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Murdoch Books is an internationally renowned publisher of illustrated books based in Australia, with a London sales office selling into the UK and European markets and managing our co-edition business. We are known for our beautiful and inspirational food, design, gardening and craft books and in 2014–15 we continue that tradition with some of the best authors the world has to offer. Peter Gilmore brings us Organum, showcasing the extraordinary culinary skills of this internationally recognised chef. Joining him in the high-end stakes with Sepia is Martin Benn, whose award-winning food has long been a favourite with both critics and diners alike. Dan Hong from Sydney’s Mr Wong shares his own special blend of Australian and Asian food in Mr Hong. Natasha Collins’ The Painted Cake, will make you want to lick the page. One of Australia’s leading chefs, Neil Perry, makes cooking seem easy with Simply Good Food. Eleanor Ozich adds her own simplicity with My Petite Kitchen Cookbook. And in Bistronomy, Katrina Meynink captures the spirit of generous, affordable French hospitality. In Connected we have the first book by Phillip Johnson, winner of Best in Show at the 2013 Royal Horticultural Society’s Chelsea Flower Show. Doug Purdie teaches us how easy it is to add a hive to our lives in Backyard Bees, while Amanda Talbot reminds us of the importance of architecture and interior design in Happy. There are so many books we could highlight. Perhaps it is best for you to see them yourselves, so call by the Murdoch Books stand at London Book Fair to say hello and meet the team. Sue Hines Group Publishing Director

Food & Drink


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Colour of Maroc
Rob and Sophia Palmer
Colour of Maroc unveils a Moroccan cuisine, both traditional and contemporary, brimming with flavour. For photographer Rob, Colour of Maroc is a sketch of colour and light that captures the essence of a country far from the urban beach life of Bondi that he is familiar with. For his wife Sophia, it is a journey of rediscovery as she experiences Morocco and her heritage as if for the first time. Food is their gateway into the heart of Morocco. Their passion for Morocco is a delight to share as they are guided by Sophia’s friends and family through overflowing cities and remote dusty villages, exploring this country of vitality and contrasts. Through their eyes, Morocco dazzles with life and colour and offers up an inspiring collection of recipes bursting with flavour.

288 pages hardback 284 x 225 mm (11 x 9 in) 55,000 words 978-1-74336-073-6 £25.00 February 2014 (October 2013 AU)

ABouT THE AuTHoRS: Rob’s photographic career began while bobbing around in the wild waves of Hawaii’s world-famous Banzai Pipeline. All of his spare time is still spent chasing waves but these days he’s shooting a range of work for lifestyle, food and advertising clients. Sophia’s career in advertising has taken her across the world over the past 12 years. She was born in Morocco where she spent 13 years, and speaks English, French and Arabic.


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Simply Good Food
Neil Perry
In Simply Good Food, renowned Australian chef Neil Perry presents a collection of the simple, produce-driven recipes he likes to cook for friends and family. With 105 recipes encompassing everything from a small but perfectly formed selection of cocktail recipes through to Chicken with pancetta, Thai-style squid salad and Raspberry and champagne jelly with spiced berry compote, Simply Good Food has your dining table covered.





240 pages hardback 260 x 210 mm (10¼ x 8¼ in) 37,500 words 978-1-74336-052-1 £20.00 February 2014 (November 2013 AU)

ABouT THE AuTHoR: Neil Perry is one of Australia’s most influential chefs. He has managed several award-winning restaurants, and today concentrates on his flagship brand, the Rockpool Group. Neil has been creating menus for Qantas since 1997, redefining in-flight dining and service. He is also the author of Good Food, Easy Weekends, Rockpool Bar & Grill and Balance & Harmony. Neil is a television presenter on the LifeStyle Channel, and recently appeared as an Iron Chef on Iron Chef Australia.


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Book of Tripe
Stéphane Reynaud
This collection of nose to tail recipes combines responsible eating with delicious cuisine. Including both traditional and modern recipes, from chicken liver terrines and pig’s trotters to Lamb liver and balsamic sauce, Apple pie oxtail with hazelnuts and Curried pork cheek, this charmingly presented book will allay your prejudices and is the perfect introduction to the world of tripe.


Gourmet Hot Dog
Stéphane Reynaud
Featuring 60 easy, tasty hot dog recipes, prepared with passion in gourmet French style, Stéphane Reynaud’s Gourmet Hot Dog is peppered throughout with light-hearted, quirky illustrations of cute canines, each with their eye on a tasty hot dog morsel. The recipes are divided into sausage type—from coarse and finely minced sausages, to Frankfurters, chipolatas, Toulouse sausage, chicken sausage, veal sausage—and each recipe includes suggestions for bread accompaniments, small (but perfectly formed) salad garnishes and the all-important condiments to maximise flavour. Stéphane’s followers and fans of quick and easy food that’s high quality and fun to serve will love this book for its fabulous recipes and Gallic charm.









192 pages hardback 270 x 205 mm (10½ x 8 in) 20,000 words 978-1-74336-969-2 £20.00 February 2014 (June 2014 AU) Rights: English language only

ABouT THE AuTHoR: Stéphane Reynaud is chef and owner of restaurant Villa9Trois in Montreuil, just outside Paris. He won the 2005 Grand Prix de la Gastronomie with his book Pork & Sons. His other books include Barbecue, Ripailles, Rotis, 365 Good Reasons to Sit Down to Eat and Pies and Tarts. Stéphane Reynaud has also appeared on TV and radio, including The Martha Stewart Show and NPR’s The Splendid Table.

144 pages hardback 240 x 190 mm (9½ x 7½ in) 978-1-74336-317-1 £14.99 September 2014 (August 2014 AU) Rights: English language only


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Supercharged Food: Eat Yourself Beautiful
Lee Holmes
Eat Yourself Beautiful is a guide to achieving inner and outer health and ageless beauty through simple, delicious recipes using nutritionally rich, anti-inflammatory ‘super’ foods. Many of the dishes in this inspiring and practical book are free of gluten, wheat, yeast or sugar, individually identified by at-a-glance icons. Also included are beauty-friendly menu plans and shopping lists; as well as advice on what foods to avoid, how to detox, and how to identify hidden food sensitivities, allergies and inflammation.


232 pages flexibound 250 x 200 mm (10 x 8 in) 45,000 words 978-1-74336-059-0 £14.99 March 2014 (February 2014 AU)

ABouT THE AuTHoR: Lee Holmes, Certified Holistic Health Coach, wholefoods chef and author of Supercharged Food: Eat Your Way To Good Health, is on a mission to help us change the way we look and feel about ourselves and discover lifelong health and beauty. Lee’s first book came about after she successfully used food as medicine to overcome an auto-immune disease using supercharged recipes to heal and nurture her body.


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The Little Moroccan Cookbook
The Little Moroccan Cookbook features more than 80 recipes, selected to best reflect the unique characteristics and breadth of styles that are the essence of Moroccan cooking. Illustrated with beautiful location shots as well as images of finished dishes and authentic cooking techniques, this book is both a source of inspiration for the cook and an evocation of a place. Arabic, Persian, Andalusian and Berber traditions influence the recipes, and there are also special features on subjects such as spices, tea drinking and tajines.

The Little Spanish Cookbook
The Little Spanish Cookbook explores the influences of geography, climate, culture and tradition that have shaped Spanish cuisine. More than 80 recipes are featured, selected to best reflect the unique characteristics of the country’s food. Illustrated with location photographs as well as images of finished dishes and authentic cooking techniques.

192 pages padded hardback 200 x 160 mm (8 x 6¼ in) 40,000 words 978-1-74336-067-5 £9.99 April 2014 (December 2013 AU)

192 pages padded hardback 200 x 160 mm (8 x 6¼ in) 40,000 words 978-1-74336-066-8 £9.99 April 2014 (December 2013 AU)


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Fired Up Vegetarian
Ross Dobson
Who said barbecues were just for meat lovers? Ross Dobson turns traditional barbecue recipes on their heads to create colourful and flavoursome dishes that every vegetable fan and vegetarian will love. Drawing on culinary influences from around the globe, including South-East Asia, India, the Middle East and Europe, Fired Up Vegetarian features 80 easyto-cook recipes, with everything from Silverbeet and feta gözleme to Jalapeño jam. Fired Up Vegetarian is a refreshing and versatile selection for anyone who savours good food.




184 pages hardback 230 x 190 mm (9 x 7½ in) 25,000 words 978-1-74336-272-3 £14.99 May 2014 (August 2013 AU)

ABouT THE AuTHoR: Ross’s love affair with all things food began at a young age under the influence of his neighbours from Italy and Hong Kong. To enjoy what they ate, Ross realised he would have to cook it for himself. After studying writing and communications, Ross found himself constantly drawn to food and in the food-mad town of Sydney he had his own successful café and catering business before venturing into the world of food publishing.


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marie claire summer
Michele Cranston
marie claire summer is all about easy, greattasting and healthy food with a sense of adventure and fun. Luscious tropical fruit, leafy bowls of salad, grilled seafood, tangy Asian noodles and spiced couscous … food that not only tastes great but is good for you. Food that is bursting with colour, dripping with yummy juices and spiced with a splash of lime, a scattering of herbs and a sprinkle of seasoning. The recipes are easy and use simple ingredients, so you too can relax and enjoy the journey.




256 pages flexibound 240 x 197 mm (9½ x 8 in) 26,000 words 978-1-74336-057-6 £16.99 May 2014 (September 2013 AU)

ABouT THE AuTHoR: Michele Cranston has been cooking and styling food for more than 20 years, in a career that has included working as a chef in various restaurants, setting up an acclaimed café, cooking creatively for a food production company in London and writing about food. She was the food editor at marie claire magazine for five years and has ten marie claire cookbooks under her belt. Michele's unique style demonstrates a love of fresh, clean flavours, crisp textures and a strong sense of colour and design.


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e l e a nor oz ic h

My Petite Kitchen Cookbook
Eleanor Ozich
My Petite Kitchen Cookbook is a complete menu of more than 100 simple, wholefood, gluten-free recipes that feed body and soul. Eleanor has first-hand experience of the health benefits of clean, whole food—the recipes in this book were created as part of her family’s ‘road to simple eating’, adopted as a means of trying (successfully) to cure her four-year-old daughter’s severe eczema. Replacing sugar and grains with natural, unprocessed alternatives, Eleanor’s recipes show how easy it is to prepare healthy food that is bursting with flavour and goodness. And her stunning photography is a feast for the eyes, capturing the essence of her food—fresh, vibrant, for sharing. From Caramelised shallot and thyme frittata and Apple and sage pork cassoulet, to Decadent raspberry and coconut chocolate torte and Lemon and coconut truffles, My Petite Kitchen Cookbook includes breakfasts, lunches, drinks, dinners and desserts and everything in between.

e l e a nor oz ic h

240 pages hardback with jacket 240 x 190 mm (9½ x 7½ in) 40,000 words 978-1-73436-187-0 £18.99 June 2014 (May 2014 AU)

ABouT THE AuTHoR: As a child, Eleanor Ozich lived above her parents’ restaurant in Auckland, New Zealand; she has been a passionate food lover ever since. She is a selftaught cook who has worked as a food writer and food stylist for various publications, including Taste magazine, Viva—The New Zealand Herald and Little Treasures magazine. Eleanor created the Petite Kitchen blog as a personal diary, documenting her family’s ‘road to simple eating’. Her blog now has an international following of more than 20,000 people.


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Frozen Yoghurt

à la française

Constance and Mathilde Lorenzi
Frozen Yoghurt is packed with more than 60 recipes for yoghurt in all its guises: from frozen yoghurt combined with summer fruits, berries, nuts or chocolate, to frozen yoghurt biscuit sandwiches and frozen yoghurt cheesecake. There are yoghurt desserts made with dulce de leche, peanut butter or lemon curd; and chilled yoghurt milkshakes, lassis, yoghurt cakes, smooth fruit syrups for pouring and crunchy toppings for sprinkling. From healthy, midmorning pick-me-ups like Green milkshake with spinach, kiwi fruit and spirulina to decadent desserts that can be made in a sorbet maker, with a blender or in an ice box, this book has all yoghurt options covered. The design and styling is young, fresh and bright and yoghurt is always the hero.

164 pages hardback with die-cut 240 x 192 mm (9½ x 7½ in) 20,000 words 978-1-74336-165-8 £14.99 June 2014 (September 2014 AU) Rights: English language only

ABouT THE AuTHoRS: Authors Constance and Mathilde Lorenzi are selfconfessed yoghurt evangelists and their passion and enthusiasm are infectious. They are proprietors of chez it mylk, a Paris-based store that has two anchor locations and several pop-ups in the capital (the most recent at Charles De Gaulle Airport), selling a diverse range of yoghurt products.


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Dish It Up
Hayden Quinn
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Former MasterChef Australia contestant Hayden Quinn’s beach-living-inspired kitchen repertoire is packed with punchy flavours from around the globe. Think energy-packed breakfasts and post-workout power foods, travel-inspired street food, backyard feasts and special occasion meals to share with family and friends. Hayden’s recipes are easy to navigate, complete with helpful hints on cooking techniques and the best places to source key ingredients. His enthusiasm for good food and his easy-going style make this the perfect recipe book for cooks who aspire to fresh, healthy, mouth-watering food that’s easy to prepare and share—and guaranteed to make you smile!
15/08/13 9:42 AM


192 pages paperback with flaps 250 x 215 mm (10 x 8½ in) 40,000 words 978-1-74336-077-4 £12.99 June 2014 (December 2013 AU)

ABouT THE AuTHoR: Hayden Quinn is a lover of food, travel, culture and all things outdoors. Growing up on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, Hayden was never far from the ocean or from cooking with his mum and family, who served up incredible meals day in, day out. Cooking is second nature to Hayden, and it was his passion for travel and experiencing new food and cultures that led him to apply for Series 3 of MasterChef Australia.


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I’d Eat That!
Callum Hann
Callum Hann is back with a collection of recipes and sound advice that will give you the skill and confidence to become a better, happier cook. I’d Eat That! is the perfect kitchen companion for the novice cook. It includes information on harmonious flavour combinations, cooking with seasonal ingredients and a guide to preparing perfect seafood, as well as recipes covering everything from Beer and rosemary foccacia to Haloumi with pomegranate quinoa, asparagus and chunky parsley sauce.


192 pages hardback 210 x 152 mm (8¼ x 6 in) 35,000 words 978-1-74336-078-1 £9.99 July 2014 (February 2014 AU)

ABouT THE AuTHoR: Callum Hann nabbed the second-place spot in Series 2 of MasterChef Australia and, at only 20 years of age, wowed the judges and the viewers with his exceptional cooking. He is now travelling around Australia, sharing his love of food and passion for cooking with young people. His first book, The Starter Kitchen, was published in 2012.


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Argentinian Street Food
Enrique Zanoni and Gaston Stivelmaher
Bringing you authentic recipes that sit at the heart of the country’s cuisine, Argentinian Street Food is divided into chapters that focus on different aspects of Argentinian food and how best to recreate it at home. There are chapters with traditional recipes for empanadas stuffed with meat, fish, cheese, vegetables, fruits or creamy chocolate; cult Argentinian street food recipes that are easily made at home; ice creams including helado, the creamy signature Argentinian ice cream; and some classic desserts, including the legendary dulce de leche. The Argentinian atmosphere is carried through in the food photography and in the reportage that sets this delicious cuisine in its rich cultural context.

