o prevenL ___________,
Shl Puangdl and hls prlme mlnlsLer murdered
hundreds of Confuclan scholars.

7) Shl Puangdl creaLed an autocracy. WhaL ls an

8) under Shl Puangdl's program of cenLrallzaLlon, whaL
advancements, standards, or pro[ects were creaLed

9) Who bullL Lhe CreaL Wall? WhaL cho|ce dld Lhey

10) WhaL happened Lhree years afLer Lhe 2
emperor Look power?

nan Lmperors |n Ch|na (.200)
L|u 8ang and Lmpress Lu 1he nan kestore Un|ty to Ch|na
12. Who was L|u 8ang?

13. WhaL ls a centra||zed government?

14. Pow dld Llu 8ang wln popular

13. Who was Lmpress Lu?

16. Pow dld she malnLaln power?


1he Mart|a| Lmperor (p. 201)
17. Why was Wud| called 1he MarLlal

18. 1he _______________ were Lhe flrsL
enemy of Wudl. 1hey aLLacked
vlllages and sLole goods. Larller
emperors Lrled Lo sLop Lhem Lhrough
b________________. lnsLead, Wudl
senL warrlors Lo flghL Lhem and Lry Lo
make _______________ of Lhelr

19. Wudl also worked Lo expand Lhe
emplre and formed

Ch|nese Soc|ety (Soc|a| Structure)

Structures of the nan Government
20. Pow dld Lhe governmenL compleLe Lhelr
lmprovemenL pro[ecLs for Lhe emplre?

Confuc|an|sm, the koad to Success
21. WhaL dld Wudl make prospecLlve clvll servanLs

22. Pow long dld Wudl's sysLem of clvll servlce lasL?
nan 1echno|ogy, Commerce, and 1rade
23. 1he |nvent|on of paper helped wlLh whaL Lwo ma[or aspecLs of socleLy? WhaL dld Lhe use of paper replace?
- -
- -

24. LlsL three other |nvent|ons durlng Lhls perlod? WhaL was sLaLed Lo be Lhe most |mportant occupat|on |n

23. Why dld anclenL people value sllk? WhaL were Lhe S||k koads?

26. WhaL ls ass|m||at|on? Pow was lL encouraged?

27. uescrlbe Lhe dlfference beLween Lhe llfesLyles of upper and |ower c|ass women:
Lower: Upper:

1he Ia|| of the nan and 1he|r keturn
28. Why dld each generaLlon end up wlLh less and less?

29. Why dld Lhe gap wlden between the r|ch and poor?

30. Who was Wang Mang and how dld he galn power? ------------------------------------>

31. WhaL efforLs dld Mang make Lo help Lhe publlc problems?

32. WhaL happened Lo Mang?

33. WhaL was Lhe fate of the 2
nan Dynasty?

1he S||k koads