164 pages hardback with die-cut 240 x 192 mm (9½ x 7½ in) 20,000 words 978-174336-186-3 £14.99 July 2014 (April 2014 AU) Rights: English language only

ABouT THE AuTHoRS: Argentinian chefs Enrique Zanoni and Gaston Stivelmaher run three restaurants in Paris and a food truck that cruises the streets offering Argentinian cuisine.


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Tessa Kiros: The Recipe Collection
Tessa Kiros
Tessa Kiros: The Recipe Collection is a carefully curated selection of recipes from the author’s culinary publishing career to date. With over 130 family-friendly meal ideas pulled from some of Tessa’s most popular books, The Recipe Collection focuses on the recipes she has lovingly collected and created on her many travels. Food from Tessa’s own Finnish and Greek-Cypriot heritage appear alongside dishes she has discovered in the osterias, tavernas, street stalls and neighbourhood kitchens of the many countries she has called home, including Italy, Portugal and South Africa.







376 pages hardback with debossed panel 260 x 210 mm (10¼ x 8¼ in) 72,000 words 978-1-74336-096-5 £20.00 September 2014 (May 2014 AU)

ABouT THE AuTHoR: Tessa Kiros was born in London to a Finnish mother and a Greek-Cypriot father. The family moved to South Africa when she was four, and at the age of 18 Tessa set off to travel. She has cooked at London’s The Groucho Club and in Sydney, Athens and Mexico. On a trip to Italy to study the language and food, she met her husband, Giovanni, and they now live in Tuscany with their two children. Tessa is the best-selling author of eight cookbooks.


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Good Without Gluten

without gluten


Frédérique Jules, Jennifer Lepoutre and Mitsuru Yanase
The chefs at Parisian restaurant and grocery store No Glu create delicious, gluten-free food with all the style, finesse and passion for baking excellence that makes French pâtisserie worldrenowned. Using a range of cereals and clever flour mixes, they have developed over 65 delicious and nutritious recipes, guaranteed gluten-free (many of the recipes are also lactose-free). The recipes fall into the following chapters: ‘Basic Recipes’, ‘Breakfast’, ‘Tea’, ‘Nibbles’, ‘Entrees’, ‘Mains’, ‘Desserts’ and ‘Breads’. Included are gluten-free recipes for scrumptious cookies, sticky banana cake, sweet pastry, polenta cake, savoury and sweet muffins, chestnut flour bread, chickpea bread, crepes, focaccia, cheesecake, burgers, pizza and quiche. All recipes guaranteed delicious and gluten-free.

160 pages hardback with die-cut 240 x 190 mm (9½ x 7½ in) 978-1-74336-316-4 £14.99 September 2014 (August 2014 AU) Rights: English language only

ABouT THE AuTHoRS: No Glu is a restaurant and grocery store in Paris. Its three chefs, the authors of this book, Frédérique Jules, Jennifer Lepoutre and Mitsuru Yanase, work together developing recipes for their clientele who seek guaranteed gluten-free food that is also delicious. This is their first book.


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Katrina Meynink
The new wave of cuisine represented by the bistronomy movement is led by young chefs who choose to drop the astronomical prices and stuffy atmospheres of top-class Michelin outfits in favour of more convivial surrounds, where food and community rather than the thread count of the tablecloth are what matters. Through recipes and accompanying narrative, this dynamic book captures the vital elements of bistronomy—the democratic spirit of generous, affordable hospitality, and the imaginative reworking of classic fare built on quality ingredients and technique. Bistronomy is premised on sharing, and author Katrina Meynink embraces that concept by creating global bistronomy menus with more than 100 recipes generously donated by chefs the world over, from Paris to London, New York, Copenhagen and the shores of Sydney, Australia.

256 pages hardback with jacket 260 x 215 mm (10¼ x 8½ in) 45,000 words 978-1-74336-101-6 £20.00 September 2014 (September 2014 AU)

ABouT THE AuTHoR: Katrina Meynink is an Australian freelance food writer and author whose first book, Kitchen Coquette, was published by Allen & Unwin in 2011 (see page 124). Katrina’s food writing includes a weekly column for Daily Life, providing recipe features and interviews with chefs and food personalities. She has received numerous grants and scholarships from some of the world’s most renowned culinary institutions; most recently she was awarded the Julia Child Grant for Independent Study via the Culinary Trust, USA.


C ATA LO GUE 2 0 14–2 01 5


Venice Cult Recipes
Laura Zavin
Capturing the essence of Venice and its food, this is a book to dream over as well as to cook from. Black cuttlefish risotto, grilled squid, fancy antipasti, delicious Venetian sweets and ice creams—here are 100 recipes that conjure up the real Venice. There are recipes for fish, chicken, antipasti, ravioli, gnocchi, risotto, soups, snacks, polenta, desserts. There are also recipes for Venetian drinks, including the internationally renowned bellini, the perfect blend of white peach juice with sparkling prosecco, invented by Giuseppe Cipriani in 1930 at Harry’s Bar in Venice, and synonymous with the sparkling city. Author Laura Zavin shares her knowledge of Venetian food and its history generously, and includes commentary and maps for five guided walks around Venice that stop off at cafés, restaurants, food markets and wine cellars. So if you’re lucky enough to find yourself in Venice, you can experience authentic Venetian food and wine first-hand.

photography by Grégoire Kalt


272 pages hardback 262 x 208 mm (10½ x 8¼ in) 978-1-74336-310-2 £20.00 October 2014 (September 2014 AU) Rights: English language only

ABouT THE AuTHoR: Food writer Laura Zavin was born in Treviso, near Venice, and her earliest childhood food memories originate there. She has written several books including Little Italy (published by Murdoch Books). She has a food blog (of course!), runs cooking classes and writes for a variety of magazines and newspapers.


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Sweet Envy
Alistair and Teena Wise
A dazzling collection of exquisite sweet things, desserts, ice creams, couture cakes, pastries and pies, created by Alistair Wise and his wife and business partner Teena, set against the Hobart community backdrop of local festivals, farmers and foodies. Evoking childhood memories of sweet shops and ice-cream parlours, Sweet Envy is full of tempting recipes that combine textures, flavours and premium ingredients—all with a modern twist—on the premise that food is also art and entertainment. Fabulous recipes and taste combinations, topped off with wry wit and dry humour, here is a fresh new voice for bakers and sweet-lovers everywhere.

240 pages hardback 255 x 200 mm (10 x 8 in) 40,000 words 978-1-74336-104-7 £18.99 October 2014 (October 2014 AU)

ABouT THE AuTHoRS: Alistair and Teena Wise grew up and completed their pastry and bakery apprenticeships in Hobart, Tasmania. They went on to work in top restaurants in Melbourne, London and New York. Now based back in Tasmania, Alistair and Teena have brought to life their own food destination, a specialised bakery in North Hobart called Sweet Envy offering old-time sweets and confections lovingly crafted in small batches.


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Botanical Cuisine
Omid Jaffari
Here are 150 recipes that show you how to create—with the right tools, premium ingredients and a good handful of love and patience—amazing gourmet raw cuisine for every day. So why eat raw vegan? Because eating live, nutritionally-dense, organic, uncooked and unprocessed plant foods contributes to optimum health and wellbeing. Most people find becoming vegan really improves their health because there is significantly less stress on the digestive system. The book divides into three sections: ‘Raw Materials’, ‘Staples’ and ‘Recipes’. Raw Materials runs through essential kitchen tools and pantry items; Staples takes you step-by-step through making up a range of key basics that can be prepared in advance (‘dairy’ basics, salts, sauces, sprinkles, infused sweeteners); then come the Recipes, for breakfasts, soups, salads, tarts, desserts and chocolate—delicious, nourishing food that’s clean and full of goodness for body and soul.

240 pages hardback with jacket 250 x 200 mm (10 x 8 in) 20,000 words 978-1-74336-320-1 £18.99 October 2014 (September 2014 AU)

ABouT THE AuTHoR: Omid Jaffari is the driving force and creative vision behind Botanical Cuisine, a Melbourne-based business with three main parts: a line of gourmet organic sustainable raw vegan foods; a teaching academy that runs courses for home cooks and aspiring raw vegan chefs; and a pop-up alternative dining space. This is his first book.


C ATA LO GUE 2 0 14–2 01 5

Martin Benn
Renowned chef Martin Benn takes the reader on a culinary journey through 60 of his exciting dishes. Based around four degustation menus, the book highlights the technical mastery and sheer beauty of Martin’s food, with its deep connections to Japanese cuisine and flavours and its focus on texture and contrast. Text, design and photography combine to recreate the atmosphere and sophisticated, art deco feel of his Sydney restaurant, Sepia. Interspersed among the menus are narrative features exploring the workings of the restaurant, and the stories of its staff and clientele, while location photography captures a sense of oldfashioned, cosmopolitan glamour.

256 pages hardback 310 x 225 mm (12¼ x 9 in) 50,000 words 978-1-74336-063-7 £30.00 November 2014 (October 2014 AU)

ABouT THE AuTHoR: Martin Benn began his cooking career as a chef at the Oak Room in London. Since then, he has worked at the Criterion, Sydney's Forty One Restaurant and Tetsuya’s. Martin opened Sepia Restaurant in 2009. In 2011, he was awarded the coveted Sydney Morning Herald Good Food Guide—Chef of the Year. In 2012 and 2014 Sepia Restaurant was awarded Sydney Morning Herald Good Food Guide—Restaurant of the Year and three chef’s hats.


C ATA LO GUE 2 0 14–2 01 5



Zumbo Riffs the Classics
Adriano Zumbo
For his third cookbook, top Sydney pastry chef Adriano Zumbo recreates some of the classic desserts we all grew up drooling over. As well as offering up his favourite recipes for these confections, he applies his Willy Wonka-esque genius to whipping them into two completely new incarnations that play on the original recipe. As always, the colours are bright, the flavours unexpected, and the experience of recreating the fruits of his fertile imagination a complete delight.

Mr Hong
Dan Hong
Mr Hong is as much an exploration of Dan Hong’s colourful path through life as it is a beautifully illustrated book of Asian recipes, re-imagined and re-invigorated by Dan for a new generation of food lovers. Widely recognised as one of Australia’s most exciting new talents, Dan grew up in the kitchen of his parents’ own Vietnamese restaurant, worked at some of the most prestigious restaurants in Sydney and became an awarded and highly regarded chef and restaurateur in his own right. His potent mix of proud heritage, technical skill and boundless enthusiasm coupled with a vast appetite for the new and the colourful make Dan’s approach to cooking unique. His recipes and stories mirror his personality: energetic, intelligent and instantly memorable.



256 pages hardback 285 x 215 mm (11¼ x 8½ in) 45,000 words 978-1-74336-095-8 £20.00 November 2014 (October 2014 AU)

ABouT THE AuTHoR: Adriano Zumbo is no ordinary pâtissier. His playful approach to food, far-ranging imagination and cheeky attitude have made him one of Australia’s best-known chefs. Sydney discovered his magical macarons, pastries, cakes and chocolates when he opened his first pâtisserie in Balmain in 2007.

ABouT THE AuTHoR: Dan Hong spent his childhood in Vietnamese restaurants run by his mother before working in some of the most prestigious restaurants in Australia, including Tetsuya’s, Marque and Longrain, where his mentors include Martin Boetz, Martin Benn, Morgan McGlone and Justin Hemmes. He has opened a trio of Sydney’s most exciting dining destinations: Ms.G’s, El Loco and, most recently, Mr Wong, which was honoured with a hat in its first year of business at the Sydney Morning Herald Good Food Guide awards.

288 pages padded hardback 270 x 203 mm (10¾ x 8 in) 50,000 words 978-1-74336-062-0 £20.00 November 2014 (October 2014 AU)


C ATA LO GUE 2 0 14–2 01 5

Somer Sivrioglu and David Dale
Anatolia is a richly illustrated, entertaining and informative exploration of the regional cooking culture of Turkey, lightened and adapted for modern life. Turkish-born chef Somer Sivrioglu and co-author David Dale re-imagine the traditions of Turkish cooking, presenting recipes ranging from the grand banquets of the Ottoman empire to the spicy snacks of Istanbul’s street stalls. In doing so they explain their take on the classics and reveal the surrounding rituals, myths, jokes and folk wisdom of both the old and new Turkey. More than 150 dishes are featured, and images of the recipes are complemented by specially commissioned photographs shot on location in Turkey. Features on local Turkish chefs and producers and their specialities add a fascinating layer of interest and flavour.

360 pages hardback 267 x 253 mm (10½ x 10 in) 60,000 words 978-1-74336-081-1 £25.00 December 2014 (November 2014 AU)

ABouT THE AuTHoRS: Somer Sivrioglu grew up in Istanbul and moved to Sydney when he was 25. He now runs Efendy restaurant in Balmain, where he draws on a multitude of cultural influences to recreate the food traditions of his homeland. David Dale is an Australian political journalist, commentator on popular culture, and food writer. In his earlier books, David analysed how Italian cooking conquered the world. He's convinced that ‘Turkish is going to be the next international invader’.


C ATA LO GUE 2 0 14–2 01 5

Peter Gilmore
While there is a layered complexity to worldrenowned chef Peter Gilmore’s ethereal—yet grounded—cuisine, his philosophy of cooking is relatively simple. Just four elements are required to create perfect unison in a dish: nature, texture, intensity and purity. In his new book Peter invites the reader to share in his private obsession with nature—when not in the kitchen at Sydney’s Quay restaurant, he is working in his experimental garden where he grows a huge array of edible plant species. Each component of a plant, from sweet, earthy roots to bitter fronds and fragrant blossoms, is potentially destined for inclusion in one of the 40 exquisite dishes featured here. Peter also introduces us to the many influences on his cooking, and to the people who grow, catch and source key ingredients. Images include intensely beautiful food and ingredient shots, as well as producers and produce photographed on location.


288 pages hardback 310 x 255 mm (12¼ x 10 in) 60,000 words 978-1-74336-064-4 £35.00 December 2014 (November 2014 AU)

ABouT THE AuTHoR: Peter Gilmore is executive chef of the three-hatted Quay restaurant in Sydney, which has appeared on the S. Pellegrino World’s 50 Best Restaurants list for five years in a row. Peter’s first cookbook, Quay: Food Inspired by Nature, published in 2010, showcased his nature-based cuisine, organic presentation and the fine dining experience at Quay.


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A Recipe for Each Day of the Year
Country Women’s Association of New South Wales

Planet Cake Love
Paris Cutler
Creating a unique cake for someone you love is an unbeatable way to show how much you care. The cakes in this book celebrate the milestones of romantic love, from courtship through to engagements, weddings and anniversaries—and even include an ‘achy break-up cake’ for the brokenhearted. The projects are designed for the beginner through to the more experienced cake decorator, with shapes and templates that are simple to master. Planet Cake Love features approximately 30 romantic cake decorating designs, ranging from traditional with a twist to very contemporary in style.

A recipe for each day of the year

Here are 365 recipes, one recipe for each day of the year, originally published in calendar format in the 1930s by the Country Women’s Association of New South Wales, now updated and republished for today’s home cook. This is Australian country cooking at its best, making the most of seasonal produce and inexpensive, tasty ingredients. Here you will find Salmon puffs, Fricassee of rabbit, Peach and raisin pie, Rice flummery, Country Women’s raffle cake—recipes that evoke the indomitable spirit of the country women of New South Wales.




This irreplaceable collection of recipes, first compiled in 1937 by the Country Women’s Association of NSW, has been enjoyed in homes around the country for more than seventy years. Updated for use in the modern kitchen, these delightful recipes traverse every aspect of the culinary world, from starters, appetisers and mains to delightful cakes, pastries and desserts, with special sections on home-made jams and preserves, pickles and chutneys, sweets, beverages and more. This book is an essential reference for every cook, offering helpful advice and handy hints that have stood the test of time, and a unique insight into kitchens of the past. You will love this wonderful cookbook, which has been inspiring Australian women for generations.


Following on from the hugely successful Country Women’s Association of NSW Cookbook published in 2009, this volume presents 285 more treasured recipes from CWA members. Celebrating a long tradition of country cooking skills, the book features much-loved recipes for scones, cakes, biscuits, slices, soups, main courses, desserts, jams, confectionery and more. With a truly nostalgic feel, the book is nonetheless perfect for today’s cooks, offering simple, reliable recipes for everything from morning tea to a hearty dinner.













ISBN 978-1741963595

Seventy Years in the Kitchen

9 781741 963595

More treasured recipes

26/11/10 8:28:00 AM



CWA_Cook Book 2_Cover SI.indd 1

288 pages hardback 215 x 155 mm (8¼ x 6 in) 18,000 words 978-1-74336-322-5 £12.99 January 2015 (November 2014 AU)



spine width 27 mm

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ABouT THE AuTHoR: Paris Cutler is the owner of Planet Cake in Balmain, Sydney, which established its reputation on its highly decorative novelty and wedding cakes before expanding its business to include Australia’s largest cake decorating school. Paris has had her own TV series, Planet Cake, on the LifeStyle Channel, and her program has also been launched in South America.

192 pages flexibound 255 x 210 mm (10 x 8¼ in) 32,000 words 978-1-74336-058-3 £14.99 February 2015 (November 2014 AU)


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Tracey Meharg
The humble donut has developed a bit of attitude lately. It’s not just Mexican churros and Italian bomboloni that are turning up on the café tables and menus of some of the world’s premier establishments. Croissant-donuts, lemon meringue donuts and those almost-good-foryou, paleo baked donuts are taking the world by storm. These hot, sticky delicacies are not hard to recreate at home when you know how (no, you don’t need a deep-fryer!). Featuring baked or fried, fancy or the basic cinnamonrolled delights of your youth, this book of donuts offers the very best of tried-and-tested recipes with over 50 mouth-watering variations. Donuts makes a cute gift, featuring a die-cut cover with cloth spine. Get it while it’s hot!


Tracey Meharg

144 pages hardback with die-cut and cloth spine 240 x 190 mm (9½ x 7½ in) 20,000 words 978-1-74336-323-2 £14.99 February 2015 (December 2014 AU)

ABouT THE AuTHoR: Tracey Meharg is a freelance food editor, food stylist and recipe writer and has formerly worked at the Murdoch Books Test Kitchen. Her blog is dedicated to providing easy recipes for a wholesome life.


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The Painted Cake
Natasha Collins
In her practical and pretty book, the leading exponent of this extremely popular form of cake decorating shows the reader how to turn cakes into literal works of art using fondant painted with edible colours. The Painted Cake provides detailed step-by-step instructions for more than 20 projects. These encompass cooking, constructing and painting baked goods ranging from single-level to multi-tiered cakes, as well as cupcakes and cookies. Most featured projects use a freehand painting technique, but templates of design elements are included where appropriate. The book progresses from the simplest projects through to more advanced, and includes detailed information on basic techniques and essential materials and equipment.

224 pages paperback with flaps 250 x 220 mm (10 x 8½ in) 30,000 words 978-1-74336-106-1 £17.99 March 2015 (December 2014 AU)

ABouT THE AuTHoR: British author Natasha Collins is well known in the cake decorating community as the expert in cake painting. In 2008 she started her own company, Nevie-Pie Cakes, and began to bake and decorate professionally—her high-profile clients include Selfridge’s, for whom she created a Christmas cake range. Natasha runs her own cake painting classes in the UK and internationally. She has had her cookies featured on This Morning and The Jonathan Ross Show.


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Courtyard Kitchen
Natalie Boog
Herbs and potted fruits thrive in small, easy-tomaintain spaces—in courtyard pots and troughs, on decks or balconies or in window boxes. Herbs are inexpensive to pot and grow and add wonderful flavour to the simplest dish—and of course there’s nothing quite like cooking with home-grown ingredients. Courtyard Kitchen is prefaced with simple tips and hints on selecting the best herbs for your space and setting up and maintaining them; it includes essential information on seasons, cropping times and basic plant care. Following this are more than 80 simple fresh food recipes with clever flavour-matching ideas based around a specific herb or potted fruit theme—basil, mint, coriander, lemon, parsley, strawberry, thyme, rosemary, chilli. There are risottos, roasts, pizzas, salsas, salads, soups, recipes for pasta, polenta, couscous; there are sorbets, cakes, biscuits and treats—delicious, easy recipes that celebrate the sheer pleasure of home cooking with herbs you’ve grown yourself.

240 pages hardback with jacket 240 x 190 mm (9½ x 7½ in) 15,000 words 978-1-74336-326-3 £18.99 March 2015 (April 2014 AU)

ABouT THE AuTHoR: Natalie grew up in a household in which everyone cooked. Her first cooking experience, age eight, was French toast—and she hasn’t looked back since. A self-taught home cook, her recipes are tried and tested, simple and full of flavour. Natalie is an experienced food photographer who has shot a range of cookbooks and freelances for Sydney Morning Herald’s Good Living. Running a fruit and vegetable co-op prompted her to write a food blog and from that the idea for this book was born.


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Apple Blossom Pie
Kate McGhie
Kate McGhie is a farmer’s daughter, born into seven generations of a family who worked and respected the land. Their farm in rural Victoria produced everything they ate. There were dairy and beef cattle, sheep and goats; the vegetable garden was huge; and the potato patch filled two acres with five different varieties. The orchard was shared: the lower third for possums, the top third for birds and the middle section for Kate’s family—everyone was happy. In this book filled with 100 recipes and stories from her family’s farm, Kate McGhie writes with wit and warmth as she explores the foundations and flavour of Australian country cooking, drawing on tradition to present classic, tried and true dishes as well as contemporary interpretations for today’s table. Chapters cover soups and starters; vegetables; meat, poultry and fish; fruit; baking; and preserving. A special section, ‘Secrets Shared’, provides canny country kitchen and general household tips in the finest tradition of an heirloom family cookbook.

The French Baker
Jean Michel Raynaud
From a master pâtissier comes an inspirational— and equally practical and achievable—guide to delicious French-style baking in the home kitchen. The French Baker features 95 recipes accompanied by beautifully shot and styled images; the more complex and technical baked items are supported by step-by-step photography and further hints and tips. Throughout the book, recipes are interspersed with narrative sections that feature Frenchborn Jean Michel’s stories of his training and work in pâtisseries in France and give insights into the place of bakers and baking in French society. Introductions and breakouts also provide information about the recipes’ history, traditions and cultural significance. The recipes are a mix of sweet and savoury, and following on from a basics/techniques/equipment section they are grouped into chapters focusing on biscuits; cakes and muffins; tarts and pies; choux pastry; brioche; flaky pastry; breads; spreads and jams; and creams and curds.

272 pages hardback with jacket 255 x 210 mm (10 x 8¼ in) 60,000 words 978-1-74336-325-6 £20.00 April 2015 (April 2015 AU)

ABouT THE AuTHoR: Kate McGhie is one of Australia’s most respected food authorities and commentators. She has been the food writer of the Herald Sun newspaper for over 20 years. Kate began her career as a chef, studying in Switzerland and then working in Europe and Asia. She returned to Australia to establish her own restaurant and consult to the food industry. Kate is the author of Cook, published by Hardie Grant in 2006. Her recipes also appear in Recipes My Mother Cooked, published by Allen & Unwin in 2010.

ABouT THE AuTHoR: Jean Michel Raynaud is head pâtissier of Sydney’s Renaissance Pâtisserie and Baroque restaurant. He began his career under the tutelage of master pâtissier Robert Schicchi in Marseilles in France and was a head pastry chef by the age of 20. After settling in Australia he specialised in the exclusive wedding cake market as head chef of Sweet Art and Planet Cake in Sydney. Jean Michel has appeared on television, written for magazines and contributed recipes to several books.

256 pages hardback 280 x 215 mm (11 x 8½ in) 40,000 words 978-1-74336-354-6 £20.00 April 2015 (March 2015 AU)


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Milk Bar Memories
Jane Lawson
Retro in style and theme, but very much a contemporary cookbook in its approach, Milk Bar Memories is the author’s ode to wonderful old-fashioned treats connected with her 1970s childhood. Food strongly associated with memories of simpler times: juicy burgers and the maltiest of milkshakes; golden fish and chips; flaky-pastried meat pies and sausage rolls; vanilla slice and custard tarts. These ‘fun foods’—120 in total—are all made from scratch with real, healthy ingredients for a 21st century audience. Chapters include ‘Milk Bar’; ‘The Baker’s’; ‘Fish and Chip Shop’; ‘Lolly Shop’; ‘Corner Store’.

Don’t Be Afraid To Cook This!
Paul Mercurio
A call to arms—or more aptly, to stoves—Don’t Be Afraid To Cook This! encourages people to step out of the shadow of their kitchen fears and embrace the cook within. It is not a ‘learn to cook’ cookbook, rather it is a self-help guide that empowers people to cook for themselves, for their friends and for their family. The book is broken into several chapters based on cooking experience. The first chapter, for example, deals with cooking for one and the challenges that presents, covering basic skills and pantry needs. Don’t Be Afraid To Cook This! gently begins the process of getting people comfortable in the kitchen, building confidence and knowledge, so cooking becomes a pleasure and a joy.







256 pages hardback with jacket 250 x 225 mm (9¾ x 8¾ in) 50,000 words 978-1-4336-319-5 £20.00 June 2015 (May 2015 AU)

ABouT THE AuTHoR: Jane Lawson began cooking at the age of eight. After many years working as a chef in Sydney, Jane moved into publishing, combining her love of cookbooks and cooking. Jane is the author of Snow Flakes and Schnapps, Spice Market, Grub, Yoshoku, A Little Taste of Japan and Cocina Nueva and is the co-author of BBQ Food for Friends, which won a Gourmand World Cookbook Award in 2003.

ABouT THE AuTHoR: Paul Mercurio is familiar to movie and television audiences from his appearances in Strictly Ballroom, Dancing with the Stars and Mercurio’s Menu. Author of Murdoch Books titles Mercurio’s Menu and Cooking with Beer, Paul is not a trained chef but, as he says, ‘just a bloke who likes to cook’. He is attracted to the creativity of the kitchen and sharing food with family and friends.

224 pages flexibound 240 x 190 mm (9½ x 7½ in) 40,000 words 978-1-74336-181-8 £16.99 June 2015 (April 2015 AU)

Food & Drink


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From India
Kumar and Suba Mahadevan
From the talented chef behind Sydney’s most iconic Indian restaurants, Abhi’s and Aki’s, comes a spicy blend of contemporary food and authentic cooking. Kumar Mahadevan weaves a full array of recipes with the unique tale of his family’s journey from India to Australia. This book offers a full range of traditional curries, contemporary seafood dishes and interesting vegetarian meals. From India is a beautiful, surprising and flavoursome trip from the regional fare of Kumar’s homeland to the streets of Australia.

256 pages padded hardback 265 x 230 mm (10½ x 9 in) 43,000 words 978-1-74196-928-3 £25.00

ABouT THE AuTHoRS: Kumar Mahadevan was raised in a Brahmin family in southern India. He trained as a chef in Madras and later worked at Bombay’s Taj Mahal Hotel where he gained skills in all aspects of international cuisine. He worked in war-torn Iraq before moving to Australia. Kumar and his wife Suba opened their first restaurant, Abhi’s, in Sydney in 1987 and their second, Aki’s, in 2003.


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The Bookery Cook
Jessica Thompson, Georgia Thompson and Maxine Thompson
Family meals have always played a significant role in the lives of the Thompson sisters— Jessica, Georgia and Maxine. So much so that they created a blog,, to celebrate their love of food. Instead of photographing their chosen dishes, however, they made contact with artists all over the world, who supplied dedicated artworks, in a huge variety of styles and media, to illustrate the recipes. This book will appeal to lovers of art as much as lovers of food, and will find its place equally in the kitchen or on the coffee table.

224 pages hardback 250 x 200 mm (10 x 8 in) 50,000 words 978-1-74336-199-3 £17.99

ABouT THE AuTHoRS: Jessica, Georgia and Maxine Thompson share a love of cooking and sharing food. They were raised in Queensland on a tropical hinterland farm, but are now based in Melbourne, Brisbane and New York respectively. Their blog, The Bookery Cook, explores cooking, creativity and community.


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Cook with Love: The Pete Evans Collection
Pete Evans
Cook with Love brings together 150 of Pete Evans’s favourite recipes from a lifelong love affair with food. This beautifully designed volume features chapters devoted to breakfast, lazy lunches, family feasts, the barbecue, seafood and more. Like all Pete’s dishes, the recipes are simple, unfussy and utterly delicious with plenty of tips for novice and experienced cooks alike.







320 pages hardback 260 x 215 mm (10½ x 8¼ in) 55,000 words 978-1-74336-495-6 £20.00

ABouT THE AuTHoR: Pete Evans is a household name in Australia for his role as judge and co-host of Channel Seven’s My Kitchen Rules. For many years he was co-owner and executive chef of the Hugo’s group of restaurants, specialising in relaxed, modern Australian food and pizzas. He is the author of Fish, My Table, My Grill, My Party, My Kitchen and Pizza.


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Wholefood Baking
Jude Blereau
Wholefood Baking combines two of wholefoods expert Jude Blereau’s great loves. Thoroughly researched and beautifully photographed, this book includes fail-proof recipes for more than 120 cakes, scones, biscuits and pastries as well as delectable creams, icings and jams. This book is ideal for every passionate baker, but especially those of us who want to cook for our families and friends in the healthiest way possible.




296 pages paperback with flaps 230 x 190 mm (9 x 7½ in) 100,000 words 978-1-74266-259-6 £17.99

ABouT THE AuTHoR: Jude Blereau is a natural foods chef, author, food coach, cooking teacher and real food activist who has been involved with the organic and wholefoods industry for more than 18 years. Her focus is on helping people learn about good food—what it truly is, where to get it and how to use it. The author of four cookbooks, she also writes for a number of magazines including Spice and Nova.


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Salt Grill
Luke Mangan
Salt Sydney, Luke’s first restaurant, opened in 1999. In ancient Greece, salt was a rare, expensive commodity and it was given to people as a sign of hospitality and friendship. These traits are the core ingredients in Luke Mangan’s service philosophy and so the success of Salt began. There are now several Salt and Salt Grill restaurants worldwide, from Sydney to Tokyo to Singapore. Capturing Luke’s talent with the freshest local ingredients, Salt Grill showcases 140 of his favourite recipes, from Seafood tapas to Baked lemon sole with prawns and chorizo to Toffee soufflé with pecan butter ice cream. Salt Grill captures the signature freshness and elegance of Luke’s food.

216 pages hardback 280 x 210 mm (11¼ x 8¼ in) 44,000 words 978-1-74336-974-6 £20.00

ABouT THE AuTHoR: Luke Mangan is one of Australia’s leading chefs and restaurateurs.His career started in Melbourne under Hermann Schneider, of Two Faces fame. After completing his training, Luke persuaded Michel Roux of the 3-Michelin-starred Waterside Inn in London to give him a chance. Today, Luke runs eight successful restaurants, has launched his own range of gourmet products and also makes regular appearances on a number of TV shows, both in Australia and internationally.


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Hidden Kitchens of Sri Lanka
Bree Hutchins
Take an evocative journey into the heart of the real Sri Lanka with intrepid photographer and writer Bree Hutchins. On the reawakening Jaffna Peninsula, war widows cook crab curry and fry spicy snacks, while in a remote eastern village, Sumith stirs vats of smoky milk toffee over an open fire in a factory behind his home. In Hidden Kitchens of Sri Lanka Bree weaves these traditional recipes with stunningly vivid photography and heartfelt stories about the people who opened not only their kitchens but their homes and hearts to her, to create a moving yet hopeful picture of Sri Lanka today.

272 pages hardback with jacket 260 x 210 mm (10¼ x 8¼ in) 52,000 words 978-1-74336-048-4 £20.00

ABouT THE AuTHoR: Bree Hutchins has always had a passion for food and travel. In 2012, she was invited by Dilmah Tea to spend two months travelling around Sri Lanka, photographing and writing Hidden Kitchens of Sri Lanka, her first book. When she’s not wandering into strangers’ kitchens, armed with her camera, Bree lives and works in Sydney.


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Eat In
Anna Gare
As a judge on Australian Junior MasterChef and co-host of Great Australian Bake Off, Anna Gare knows a thing or two about balancing busy days with eating well. In her new book, Eat In, she brings together her favourite collection of recipes. She gives plenty of hints and tips for shopping, meal planning and store cupboard standbys—her mantra is you deserve to eat well and, with just a little thought and preparation, you can. Anna’s down-to-earth advice on preparing healthy and tasty food will be welcomed by busy and hungry people everywhere.

208 pages flexibound 250 x 205 mm (10 x 8 in) 30,000 words 978-1-74266-991-5 £16.99

ABouT THE AuTHoR: Anna Gare is considered one of Australia’s most popular female cooks and has spent more than 20 years in the hospitality industry. She started out as a member of the all-girl rock band the ‘Jam Tarts’ in the 1980s and 1990s while working in various restaurants around Australia. In the late 1990s she set up the highly respected Deluxe Catering in Fremantle, Western Australia. Since 2007 Anna has presented several high-profile TV shows and co-hosted The Great Australian Bake Off.


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Hamburger Gourmet
David Japy, Elodie Rambaud, Victor Garnier
In celebration of the burger, here is a collection of delicious recipes that takes this humble food to towering new heights. Reflecting the recent trend for burgers of every type and description, this colourful book takes you from the beautiful simplicity of a classic beefburger to burgers made of everything from chicken to quinoa. With separate instructions on buns, sauces and accompaniments, these 58 recipes will give even the biggest burger-lover new ideas for surprising twists on an old favourite. Fully illustrated with beautiful, full-colour photographs throughout by renowned food photographer David Japy.

164 pages hardback with die-cut 240 x 192 mm (9½ x 7½ in) 20,000 words 978-1-74336-971-5 £14.99 Rights: English language only

ABouT THE AuTHoRS: David Japy is an accomplished food photographer, Elodie Rambaud is a much sought-after food stylist and Victor Garnier is the founder of the Blend chain of chic burger bars in Paris. They had a very good time making this book.


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New York Cult Recipes
Marc Grossman
Discover 130 recipes that unlock the secrets of New York’s cult food establishments. Learn the secret to creating the perfect BLT, make the ultimate cheeseburger or for something a little sweeter, indulge in a cinnamon roll, smoothie or famous New York cheesecake. Brimming with delicious food and gorgeous photography of the city that never sleeps, New York Cult Recipes will make you feel like a local.

274 pages hardback 262 x 208 mm (10½ x 8¼ in) 42,750 words 978-1-74336-972-2 £20.00 Rights: English language only

ABouT THE AuTHoR: Marc Grossman grew up in Manhattan but now resides in Paris with his wife and children. He is the author of several books, including Smoothies, Muffins and Bagels, and the creator of French organic food establishments Bob’s Juice Bar and Bob’s Kitchen.


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Recipes for a Good Time
Ben Milgate and Elvis Abrahanowicz
The kitchens of Argentina are the inspiration for the sensational food at Sydney restaurant Porteño, voted Best New Restaurant by the Sydney Morning Herald, Time Out Sydney and Gourmet Traveller in 2011. Chefs Ben Milgate and Elvis Abrahanowicz continue to wow packed houses with super-slow-cooked meats and seafood, alongside fresh and inventive vegetable dishes. The relaxed but exuberant atmosphere translates perfectly to their new book—a collection of more than 60 of their best-known recipes from slow-cooked lamb to suckling pig, mouth-watering crispy-fried brussels sprouts to empanadas and seafood accented by their luscious cocktails. The beautiful photography will transport you to Buenos Aires by way of Sydney. This unique book captures the spirit of Argentina and the joy of good food, eaten well.

288 pages hardback 270 x 210 mm (10¾ x 8¼ in) 35,000 words 978-1-74336-970-8 £25.00

ABouT THE AuTHoRS: Ben Milgate and Elvis Abrahanowicz made a splash in Sydney’s restaurant scene when they opened Bodega, a Spanish/Argentinian tapas eatery in 2006. In 2010, they launched Porteño, their local take on an Argentinian asador, which has bagged a host of Australian gourmet awards and firmly established the pair as two of Sydney’s hottest restaurateurs.


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Stefano Manfredi’s Italian Food
Stefano Manfredi
In 1961 the Manfredi family, father Luigi, mother Franca and sons Stefano and Franco, arrived in Australia from Lombardy in the north of Italy. Stefano brought food and memories from the kitchen of his mother and his grandmother, one of Lombardy’s finest cooks, to his new home. Stefano has been an award-winning chef and restaurateur since the early 1980s, translating the flavours and recipes of his childhood into contemporary Italian food. With more than 500 recipes from every region in Italy, from the traditional to the modern, and more than 30 years dedicated to cooking Italian food, this bible is the culmination of Stefano Manfredi’s culinary journey.

640 pages hardback 250 x 190 mm (10 x 7½ in) 150,000 words 978-1-74336-068-2 £25.00

ABouT THE AuTHoR: Stefano Manfredi is one of Australia’s leading exponents of modern Italian cuisine. For more than two decades, Stefano has owned and operated restaurants in Sydney, most notably the awardwinning Restaurant Manfredi and bel mondo. He has written on food and cooking since 1988, published four books, presented many master classes and has made numerous television appearances both in Australia and overseas.


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Ben Shewry
This is a book about food, memory, time and place. New Zealand-born chef Ben Shewry, from the multi-award-winning Melbourne restaurant Attica, takes the reader on an inspirational journey with dishes that relate back to his childhood, and which emulate and celebrate the environment in which he grew up and the place where he now lives. Known for his foraging, Ben uses what the earth provides without exploiting its resources. His complex, exquisitely crafted dishes all have stories behind them. This is an extraordinary book about inspirational food for today.

304 pages hardback 320 x 290 mm (12½ x 11½ in) 65,000 words 978-1-74196-987-0 £40.00

ABouT THE AuTHoR: Ben Shewry is one of Australia’s most exciting chefs. He is head chef at three-hat Melbourne restaurant Attica, which was awarded Restaurant of the Year in The Age Good Food Guide 2012. Attica was also named as number 21 in The World’s 50 Best Restaurants. Ben was raised on an isolated farm on the west coast of New Zealand’s North Island. His childhood experiences there, living off the land, have deeply influenced his style of cooking, which shows a profound respect for nature and the environment.


C ATA LO GUE 2 0 14–2 01 5



Chrissy Freer
With more than 100 easy recipes made with simple ingredients, Supergrains will teach you just how delicious grains can be. Including recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and desserts, many of which are gluten-free, Supergrains features 12 different grains that are high in health benefits and low in calories. From a Poached chicken, barley, mint, zucchini & pine nut salad to Orange and almond syrup cake, Chrissy Freer will help you discover the benefits of supergrains and how enjoyable they can be. It has never been easier to cook your way to great health!

Leanne Kitchen
Take an evocative journey into the diverse cuisines and culinary customs of regional Turkey. Turkish food traverses the extremes of sophistication—from the refined cooking of the Ottoman court to the rustic simplicity of peasant food. Food and travel writer Leanne Kitchen has roamed the country armed with her camera, a keen sense of observation and her passion for all things culinary. From Spicy red lentil köfte and Slow-roasted lamb with pomegranate juice to Rose cream meringues and Turkish coffee custard, Leanne unveils not just the inspiration for her collection of authentic and contemporary recipes but the very essence of Turkish hospitality.

224 pages flexibound 255 x 205 mm (10 x 8 in) 50,000 words 978-1-74266-994-6 £14.99

ABouT THE AuTHoR: Chrissy Freer is a food writer, qualified nutritionist, stylist and editor whose signature style is creating delicious recipes with a holistic health focus. Her interest in ancient grains reflects her passion for creating nutritious, flavoursome and easyto-prepare food that makes the most of natural ingredients. She has worked for numerous magazines and on some of Australia’s best-loved cookbooks. Chrissy lives with her daughter Harriet and partner Tim in Melbourne, Australia.

ABouT THE AuTHoR: Leanne Kitchen is a trained chef with a highly successful cooking career spanning 14 years in Australia and New Zealand. She has worked for the past 10 years in food and travel publishing for some of Australia’s top publications. Carrying her camera, Leanne travels extensively around Asia and the Middle East, capturing amazing images of the people, places and foods that inspire her.

272 pages hardback with jacket 265 x 233 mm (10½ x 91/4 in) 55,000 words 978-1-74196-599-5 £25.00


C ATA LO GUE 2 0 14–2 01 5



Pasta Artigiana
Nino Zoccali
Pasta in all its varieties is Italy’s great gift to the world. Sydney-based, second-generation Italian chef Nino Zoccali shares a lifetime of delectable pasta recipes from hearty soups to indulgent filled pasta (tortellini, ravioli) and even pasta-based desserts. Pasta Artigiana has a recipe for every occasion, from simple and rustic to elegant and refined, with a range of basic pasta doughs, sugos and sauces. As practical as it is beautiful, Pasta Artigiana will become an essential kitchen companion for anyone who loves to cook and eat pasta.

The Gourmet Farmer Deli Book
Matthew Evans, Ross O’Meara and Nick Haddow
Why would you make your own sausages, cure your own ham, pickle your own fish or preserve your own vegetables? It’s quite simple, really: because it tastes better. This book has a two-fold approach. Firstly, it celebrates the artisan process in making items you’d typically find in your local deli—from cheese and cream or cured and smoked meats to pickled fish and vegetables. Secondly, it provides simple, delicious recipes where those ingredients are the stars of simple, rustic, flavoursome dishes. This beautifully photographed book celebrates the way we used to cook and food as it used to taste.



224 pages hardback 260 x 205 mm (10½ x 8 in) 51,500 words 978-1-74266-978-6 £20.00

ABouT THE AuTHoR: Second-generation Italian chef Nino Zoccali is chef and owner of Pendolino and La Rosa restaurants in Sydney, Australia. During his career he has worked as a chef at restaurants including Otto, La Mensa and Bel Mondo. He is a founding member of CIRA—the Council of Italian Restaurants in Australia—and active as an olive oil judge.

ABouT THE AuTHoRS: Food writer and former restaurant critic Matthew Evans left Sydney to run a smallholding in Tasmania. He runs a market stall with former chef Ross O’Meara selling salami, rillettes and smallgoods made from free-range pigs they breed themselves. Cheesemaker Nick Haddow owns and runs Bruny Island Cheese Company, south of Hobart, Australia.

272 pages hardback 255 x 200 mm (10 x 8 in) 35,000 words 978-1-74266-980-9 £20.00


C ATA LO GUE 2 0 14–2 01 5

Mr Wilkinson’s Favourite Vegetables
Matt Wilkinson
For chef Matt Wilkinson, vegetables come first. Whether he’s cooking in the kitchen of his Melbourne eatery Pope Joan or for his young family at home, Matt plans and builds his dishes around the vegetables in season: when they’ll taste the best, and be cheapest and most readily available. Today too many of us— chefs and home cooks alike—plan our meals around the meat (or protein) and carbohydrate components, leaving the vegetables to play second fiddle. In this book, Matt Wilkinson lets his favourite 24 vegetables take centre stage. This beautifully illustrated book will appeal to vegetarians but it’s not a vegetarian cookbook. Among the more than 80 recipes are plenty of dishes incorporating meat but Mr Wilkinson’s favourite vegetables are the true stars.

304 pages hardback 250 x 190 mm (10 x 7½ in) 60,000 words 978-1-74266-654-9 £20.00

ABouT THE AuTHoR: Yorkshire-born, Melbourne-based chef Matt Wilkinson is passionate about food in season, farmers’ markets and local producers. As the former head chef at award-winning Melbourne restaurant Circa, The Prince, Wilkinson ushered in an era of organics and garden-to-kitchen rustic fine dining. He now owns and runs Pope Joan in Melbourne’s inner northern suburbs, which has a cult following for its fresh, seasonal breakfast, brunch and lunch dishes.


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MoVida Cocina
Frank Camorra and Richard Cornish
From its flagship restaurant in Melbourne’s Hosier Lane, to the opening of its latest venture Pulpo, MoVida has always embodied the heart and soul of Spanish cuisine. By fusing local and international flavours and pushing culinary boundaries, the MoVida restaurants have irrevocably changed the landscape of Australian dining. MoVida Cocina gives you a closer look at the people, venues and dishes that have made the MoVida bars and restaurants what they are today. Acclaimed chef and owner Frank Camorra takes us behind the scenes to reveal special techniques, signature dishes, recipes and the pure joy of cooking that infuses his life and work.



288 pages hardback 275 x 185 mm (10¾ x 7¼ in) 47,000 words 978-1-74266-641-9 £20.00

ABouT THE AuTHoRS: Frank Camorra was born in Barcelona and spent his first five years in Andalucia before his parents migrated to Australia. At his MoVida restaurant, Frank is determined bring the tastes of his homeland to his adopted country. Richard Cornish is a television producer, food writer and sausage expert. He writes about the connection between the land, producer, chef and consumer and its significance to food diversity and taste.


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Sweet Studio
Darren Purchese
Sweet Studio is a laboratory for delectable desserts, where classically trained pastry chef Darren Purchese produces exquisite and extravagant sweet creations. Each of his desserts is made from component parts such as jellies, mousses, sponges, creams and spreads which are built up, layer upon layer, to create the finished work of sweet art.

My Barcelona Kitchen
Sophie Ruggles
My Barcelona Kitchen is a vibrant collection of recipes that have been gathered by Australianborn Sophie Ruggles while she was living in this lively Spanish city. Inspired by her life as a local in the heart of Barcelona with Spanish friends and among her favourite restaurants and bars, Sophie has added her own personal touch to each recipe to create food that is heart-warming, approachable and true to its traditional roots. Accompanying tales of life in this colourful city and the surrounding countryside along with stunning location photography complete an insight into modern Barcelonan life. My Barcelona Kitchen will appeal to readers wanting to create an authentic Spanish experience in their home kitchen as well as those keen to relive a memorable encounter with this diverse city.

224 pages padded hardback 250 x 220 mm (10 x 8½ in) 40,000 words 978-1-74266-982-3 £20.00

ABouT THE AuTHoR: Darren Purchese is one of the most respected pastry chefs in Australia today, producing innovative desserts and pâtisserie using modern and fresh techniques. He has worked in prestigious hotel kitchens across England and France, including the Savoy in London under the tutelage of Mâitre Chef de Cuisine, Anton Edelmann. Moving to Australia in 2005, Darren worked at Melbourne’s Vue de Monde and Sydney’s Guillaume at Bennelong. He set up Sweet Studio in early 2011.

ABouT THE AuTHoR: Australian cook and food writer Sophie Ruggles took a leap of faith in 2003 when she moved to Barcelona, Spain. Her idea was to work as a chef while she polished her language skills but, within four short months, Sophie opened the doors of Barcelona’s first Australasian eatery. Sophie has since swapped the steaming kitchen at EMU Bar for the chatty kitchen counter at her commercial kitchen and informal cooking school Test Kitchen BCN, in Barcelona’s hot foodie district, Poble Sec.

240 pages hardback with jacket 280 x 216 mm (11¼ x 8¼ in) 54,000 words 978-1-74336-175-7 £20.00


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Every Day
Bill Granger
Bill Granger’s Every Day is now available in paperback. It applies Bill’s straightforward yet stylish approach to cooking behind the scenes in his home kitchen. Every Day takes you through a typical week in the Granger household, from packed school lunches on Tuesday, to a Friday night dinner for friends and on to a relaxed big breakfast on Sunday.




256 pages paperback with flaps 245 x 190 mm (9¾ x 7½) 978-1-74196-355-7 £17.99

ABouT THE AuTHoR: With his uncomplicated approach to food and laidback Sydney style, Bill Granger changed the face of contemporary Australian dining. Opening his first restaurant, bills, in 1993, he has since opened two more restaurants in Sydney, four in Japan and his first London venture, Granger & Co in Notting Hill. He has also published a range of best-selling cookbooks and contributes to newspapers and magazines, both in Australia and internationally. His TV series, bills food and bills holiday, have screened in over 30 countries.


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Luke Nguyen
The French colonisation of Vietnam, which lasted for nearly 100 years, had a profound influence on Vietnamese lifestyle, architecture and cuisine. Chef and author Luke Nguyen revisits his beloved Vietnam to delve deeper into the culinary legacy left by the French. Against a backdrop of grand colonial hotels, Luke talks to chefs, bakers, farmers and family members to explore the impact the French had on what the Vietnamese eat and cook today. More than 100 recipes showcase the fusion of French and Vietnamese ingredients and techniques, interwoven with the heartwarming and personal stories Luke uncovers on his journey.

Bread Revolution
Duncan Glendinning and Patrick Ryan
From Cider and apple bread to Pain aux raisins, the offerings coming out of The Thoughtful Bread Company, an award-winning eco-artisan bakery based in South-West England, have been creating civil unrest in the food world. And now, the Bread Revolution has arrived. As well as demystifying the bread-baking process, this book provides recipes for the perfect accompaniment to each bread, plus extra recipes for using the bread. Easy-to-follow recipes matched with affordable ingredients makes Bread Revolution an international must-have. Join the revolution now.


320 pages hardback with jacket 260 x 215 mm (10½ x 8¼ in) 55,000 words 978-1-74266-570-2 £25.00

ABouT THE AuTHoR: Luke Nguyen was born in 1978 in Thailand, shortly after his parents and elder siblings fled Vietnam as ‘boat people’. After spending a year in a Thai refugee camp, his family eventually settled in Sydney, Australia. Luke is the chef and owner of the award-winning Sydney Vietnamese restaurant Red Lantern and co-author and author of best-selling books Secrets of the Red Lantern and The Songs of Sapa. His television work includes MasterChef Australia, Food Safari, Heat in the Kitchen and Luke Nguyen’s Vietnam.

ABouT THE AuTHoRS: Duncan Glendinning, a web designer, put down his mouse to pick up a trowel and start growing his own vegetables. He featured in It’s Not Easy Being Green, then in Tribewanted, as an eco-consultant in Fiji. Here he met chef Patrick Ryan, and together they hatched the plan for The Thoughtful Bread Company, which is now acclaimed as a leading ethical business, as well as for its fantastic baking. The breads are to be found everywhere from Michelin-starred restaurants to children’s lunch packs.

176 pages hardback 250 x 190 mm (10 x 7½ in) 36,000 words 978-1-74266-668-6 £17.99


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The Urban Cook
Mark Jensen
Red Lantern chef Mark Jensen believes that you don’t have to start your own chicken farm or move to the country to make sustainable food choices—it can happen in your very own supermarket, kitchen or backyard. From buying seasonally and growing your own vegetables, to using all parts of the animal and selecting free-range options, he shows us how to avoid waste, make fewer demands on the food chain and nurture ourselves the way that nature intended. With more than 100 easy-to-follow recipes, this is a must-have cookbook for busy people who value great-tasting food and want to make informed and ethical choices about what they eat.

The Garden Cook
Fiona Inglis
Former MasterChef Australia contestant Fiona Inglis is passionate about food, whether she’s growing, cooking or eating it. As a qualified primary-school teacher working within the framework of the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation, Fiona is also passionate about sharing her enthusiasm, knowledge and skills with her students and with children everywhere. This beautifully photographed and illustrated book, with 65 easy-to-follow recipes, is aimed at eight- to thirteen-year-olds, their parents, and anyone interested in growing and cooking good food.

288 pages hardback with jacket 260 x 190 mm (10½ x 7½ in) 58,000 words 978-1-74196-723-4 £19.99

192 pages flexibound 265 x 210 mm (10½ x 8¼ in) 26,000 words 978-1-74336-198-6 £14.99

Rosa’s Farm
Rosa Mitchell
When Italian-born Melbourne chef Rosa Mitchell and her husband Colin bought their farm in central Victoria in the late 1980s, they acquired eight hectares of cleared land running up a volcanic hill, a few fruit trees and a dilapidated, one-room milking shed. Within weeks they’d planted grapevines, later adding Italian varietals, and soon had fruit and olive trees thriving on the property. The farm, which has expanded over the years, has always been a special haven for Rosa and her family, a place for good food and wine, and celebratory meals. In this book she shares more recipes for her favourite Italian dishes which, like those in the popular My Cousin Rosa, are simple, traditional, lovingly prepared and utterly authentic.

Dinner Secrets – Gluten-Free
Pamela Moriarty
Dining should be one of life’s simple pleasures, but for those with gluten intolerance it can be a challenging task. Dinner Secrets sets out to change that. It provides readers with inspiring recipes that will suit every dinner occasion and satisfy even the fussiest palate. Whether you are catering for a swish party or throwing together a quick meal, family and friends will have no idea that these irresistible dinners are gluten-free.

224 pages hardback with jacket 240 x 210 mm (9½ x 8¼ in) 20,000 words 978-1-74266-658-7 £25.00

224 pages paperback 245 x 225 mm (9½ x 8½ in) 978-1-74196-881-1 £14.99


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Whispers from a Lebanese Kitchen
Nouha Taouk
Nouha Taouk is a Lebanese-Australian with a vibrant family cooking background. In her first book, she shares the stories of her grandmother, Citi Leila, and the unique bond between the women in her family, created through cooking together. Culinary secrets and childhood memories are told over kneading bread, pickling vegetables and hand-moulding falafel. The traditions passed down from generation to generation are shared alongside authentic recipes for baba ghanoush, kofta and a rich array of Lebanese sweets. Discover the heart and soul of Lebanese cooking with Nouha Taouk and her family.

Greg Doyle, Grant King and Katrina Kanetani
Greg Doyle’s Pier, a Sydney institution, is internationally renowned and awarded as one of Australia’s finest seafood restaurants. In Pier, chefs Greg Doyle and Grant King and pastry chef Katrina Kanetani, offer 99 of the restaurant’s signature dishes, using only the very best seasonal produce in innovative ways. All feature the freshness, delicacy and restraint that are hallmarks of the Pier style.

256 pages paperback 270 x 200 mm (10¾ x 8 in) 978-1-74196-822-4 £20.00

280 pages hardback with jacket 266 x 255 mm (10½ x 10 in) 978-1-92125-904-3 £35.00

Alice Hart
The delicious recipes in this book will appeal to both vegetarians and meat-eaters. In fact, this is the kind of food that makes you forget there is no meat on your plate. The 141 recipes include everything from starters, snacks, breakfast, brunch, lunch, salads and soups to quick-and-easy recipes, fine-dining dishes and gorgeous desserts. You’ll also find handy basic recipes for sauces and salsas, useful tips on how to improve your vegetarian diet, menu ideas and recipes for special occasions. Whether you are a strict vegetarian, trying to eat less meat or simply attracted to vegetarian cooking, this book will change your way of thinking about cooking without meat.

Peter Kuruvita
In Serendip, Peter Kuruvita, acclaimed chef from Flying Fish in Sydney, takes us on a rich and rewarding journey through the traditional cuisine of Sri Lanka, its culture of family and ceremony, and the colourful approach to life on this beautiful island nation. Offering Sri Lankan curries of every kind as well as traditional snacks, breads, sticky sweet treats, and recipes for curry powders, chutneys, sambals and pickles, Serendip is a treasury of delicious and flavoursome dishes.

256 pages paperback 245 x 195 mm (9¾ x 7¾ in) 30,000 words 978-1-74266-339-5 £14.99 Rights: English language only

256 pages hardback with jacket 240 x 210 mm (9½ x 8¼ in) 978-1-74196-364-9 £25.00


C ATA LO GUE 2 0 14–2 01 5



Secrets of Eclairs
Marianne Magnier-Moreno
When looking through the pâtisserie window, an éclair can make anyone swoon: it is, quite simply, perfect! With Secrets of Eclairs you can bring this legend of the pastry world home and discover how simple it is to make this cult pastry. This is the complete guide to choux pastry, with everything you need to know for a well-risen puff; a guide to fillings; and the secret to making the glossiest icing. Learn the ropes with the classics—coffee and chocolate éclairs— then throw yourself into making éclairs with more unusual fillings (lime, chestnut, passionfruit) and icings to die for (Salted-butter caramel, Millefeuille-style stripes) and many more.

Olivia Newton-John
Olivia Newton-John is a woman who radiates health, positivity and wellbeing. She is often asked, ‘how do you do it?’ In Livwise, Olivia explains her belief in the importance of eating a healthy diet in order to maintain wellness and balance. This book will introduce you to ways of eating and living that will keep you in good health and happiness.These simple, wholesome, tasty recipes are the ones Olivia loves to cook for her family: some created in her own kitchen and others contributed by friends and chefs at her Australian health retreat, Gaia. From delicious salads and snacks to hearty mains and guilt-free desserts, the recipes in Livwise offer a perfect balance of flavour, goodness and vitality.

112 pages hardback 195 x 140 mm (7¾ x 5½ in) 22,000 words 978-1-74336-192-4 £8.99 Rights: English language only

192 pages flexibound 250 x 215 mm (10 x 8¼ in) 31,000 words 978-1-74266-675-4 £16.99

Secrets of Macarons
José Maréchal
Now a worldwide symbol of sweet indulgence, macarons seduce the senses with their delicate crunch and velvet filling. In this book, French chef José Maréchal discloses the secrets of macarons, including the tips and techniques required to make these little treats. This book equips the reader with the skills to master nine classic flavours, and to create their own signature macarons.

Brent Savage
Creative young chef Brent Savage receives rave reviews for his hot Sydney restaurant, Bentley Restaurant & Bar. Brent’s globally influenced, cutting-edge food is often described as 'art on a plate'. This book reveals the secrets behind his creations in an accessible, engaging manner, and will inspire the aspirational home cook, the apprentice chef and the seasoned professional alike. With step-by-step photography and instructions on modern cooking techniques, such as sous vide (cooking in the bag), replicating dishes in the home kitchen with professional flair is guaranteed. Recipes include tapas, entrées, mains, desserts and cocktails to wow.

112 pages hardback 195 x 140 mm (7¾ x 5½ in) 17,000 words 978-1-74266-128-5 £7.99 Rights: English language only

256 pages hardback 275 x 240 mm (10¾ x 9½ in) 65,000 words 978-1-74196-817-0 £26.00


C ATA LO GUE 2 0 14–2 01 5



Bourke Street Bakery
Paul Allam and David McGuinness
Situated in the hip foodie enclave of Sydney’s Surry Hills is the original Bourke Street Bakery, a cosy nook selling artisanal baked goods of the highest order. The bakery’s long queue of customers waiting for their daily fix is testament to the popularity of their utterly delicious wares, from rustic breads such as their famous Spelt sourdough to the flaky Pork and fennel sausage rolls and the most addictive sweet pastries like Ginger brulée and Pistachio tarts. Bourke Street Bakery is the ultimate baking companion, with clear and concise instructions aimed at the novice home baker while remaining an inspirational and technical reference for professionals of the crust and crumb world.

Meals in Heels
Jennifer Joyce
Want to be the hostess with the mostest? Acclaimed food writer and stylist Jennifer Joyce will show you how. Drawing on her many years of successful soirees and laid-back lunches, Jennifer will teach you how to plan, cook and present with style and ease. From Crostini with jamón, goat’s cheese and fig jam to Tamarind-glazed salmon with tomato salad, Jennifer has made sure to cater for all tastes and occasions. Most importantly, this book will ensure you have time to slip on your heels, pop on your lippy and have a martini in hand when guests arrive.

368 pages hardback with jacket 250 x 190 mm (10 x 7½ in) 70,000 words 978-1-74196-433-2 £25.00

192 pages hardback 240 x 170 mm (9½ x 6¾ in) 53,000 words 978-1-74196-552-0 £14.99

Home Made
Yvette van Boven
Winner of the Dutch Cookbook of the Year award in 2010, Home Made is a unique cookbook, with more than 200 recipes and ideas for home-made food. Author Yvette van Boven uses clear step-by-step instructions to show the reader how to make ingredients, as well as recipes, at home. The book begins with breakfast and works its way through the day: learn how to make cheese from pantry staples, create an oven smoker from scratch in just two minutes and make ice cream without an ice-cream machine. In the true spirit of this book, Yvette drew her own quirky illustrations, designed the book and prepared the food for the photography by her husband, Oof Verschuren. Original, fun and inspiring, Home Made will appeal to readers wanting simple, authentic and healthy ways of eating.

Skinny Meals in Heels
Jennifer Joyce
Popular food writer, stylist and author of Meals in Heels, Jennifer Joyce, presents this glamorous collection of vibrant and delicious recipes, all of which ‘happen’ to be low in fat. This new book contains more fabulous illustrations by Megan Hess alongside food photography styled by the author. Not to be mistaken for a mundane diet book, Skinny Meals in Heels is a stylish guide to home cooking in the real world: a world where midweek meals with friends and family need to be quick, healthy, satisfying and full of flavour.

432 pages hardback 260 x 210 mm (10½ x 8¼ in) 73,000 words 978-1-74266-646-4 £25.00 Rights: English language only

192 pages hardback 245 x 205 mm (9¾ x 8 in) 49,000 words 978-1-74266-573-3 £14.99


C ATA LO GUE 2 0 14–2 01 5



After Toast
Kate Gibbs
A lot of good things start out with a piece of toast. Breakfast, for one. But toast is also the entrée into the kitchen for many of us. It’s the dish we first learn not to burn, or what we make when there is nobody around to cook for us. It’s a reliable culinary introduction. But what comes next? After Toast takes aspiring cooks into the kitchen fray. Kate Gibbs, whose grandmother Margaret Fulton had her making pizza from scratch before she could see over the kitchen bench, shows young adults what to eat and how to cook. Distilling culinary advice from her own upbringing, Kate offers must-know tricks for the new-to-cooking, modernises classics and inspires an interest in healthy cooking. Basically, this is a guide to real, really awesome, food.

At My Table
Amanda Bilson and Janni Kyritsis
The first absolutely accessible yet entirely sophisticated recipe book for people with diabetes, their families and friends. Every cook will discover favourite recipes in this collection—from Maggie Beer’s Haloumi and citrus lentils and Adam Liaw’s Scallops with green olive tapenade and preserved lemon powder to Luke Mangan’s Warm oriental duck and mango salad and Janni Kyritsis’s Pink gin granita.
280 pages paperback 280 x 210 mm (11¼ x 8¼ in) 50,000 words 978-1-74336-975-3 £16.99

Kumar’s Family Cookbook
Kumar Pereira
At the request of his sons, Kumar Pereira created beautiful handwritten and illustrated recipes for them to cook from while he and his wife were away from home. Kumar’s Family Cookbook collects these recipes for family meals, together with their delicate illustrations.

232 pages paperback 241 x 214 mm (9½ x 8¼ in) 65,000 words 978-1-74336-977-7 £14.99

ABouT THE AuTHoR: Kate Gibbs is an established food and travel writer, journalist and cookbook author. She is the granddaughter of Margaret Fulton. Kate has a food column in Sunday Life magazine and writes regularly for The Sydney Morning Herald and The Wall Street Journal. She has co-authored The Foodies Guide to Sydney, written for the Australian Gourmet Traveller and Frankie magazine and contributes to SMH Everyday Eats and the SMH Good Cafe Guide.

280 pages paperback 280 x 210 mm (11¼ x 8¼ in) 35,000 words 978-1-74336-968-5 £12.99


C ATA LO GUE 2 0 14–2 01 5



Janella’s Wholefood Kitchen
Janella Purcell
In Janella’s Wholefood Kitchen, Janella Purcell shares 130 tempting recipes that make healthy wholefoods the star of your table. With each recipe clearly marked as vegetarian, vegan, raw, dairy free or gluten free, from soups to main courses, party foods to salads and desserts, this is a cookbook that will start you on the path, or continue your journey, to a healthy lifestyle.
260 pages paperback 260 x 211 mm (10½ x 8¼ in) 35,000 words 978-1-74336-979-1 £16.99

The Eat Well Cookbook
Jan Purser and Kathy Snowball
The good news is that there are ways of having your cake and eating it too. Basing their philosophy for health and wellbeing on their formidable combined experience in the food and natural health industries, Jan Purser and Kathy Snowball have created another cookbook with sensational healthy food suitable for all occasions, whether it’s dinner for two, a family meal or entertaining the masses. And it’s all gluten and dairy free, making it suitable for people with sensitivities or allergies in those areas.

192 pages paperback 243 x 215 mm (9¾ x 8¼ in) 61,000 words 978-1-74336-966-1

Eating for the Seasons
Janella Purcell
Drawing inspiration from traditional Chinese medicine as well as the Japanese macrobiotic diet, Janella’s recipes encompass what we should be eating in each season and the sorts of foods our bodies need to remain healthy and strong. Just as importantly, Janella’s food is simply delicious.

Manna from Heaven
Rachel Grisewood
Manna from Heaven is a book for everyone who loves food and flavours. Rachel Grisewood is the founder of Manna from Heaven, the purveyor of divinely delicious cakes and biscuits. More than anything else, she loves to give pleasure by feeding her family, friends and loved ones. With over 150 recipes, including the secrets of Rachel’s most successful (and treasured) cakes, sweet treats and savoury delights, this is a cookbook to use and enjoy again and again. Discover her fabulous Lemon polenta cake, decadently rich Chocolate and hazelnut praline cake, buttery Raspberry brioches with honey, Taleggio and walnut tarts, the famous Chocolate crunch, and much, much more.

244 pages paperback 259 x 212 mm (10½ x 8¼ in) 25,000 words 978-1-74336-967-8

304 pages hardback 255 x 208 mm (10 x 8¼ in) 55,000 words 978-1-74336-965-4


C ATA LO GUE 2 0 14–2 01 5



Kitchen Coquette
Katrina Meynink
This is not a breakfast, lunch, dinner cookbook—this is a book that knows what you cook to fortify the soul is vastly different to what you might cook to impress a first date. It’s a cookbook with some lifeblood ... one that is funny, real, approachable and challenging. A cookbook that makes you feel surges of culinary awesomeness. A go-to guide that gives you a sense of achievement, while embracing all those tear-ruined, sweatypalmed and swear-word fuelled moments of life. All while providing the dish that suits. Katrina's latest book is Bistronomy, published by Murdoch Books (see page 38).

250 Must-have Slow Cooker Recipes
Murdoch Books Test Kitchen
With more than 250 recipes for time-strapped cooks and busy households, this is the essential guide to slow cooking. Whatever the choice of base ingredient—meat, poultry, seafood, vegetables, pulses, rice or pasta—there are plenty of no-fuss, flavoursome recipes that will deliver satisfying results every time. From Hearty chicken noodle soup, traditional Italian meatballs tomato sauce, or a fragrant Lamb korma to soul-warming Corned beef, this comprehensive collection of recipes also includes breakfast favourites and tempting desserts! 250 Must-have Slow Cooker Recipes is the only slow-cooker companion you will ever need.

272 pages paperback 255 x 200 mm (10 x 8 in) 65,000 words 978-1-74336-978-4 £16.99

Lucio’s Ligurian Kitchen
Lucio Galletto and David Dale
Lucio Galletto grew up in Liguria—at the eastern end of the Riviera di Levante (coast of the rising sun). He didn’t realise how special his region was until he fell in love with an Australian girl and travelled 12,000 kilometres to be with her. In 2008 Lucio, and writer David Dale, along with photographer Paul Green, returned to the birthplace of ravioli and pesto and wild-greens pie to investigate how the cooking of Lucio’s region had evolved during his 25-year absence. They found a new breed of chefs, farmers and fishermen adapting traditions to the environmental concerns of the twenty-first century. Still using the wonderful array of local herbs, vegetables and seafood, they apply a lighter touch and a more adventurous spirit.

336 pages hardback 279 x 228 mm (11¼ x 9 in) 978-1-74336-964-7

288 pages paperback 220 x 200 mm (8½ x 8 in) 80,000 words 978-1-74266-902-1 £8.99


C ATA LO GUE 2 0 14–2 01 5



Mastering the Basics series
Murdoch Books Test Kitchen
Packed with easy-to-follow recipes that yield impressive results for little effort, these books are a must-have for anyone who wants to learn more about cooking. Each book begins with a Basics chapter, up front for easy reference. Topics include descriptions and uses of specific ingredients and topic-related equipment and utensils information. Each book in the series features a comprehensive selection of more than 70 classic recipes ranging from the simple to those that require a little more time and skill, all written with clear, concise instructions and accompanied by a photo of the finished dish as well as step-by-step photography cooking tips to ensure complete success.

160 pages hardback 240 x 190 mm (9½ x 7½ in) 30,000 words £12.99

TITLES IN THIS SERIES: Baking – 978-1-74336-196-2 Desserts – 978-1-74336-304-1 Pasta – 978-1-74336-475-8 Pies, Tarts & Pastries – 978-1-74336-436-9


C ATA LO GUE 2 0 14–2 01 5



Mastering the Art of Poultry, Meat & Game
Anneka Manning
Meat and poultry cookery involves far more than just a flash in the pan or sizzle on the barbecue, but many are daunted by the prospect of complicated techniques and specialist equipment. Mastering the Art of Poultry, Meat & Game will arm the reader with all the information needed to explore the wider variety of recipes using many different techniques and meat and poultry cuts. This comprehensive new volume contains more than 130 approachable, yet inspirational, recipes for everyday eating and entertaining—all with clear, step-by-step instructions. Learn how to identify different cuts of beef; how to segment a whole chicken; how to carve a leg of lamb; and how to make perfect stock. From cooking the perfect steak to creating a traditional osso bucco or whipping up an Asian-inspired stir-fry, Mastering the Art of Poultry, Meat & Game will become a reliable and inspirational kitchen source.

Mastering the Art of Baking
Anneka Manning
Take a masterclass in your own kitchen with Mastering the Art of Baking. This comprehensive new volume includes classics such as Brioche or Pork and fennel sausage rolls, through to contemporary dishes such as Strawberry macaron mousse cake and Caramelised tomato tart. Guiding you through the sweet and the savoury alike are comprehensive step-by-step photographs and expert tips on getting the best results. No matter what your previous baking experience, Mastering the Art of Baking will fast become your baking bible.

384 pages padded hardback 273 x 215 mm (10¾ x 8¼ in) 83,000 words 978-1-74266-386-9 £25.00

ABouT THE AuTHoR: Anneka Manning has spent more than 22 years in the media as a food writer and editor. She has worked for a range of leading food publications in Australia such as Australian Gourmet Traveller, VOGUE Entertaining + Travel, australian good taste, The Australian Women’s Weekly and The Sydney Morning Herald. Anneka believes that the best food is simple food done well, relying on sound basics, simple techniques and good ingredients.

392 pages padded hardback 273 x 215 mm (10¾ x 8¼ in) 105,000 words 978-1-74266-387-6 £25.00


C ATA LO GUE 2 0 14–2 01 5



Quick and Clever Party Cakes
Lindy Smith
A stunning collection of 20 children’s party cakes, with styles to suit all ages. Each inspirational cake design is divided into easy stages to help you plan in advance and step-by-step instructions explain exactly what you need to do. Beautiful colour photographs show you the finished cakes in detail and guide you through each step of the decorating process. Time-saving tips are included, for those who need to create a spectacular cake at short notice.
ISBN 978-1743360040

Lindy Smith
QUICK AND CLEVER party cakes

50 Easy Party Cakes
Debbie Brown

Party Cakes
This stunning collection of 20 party cakes covers a wide range of subjects and styles, and has plenty of ideas to suit children of all ages. You can choose from a fun caterpillar, cute ladybird, pet cat and rabbit or try one of the transport cakes, such as the tractor cutting down the wheat or space shuttle zooming into the universe. Each inspirational cake design is divided into easy stages to help you plan in advance, and the step-by-step instructions explain exactly what you need to do. Beautiful colour photographs show the finished cakes in detail and guide you through each step of the decorating process. Time-saving tips are included for those who need to create a spectacular cake at short notice.

e of British sugarcraft over for her exquisite or colour. With over s in-depth technical ll aspects of her cake couture, Lindy empowers others to wn amazing cakes and nowledge in her books, he products she designs.

kes Ltd, based in -established business ne shop her cake decorating d abroad.

y doing, become a fan of or follow Lindy on Twitter. ealth of information, visit es website.



9 781743 360040


With a cake design to suit the wishes of any child—from animals to boats, castles and characters—Debbie Brown’s 50 Easy Party Cakes is a fuss-free guide to creating a fun and delicious centrepiece. This collection of striking yet simple cake designs is guaranteed to provide a solution to the problem of creating the perfect cake for any birthday party or celebration. Debbie combines her exceptional flair for colour and design with her unique modelling skills to simplify her eye-catching designs.

Lindy Smith

£9.99 UK only

112 pages paperback 276 x 214 mm (10¾ x 8¼ in) 978-1-74196-112-6 £9.99

Enchanting Magical Cakes
Debbie Brown
Enter Debbie Brown’s wonderful, magical and mysterious world of Enchanting Magical Cakes and you will be captivated and entranced by her exquisite cake creations. This book will charm children of all ages and help adults to recapture the magic of childhood. With clear, easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions and photographs, and cake designs for all levels of expertise, this book will satisfy both beginners and more experienced cake decorators.
208 pages paperback 276 x 210 mm (10¾ x 8¼ in) 60,000 words 978-1-74196-263-5 £14.99

96 pages paperback with flaps 263 x 215 mm (10¼ x 8½ in) 25,000 words 978-1-74336-004-0 £9.99

ABouT THE AuTHoR: Lindy Smith is the doyenne of British sugarcraft. With more than 20 years experience, she has in-depth technical knowledge that underpins her work. She inspires others to bake and decorate their own amazing cakes and cookies by passing on her knowledge in her books and classes and through the products she designs. Lindy’s Cakes Ltd is a well-established business from where she runs her online shop ( and her cake decorating workshops.


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Beginner’s Guide to Cake Decorating
Practical and comprehensive, this must-have guide to the basics of cake decorating is ideal for the novice and professional alike.

The Ultimate Guide to Sugarcraft
This lavishly illustrated comprehensive guide to sugarcraft comprises two sets of 20 lessons. Book One teaches how to make perfect cakes, icings and frostings, as well as how to master ribbonwork, frills, collars, lettering, modelling and piped decorations. It is suitable for people who have never decorated a cake before. Book Two teaches the intricate skills of tube and brush embroidery, lace, figure modelling, sugar-flower sprays, bas relief, pastillage and filigree. The book is written by six internationally acclaimed authors, each one chosen for their expertise in a particular field of sugarcraft.

112 pages paperback 240 x 200 mm (9½ x 8 in) 978-1-74196-052-5 £6.99

The Essential Guide to Cake Decorating
This is a book for cake-decorating enthusiasts, both beginners and those who are more experienced. Showcasing beautiful photography of exquisitely finished cakes with step-by-step instructions, The Essential Guide to Cake Decorating features easy-to-follow recipes from simple projects such as baking the cake and simple piping, to more inspirational ideas for enthusiastic beginners and experienced sugarcrafters seeking new challenges.

304 pages paperback 279 x 214 mm (11¼ x 8¼ in) 978-1-74045-541-1 £12.99

504 pages paperback with flaps 278 x 200 mm (11 x 8 in) 100,000 words 978-1-74266-156-8 £25.00


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The International School of Sugarcraft series
Arranged in lesson format, each of the three titles in the International School of Sugarcraft series is a course in making perfect cakes, icings, frostings, runouts, ribbonwork, frills, collars and models, as well as piped and other sugar decorations. Book Three offers techniques and styles for sugarcrafters at a more advanced skill level.

Kids’ Party Cakes
Murdoch Books Test Kitchen
Creating fabulous cakes that kids will love is a major part of any celebration, but without experience and a solid recipe, decorating cakes can be daunting. Kids’ Party Cakes features 50 achievable yet extraordinary cakes that can be prepared with a minimum of fuss. The cakes are suitable for beginners and feature full-page photography and step-by-step instructions. The One Hour Cakes chapter provides a variety of cakes for last-minute parties, while the useful Basics chapter will demystify all cake-making techniques and will help you create eye-catching cakes with ease. From princess castles and fairy gardens to skateboards and monsters, these new party cakes will delight big and little kids alike.

168 pages flexibound 280 x 215 mm (11 x 8¼ in) 30,000 words 978-1-74266-656-3 £9.99

The Farmers’ Market Family Cookbook
Murdoch Books Test Kitchen
Everyone loves going to farmers' markets, knowing that we’re supporting our local growers and making a contribution to sustainability. We like the idea of cooking with the seasons and we want our children to learn that cooking good food from raw ingredients is fun and easy. This book takes the ingredients that we bring home from the market and shows ways to use them, from the breakfast special muesli, the lunchtime omelette, the afternoon cookie, the dinnertime chicken casserole to the seasonal fruit dessert. A selection of recipes has been chosen as especially suitable for small children to make, or help to make. Buying wisely and cooking well are truly investments for life.

TITLES IN THIS SERIES: Book One – 978-1-85391-748-6 Book Two – 978-1-85391-753-0 Book Three – 978-1-92120-834-8

200 / 256 pages paperback 280 x 200 mm (11¼ x 8 in) £14.99

256 pages paperback 260 x 210 mm (10½ x 8¼ in) 55,000 words 978-1-74266-653-2 £16.99


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The Food of ... series
Each recipe in this informative series is accompanied by pictures of authentic techniques, equipment and ingredients, while stunning photographs shot on location evoke the distinctive culture and history of each of the explored countries.

A Little Taste of ... series
The A Little Taste of ... series encapsulates the flavours of the world’s most exciting cuisines and explores the colourful settings in which food is sourced, cooked and enjoyed. Here you’ll find exceptional food with inspiring photographs.

296 pages paperback 297 x 230 mm (12 x 9 in) £17.99

TITLES IN THIS SERIES: The Food of China – 978-1-74045-463-6 The Food of France – 978-1-74045-471-1 The Food of India – 978-1-74045-472-8 The Food of Italy – 978-1-74045-464-3 The Food of Morocco – 978-1-74196-034-1 The Food of Spain – 978-1-74196-035-8 The Food of Thailand – 978-1-74045-473-5

TITLES IN THIS SERIES: A Little Taste of China – 978-1-74196-940-5 A Little Taste of France – 978-1-74196-766-1 A Little Taste of India – 978-1-74196-754-8 A Little Taste of Italy – 978-1-74196-755-5 A Little Taste of Japan – 978-1-74196-756-2 A Little Taste of Morocco – 978-1-74196-757-9 A Little Taste of Spain – 978-1-74196-962-7 A Little Taste of Thailand – 978-1-74196-758-6

256 pages paperback 200 x 185 mm (8 x 7¼ in) £8.99


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MB Test Kitchen Favourites series
Murdoch Books Test Kitchen
Bright ideas in a colourful, simple format make each of the titles in the MB Test Kitchen Favourites series a must-have for cooks on the go. Chosen with speed and economy in mind, and reflecting both traditional and contemporary trends, these favourite recipes from the Murdoch Books Test Kitchen take their inspiration from countries all around the world. Whether cooking for one or cooking for a crowd, these are the books that good cooks, reluctant cooks, busy cooks, novice cooks—all cooks—can rely on, every time.

96 pages paperback 276 x 210 mm (10¾ x 8¼ in) 30,000–35,000 words £6.99

TiTlES in THiS SERiES: Barbecue – 978-1-74266-420-0 Easy Asian – 978-1-74266-423-1 Easy Baking – 978-1-74266-417-0 Easy Pasta – 978-1-74266-421-7 Easy Weekday – 978-1-74266-416-3 Fast Food – 978-1-74266-688-4

Hot & Spicy – 978-1-74266-687-7 Italian – 978-1-74266-690-7 Low-fat – 978-1-74266-686-0 Slow Cookers – 978-1-74266-419-4 Vegetarian – 978-1-74266-418-7 Weekend – 978-1-74266-422-4


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Chunky series
Murdoch Books Test Kitchen
The Chunky series has sold in excess of three million copies in more than 50 countries. Each title follows the same winning formula, with all recipes triple-tested and every one accompanied by a photograph. The recipes are straightforward, use readily available ingredients and are ideal for our busy lifestyles. It’s time to add these save-the-day volumes to the kitchen library. Each one sports the distinctive fun and funky design beloved by consumers, and features a range of attractive and achievable cooking options. The Chunky series is a big-value package in a small, compact format.

400 pages paperback 190 x 140 mm (7½ x 5½ in) 25,000–50,000 words £8.99

TiTlES in THiS SERiES: BBQ Food – 978-1-74196-531-5 Bowl Food – 978-1-74196-414-1 Breakfast & Brunch – 978-1-74196-993-1 Budget – 978-1-74196-994-8 Cooking for One – 978-1-74196-953-5 Cool Food – 978-1-74196-528-5 Drinks – 978-1-74196-950-4 Fast Food – 978-1-74196-416-5 Fish Food – 978-1-74196-529-2

Home Food – 978-1-74196-413-4 Hot Food – 978-1-74196-412-7 Pasta – 978-1-74266-361-6 Salads – 978-1-74196-951-1 Small Food – 978-1-74196-530-8 Soups & Stews – 978-1-74196-952-8 Sweet Food – 978-1-74196-415-8 Vegetables – 978-1-74266-722-5 Vegie Food – 978-1-74196-411-0


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Healthy Living series
Murdoch Books Test Kitchen
Maintaining a healthy diet is a desirable and achievable aim, yet many people with dietary issues or chronic conditions are confused by the plethora of advice available and unsure of the path to take to help improve their health. This series aims to motivate and inform, through sound, up-to-date nutritional advice presented in a clear, accessible way. In addition, each book features more than 100 appealing, easy recipes which demonstrate that a health condition need not condemn the sufferer to a dull and limited menu, and that special dietary needs can easily be accommodated when cooking for the family.

Make Me series
Murdoch Books Test Kitchen
Each book in this vibrant series showcases new flavours in a bold and contemporary design. Fun and foolproof, these are accessible, quick recipes that are sure to become well-loved favourites in the kitchen.

192 pages paperback 235 x 180 mm (9¼ x 7 in) 35,000–45,000 words £8.99

TiTlES in THiS SERiES: Babies and Toddlers – 978-1-74336-184-9 Diabetes – 978-1-74266-411-8 Gluten Intolerance – 978-1-74266-574-0 High Cholesterol – 978-1-74266-575-7 High Fibre – 978-1-74266-412-5

TiTlES in THiS SERiES: Barbecue – 978-1-74266-661-7 Cake and Cookie Pops – 978-1-74266-454-5 Cupcakes – 978-1-74266-323-4 Pizza – 978-1-74266-326-5 Soups – 978-1-74266-572-6 Whoopies – 978-1-74266-327-2

128 pages paperback 210 x 180 mm (8¼ x 7 in) 15,000–21,000 words £6.99


C ATA LO GUE 2 0 14–2 01 5



Essential series
Murdoch Books Test Kitchen
Published in more than 20 languages, the hugely successful Essential series has now been revised with stunning new contemporary design and photography. An indispensable reference library for enthusiastic beginners and advanced cooks, the series provides a comprehensive guide to cooking techniques, expert tips and hundreds of timeless recipes.

Commonsense series
These aren’t just cookbooks; they’re kitchen helpers. Each of the four titles in the Commonsense series contains a range of information that most cookbooks leave out: photographs of equipment and basic ingredients; tips for preparing vegetables, seafood and other staples; kitchen maintenance know-how; nutritional facts; glossaries of key ingredients; detailed explanations of cooking techniques … and much more. Team all that with more than 300 recipes in each title, covering a broad range of basics, classics and specialoccasion items, and the result is a library of everyday cookbooks that will be dipped into again and again.

256 pages flexibound 270 x 215 mm (10¾ x 8¼ in) 90,000 words £14.99

TiTlES in THiS SERiES: Asian – 978-1-74266-088-2 Baking – 978-1-74266-093-6 Desserts – 978-1-74266-092-9 Finger Food – 987-1-74266-270-1 Mediterranean – 978-1-74266-090-5 Pasta – 978-1-74266-091-2 Vegetarian – 978-1-74266-089-9

TITLES IN THIS SERIES: Baking – 978-1-74196-942-9 Cooking – 978-1-74196-943-6 Quick & Easy Meals – 978-1-74266-226-8 Vegetarian – 978-1-74196-941-2

384 pages paperback 256 x 175 mm (10 x 7 in) 90,000–140,000 words £12.99


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World Kitchen series
Each of the titles in this series of six culinary journeys explores the influences of geography, climate, culture and tradition that have shaped some of the world’s most popular cuisines. They take the reader into a behind-the-scenes world of growers, artisans and chefs, revealing how their passion for their work helps maintain and reinterpret the traditions and flavours of a nation’s cuisine. More than 100 recipes are featured, selected to reflect the unique characteristics of each country’s food. Lavishly illustrated with location photographs, images of finished dishes and authentic cooking techniques, the World Kitchen series is a source of inspiration for the cook and an evocation of places some will remember and others will yearn to savour.

The Baking Bible
Murdoch Books Test Kitchen
The word ‘baking’ conjures a warm and welcoming kitchen filled with the paraphernalia of making cakes, pies and breads. Puffed-up scones, golden sausage rolls, crusty loaves and dozens of other delights are the keen baker’s rewards. And, if you are not a baker already, this book will make you so. More than 300 sweet and savoury baked goods from snacks to full-scale meals are included, many with step-by-step photos alongside. All the great classics that Grandma used to make are here, plus more contemporary treats such as the ubiquitous cupcake in its many incarnations, friands and stylish slices. Techniques pages explain the basics of baking and the things that can go wrong—and how to avoid them. Don the apron, wield the wooden spoon and start baking.

400 pages paperback 297 x 230 mm (11¾ x 9 in) 978-1-74196-991-7 £16.99

The Soup Bible
Murdoch Books Test Kitchen
Is there a dish more comforting than a steaming bowl of soup? The Soup Bible brings together more than 300 recipes of this age-old favourite. From healing chicken soup, heartening minestrone and delicate consommes, to fresh, vitamin-rich gazpacho, together with a large selection of delicious bread accompaniments, this book is the definitive soup recipe collection, and the perfect tool to soothe the soul.
400 pages paperback 297 x 230 (11¾ x 9 in) 978-1-74266-724-9 £16.99

256 pages paperback 260 x 210 mm (10½ x 8¼ in) 60,000 words £12.99

TITLES IN THIS SERIES: France – 978-1-74196-437-0 India – 978-1-74196-438-7 Italy – 978-1-74196-473-8 Morocco – 978-1-74196-439-4 Spain – 978-1-74196-440-0 Thailand – 978-1-74196-523-0


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The Slow Cooking Bible
Murdoch Books Test Kitchen
Satisfying is a word that springs to mind when there's a soup simmering on the stovetop or a casserole cooking to melting tenderness in the oven. Making a meal all in one pot is one of the easiest ways to cook and surely one of the most rewarding. Meat or seafood, vegetables or pulses, whatever the ingredient, it benefits from the process of a long, slow cook, accompanied by aromatic spices or herbs, a good splash of stock and whatever other secret ingredients you, the cook, have up your sleeve. Slow-cooked dishes abound in cuisines all around the world, and this collection of flavoursome recipes showcases the best of them. Don the apron, wield the chopping knife and start cooking.

Easy Eats series
This series of recipe collections is designed with practicality in mind. In a neat, compact format, with attractive black-and-white illustrations, each title delivers cooking options ranging from weekday friendly to entertaining specials in a clear, straightforward way. Ideal for the benchtop or the kitchen shelf, these handy books will prove themselves indispensable as a reliable source of great-tasting recipes. Lavishly illustrated cookbooks have their place, of course, but these little gems are equally covetable.

400 pages paperback 297 x 230 mm (11¾ x 9 in) 978-1-74266-544-3 £16.99

The Really Useful Ultimate Student Cookbook
Silvana Franco
No one should leave home without this book! It is packed with recipes that are cheap, good for you and simple to cook with limited equipment. Here you will find everything you need to know about buying and storing food, which equipment is really necessary, what to eat to keep you healthy and useful tips about food hygiene. An essential book for any student!
272 pages paperback 190 x 140 mm (7½ x 5½ in) 978-1-74196-024-2 £4.99

TITLES IN THIS SERIES: Baking – 978-1-74266-507-8 Barbecue – 978-1-74266-508-5 Pressure Cookers – 978-1-74196-894-1 Quick & Easy – 978-1-74266-509-2 Slow Cookers – 978-1-74196-895-8 Slow Cookers 2 – 978-1-74266-383-8 Vegetarian – 978-1-74266-510-8

176–192 pages paperback 232 x 163 mm (9 x 6¼ in) 23,000–39,000 words £7.99


C ATA LO GUE 2 0 14–2 01 5

Bitesize series
Full of recipes that are simple to prepare and as appealing to the eye as the palate, this series of books was created in the Murdoch Books Test Kitchen, specifically with everyday use in mind.

200 pages paperback 190 x 140 mm (7½ x 5½ in) 35,000–40,000 words £4.99

TITLES IN THIS SERIES: BBQ – 978-1-74196-115-7 Cakes & Slices – 978-1-74196-069-3 Chicken – 978-1-74196-377-9 Desserts – 978-1-74196-100-3 Fish – 978-1-74196-353-3 Meat – 978-1-74196-354-0 Noodles – 978-1-74196-376-2 Pasta – 978-1-74196-071-6 Salads – 978-1-74196-116-4 Soups – 978-1-74196-102-7

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C ATA LO GU E 2 014 –2 0 1 5

Australian Coastal Gardens
Myles Baldwin
The coastal gardens of Australia are as varied as the geography of the vast continent itself. Join Myles Baldwin as he travels around the country, from the gentle landscape of Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula and the sheer cliffs of Sydney’s Dover Heights to an old coppermining town in South Australia and beyond. On his journey he finds a diverse range of gardens, some created by professionals, others by enthusiastic amateurs, but all entirely appropriate to their location and often difficult conditions. Also included is an extensive plant guide, compiled by Myles based on his many years’ experience of working on the coast and his conversations with horticulturists, which will guide you through the practicalities of gardening by the sea. Accompanied by stunning photography, Australian Coastal Gardens is essential reading for anyone who loves gardens and gardening.
978-1-74045-906-8 978-1-74196-470-7

304 pages hardback with jacket 266 x 255 mm (10½ x 10 in) 61,000 words 978-1-74336-005-7 £30.00 February 2014 (November 2013 AU)

ABOuT THE AuTHOR: Myles Baldwin is a horticulturist, one of Australia's leading landscape designers and curator of the Australian Garden Show Sydney. He is a regular guest and popular speaker at garden shows across Australia and a contributor to the garden media. Myles Baldwin's first two books, Period Gardens: Landscapes for Houses with History (2008) and Rural Australian Gardens (2010), were published by Murdoch Books.

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C ATA LO GU E 2 014 –2 0 1 5

Pretty Funny Tea Cosies
Loani Prior
Loani Prior, tea cosy knitter extraordinaire, is back with more fabulously outrageous creations. Pretty Funny Tea Cosies contains 25 knitted cosies and pretty things, with the focus on the pretty: flowers, leaves, fruit, loopy stitches and beautifully knitted and woven fabric. Including basic stitches, techniques and patterns, Pretty Funny Tea Cosies is a must-have for knitters and crafters and anyone who has ever wanted to have a Tibetan Tea Warrior tea cosy.



160 pages paperback with flaps 220 x 220 mm (8½ x 8½ in) 22,000 words 978-1-74336-097-2 £12.99 August 2014 (July 2014 AU)

ABOuT THE AuTHOR: Loani Prior, author of Murdoch Books' Really Wild Tea Cosies and How Tea Cosies Changed The World, lives on Queensland's Sunshine Coast where her woolly obsessions border on becoming a disorder. The Queen of the Tea Cosies exhibits her knitted objets d’art in galleries, blogs with the global community of knitters, gives Wild Knitting workshops and judges the odd tea cosy competition.

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Easy Luxury
Darren Palmer
Easy Luxury is a sourcebook of stylish and achievable ways to create a luxury look in your home—on a budget. Lavishly illustrated with photographs of Darren’s own interior design projects, ranging from apartments to larger family homes, it provides key styling ideas that will help you get the most out of a space and create a big impact for a realistic investment of time, energy and money. Whether you are styling a new home, getting a property ready to sell, or simply redecorating, Easy Luxury provides budget-conscious design tips and solutions for creating a home that encompasses a luxe, designer aesthetic while still embodying comfort. The book moves from large-scale practicalities and planning through to the elements of design, and takes a detailed look at styling room by room (and the goals, opportunities and potential pitfalls involved).

224 pages hardback 260 x 210 mm (10¼ x 8¼ in) 40,000 words 978-1-74336-103-0 £17.99 September 2014 (August 2014 AU)

ABOuT THE AuTHOR: A designer, writer and speaker known for his stylish and classic interior designs, Darren Palmer is an established and well-regarded member of the Australian design community. Darren operates his own interior design studio and has contributed to Belle, GQ Australia, Luxury Home Design, Renovate, Real Living and Grand Designs Australia magazine. Darren appears as a judge on Channel 9’s successful television franchise The Block.

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Karen Hall and Peter Cooper
‘Inarguably the most beautiful garden in Tasmania’—Leo Schofield
The garden at Wychwood, at the foot of the Great Western Tiers in northern Tasmania, is one of the world’s most magical places. Wychwood combines Scandinavian design sensibilities with temperate-climate cottage-garden charm. And to top it off there’s a creek at the back that is home to a platypus family. Wychwood commemorates the making of the garden over 22 years, with its iconic labyrinth, espaliered fruit trees and curved, clipped edgings. The book details the techniques and secrets of the garden’s design success and offers inspiration at every turn. Peter’s beautiful and haunting photography captures how the garden has evolved and grown into its surroundings.

224 pages hardback 266 x 255 mm (10½ x 10 in) 60,000 words 978-1-74336-075-0 £25.00 November 2014 (October 2014 AU)

ABOuT THE AuTHORs: Husband and wife team Peter Cooper and Karen Hall are garden designers and collectors of rare plants. Karen contributes to gardening blog GardenDrum, is chair of the Tasmanian Open Garden Scheme and runs the nursery at Wychwood. Peter is a landscape consultant and photographer.

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C ATA LO GU E 2 014 –2 0 1 5

Amanda Talbot
Amanda Talbot demonstrates how architecture and interior design at their best can make us safer, healthier, more efficient, enlightened and productive—all contributing to a fundamental sense of wellbeing. In essence, Happy shows us ways in which design can help us live a happy life. This global survey reveals how designers are creating joyous living spaces that play to our emotions—speaking to our hearts as much as to our heads—through strategic planning and execution and by using carefully chosen colours, textures, quality of materials and finishes. Chapters, which incorporate case studies from homes around the world, as well as styled images, include ‘Colour’, ‘Communal’, ‘Down time’, ‘Edit’, ‘Flow’, ‘Humour’, ‘Light’, ‘Location’, ‘Memories’, ‘Nature’, ‘Order’, ‘Pets’, ‘Play’, ‘Senses’, and ‘Spontaneity’.


272 pages hardback with die-cut 304 x 254 mm (12 x 10 in) 40,000 words 978-1-74336-061-3 £25.00 December 2014 (November 2014 AU)

ABOuT THE AuTHOR: Amanda Talbot is an internationally recognised stylist, and an interiors and design consultant. She is author of Rethink: The Way You Live (published by Murdoch Books in 2012). Amanda spent 10 years in London working with Livingetc and with ELLE Decoration as associate editor, as well as consulting to UK design icon Ilse Crawford and to IKEA, among others. She returned to Australia in 2011 to take up a judging role on Channel 9’s Top Design. Amanda continues to work as a stylist and trend forecaster.

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Phillip Johnson
Australian landscape designer Phillip Johnson became an international household name after winning Best in Show at the Royal Horticultural Society’s Chelsea Flower and Garden Show in 2013—the equivalent of winning a gold medal at the Olympics. This book explores Phillip’s philosophy of connecting with nature in a sustainable way. Connected focuses on his key passions including: integrated sustainable water management and the creation of natural, chemical-free pools; recreation of thriving habitats for indigenous plants and animals; and the thoughtful connection of the landscape to the home. Illustrated with lavish photography and beautiful watercolour plans, Connected tells the stories behind the commissioning, design and execution of 19 gardens designed by Phillip (with insights from their owners), ranging from small suburban to large rural spaces, and includes his own home garden ‘laboratory’. His account of the design and construction of his awardwinning garden at Chelsea is also featured.

272 pages hardback with jacket 270 x 225 mm (10½ x 8¾ in) 60,000 words 978-1-74336-340-9 £25.00 December 2014 (November 2014 AU)

ABOuT THE AuTHOR: Landscape architecture is part of Phillip Johnson’s DNA—he designed his first garden at the age of five. He completed his Applied Science degree in Horticulture at the University of Melbourne and immediately started his own landscape and design business. He now leads one of the most awarded landscape design firms in the industry. Phillip has been ‘recreating habitat’ for more than 19 years, developing more than 500 residential and commercial gardens.

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C ATA LO GU E 2 014 –2 0 1 5

London Style Guide
Saska Graville
Everyone is familiar with the iconic. Instead, this book—now updated and revised—takes you on a journey to the heart and soul of London, revealing the hidden and stylish places that make this city so incredibly unique and eclectic. There is an essence to London style, and you find it in the small, off-the-radar places: the one-off shops, street markets, corner pubs and local restaurants that Londoners themselves go to. These places share a certain eccentricity, quirkiness and independence of spirit, and that’s what this book is all about. London can be big and overwhelming, and there are many guide books directing you to the key trophy sights of the city. London Style Guide breaks it down by village, and reveals the places that the locals love. We feature some of the Londoners behind the shops, cafés and hotels, and ask them to divulge their city secrets. By delivering a carefully chosen selection of smaller, stylish spots revered by residents, this book makes visitors feel like locals. It’s London up close and personal.

296 pages hardback 210 x 140 mm (8¼ x 5½ in) 38,000 words 978-1-74336-332-4 £16.99 February 2015 (January 2015 AU)

ABOuT THE AuTHOR: Saska Graville has worked as a writer and editor in women’s magazines and newspapers for more than 20 years, both in London and Sydney. She was the editor of New Woman magazine, Australia, and the features editor of The Sun-Herald newspaper in Sydney, before moving back to London as deputy editor of best-selling glossy magazine Red. She remains a UK travel correspondent for The Sun-Herald, and loves nothing more than a new hotel to review.

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C ATA LO GU E 2 014 –2 0 1 5

Backyard Bees
Doug Purdie
With bee populations in decline the world over, and the problems this poses for the environment, interest in beekeeping is surging. Backyard Bees is the complete, userfriendly guide to rooftop, balcony or backyard beekeeping. Learn how easy it is to maintain a healthy hive throughout the year, all about bee behaviour, and how and when to harvest the liquid gold. Once you’ve tasted warm honeycomb straight from the hive, you’ll be hooked. Backyard Bees is both a charming read and giftable object, with photography for every step of the way as well as dozens of recipes for all that lovely honey.

208 pages hardback 240 x 170 mm (9½ x 6¾ in) 30,000 words 978-1-74336-196-2 £14.99 March 2015 (August 2014 AU)

ABOuT THE AuTHOR: Doug Purdie, along with his partner at The Urban Beehive, maintains more than 50 beehives on city rooftops, balconies, backyards and in community gardens around Sydney. He runs beginner beekeeping courses and is president of the Sydney branch of the Amateur Beekeepers’ Association.

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C ATA LO GU E 2 014 –2 0 1 5

Dig Deeper
Meredith Kirton
Dig Deeper is the definitive gardening manual for the modern gardener. Guiding you through the seasons, each chapter is divided into four parts: annuals, perennials and bulbs; grasses, groundcovers and climbers; shrubs and trees; and herbs, fruit and vegetables. Containing step-by-step projects, feature plants, and advice and information on everything from the more unusual cultivars and creating heirloom crops to using grey water and groundcovers to beat soil erosion, Dig Deeper provides answers for all your garden and plant-related queries.




472 pages hardback 235 x 190 mm (9 x 7½ in) 120,000 words 978-1-74336-076-7 £30.00 March 2015 (September 2014 AU)

ABOuT THE AuTHOR: Over the past 25 years Meredith Kirton has demonstrated her lifelong commitment to gardening and horticulture in a varied career that has included writing, teaching, consulting, retail, guiding garden tours and designing as well as speaking at various events across Australia. She has published several books on gardening as well as appearing on television and writing regular columns for Australia's best-known gardening magazines.

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C ATA LO GU E 2 014 –2 0 1 5

ANZAC Treasures
Dr Peter Pedersen and the Australian War Memorial
This landmark publication commemorates the centenary of the Great War’s Gallipoli campaign, 25 April 1915 to 9 January 1916. ANZAC Treasures approaches the subject of Gallipoli not only from a military perspective but also in terms of its social impact and its role in commemoration and nation-building. It does so through the Memorial’s immensely rich and varied National Collection, which provides a tangible link to ANZAC and gives an unparalleled insight into its many facets. The legend and reality of ANZAC are encapsulated within the relics, photographs, artworks, documentary records, personal diaries and letters that are displayed to dramatic and moving effect in a beautifully designed and produced commemorative volume.


432 pages plus gatefolds hardback with jacket 275 x 215 mm (10¾ x 8½ in) 108,000 words 978-1-74336-080-4 £30.00 April 2015 (October 2014 AU)

ABOuT THE AuTHOR Dr Peter Pedersen, formerly Head of the Research Centre at the Australian War Memorial, is one of Australia’s leading military historians. He has written eight books on the First World War and led many battlefield tours to Gallipoli, the Western Front and other battlefields in Europe and Asia. Dr Pedersen is currently consultant historian to the Australian Department of Veterans’ Affairs.

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Cloth Bound
Julie Paterson
For over 20 years Julie Paterson, founder of Cloth Fabric, has been designing and making textiles by hand, using short-batch production methods. Her iconic patterns are inspired by the Australian landscape and are reproduced on furnishings, rugs and wallpapers and sold internationally. Each design begins its creative journey as sketches in a notebook. The small images then become paintings on found wood. Next, Julie creates prototype prints on fabric in her studio. Cloth Bound is the story of Julie’s most famous and most imitated designs. Exquisitely bound in hand-crafted Cloth Fabric ‘Spotcheck’, this book will be a coveted gift and collector’s item for all design and craft aficionados.

240 pages hardback with hand-printed cloth cover 260 x 190 mm (10¼ x 7½ in) 50,000 words 978-1-74336-355-3 £20.00 April 2015 (March 2015 AU)

ABOuT THE AuTHOR: English-born Julie Paterson is the founder of Cloth Fabric and the preeminent textile creator in Australia. Her fabrics and artworks grace the interiors of hotels and restaurants, as well as many homes around Australia and the world. She is a sought-after speaker, teacher and exhibitor. Cloth Fabric’s studio and retail space is in Sydney’s art precinct in Darlinghurst.

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Inside Foxglove Spires
Susan Southam
Susan Southam allows readers to look through the window of ‘Foxgloves Spires’—her former home of 30 years, located in rural Australia—and into the lushly romantic and soul-filled interior within. Inside Foxglove Spires tells the nostalgic love story between Southam and her restored century-old timber cottage in a collection of essay-like chapters, themed around seasons and colours and supported by an abundance of photographs. Southam’s writing is heartfelt, emotional and honest; her photographs capture the spirit of her home with its astonishingly beautiful garden, as well as the details of her colour schemes, decoration and furnishings. Inside Foxglove Spires provides inspiration and information for readers to apply, but above all it opens our eyes to the humble details of our immediate environment that enrich our everyday lives.

304 pages hardback with jacket 245 x 225 mm (9½ x 8¾ in) 38,000 words 978-1-74336-318-8 £25.00 April 2015 (March 2015 AU)

ABOuT THE AuTHOR: Australian Susan Southam published the story of the creation of her famous open garden, ‘Foxgloves Spires’, in her first book, Velvet Pears (Murdoch Books, 2008). She is currently building a new home and garden on the south coast of New South Wales—completely different from her first, but this time being created with the benefit of 30 years’ experience.

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Tim Neve
In this beautifully illustrated and designed book Tim Neve explores the many facets of coastal interior style and aims to both inspire readers and provide practical advice on how to capture this versatile aesthetic in our own homes. Each chapter represents a different interpretation of coastal style, from ‘Beachcomber’ (inspiration and decoration directly from nature), to ‘Endless Summer’ (capturing the zing and sizzle of childhood beach holidays), through to ‘Nautical (Done Nice)’ (maritime-inspired décor that is not kitsch) and ‘Bohemian’ (rich textures and patterns; time-worn combined with luxe). Interwoven throughout are mood boards, colour palettes, and stylist’s tips and insider secrets.

256 pages hardback 280 x 215 mm (11 x 8½ in) 45,000 words 978-1-74336-108-5 £25.00 May 2015 (February 2015 AU)

ABOuT THE AuTHOR: Australian Tim Neve, who has a BDA (Design) from the National Institute of Dramatic Arts, is editor of the successful national publication Australian Coastal Home magazine. Tim’s background includes a degree in set and costume design for theatre, but he has spent most of the past decade using these skills in styling, producing and writing features for magazine publications including Real Living, Home Ideas, Country Home Ideas and Modern Home.

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Victoria Alexander
There’s a place that’s borderless. A real world that sees us more alike than is often imagined—a world that can be found inside all of us and in our attitude to living. A place that comes from caring about connections, community, sustainability, from an understanding that life is best when it involves compassion, gentleness and a deep concern for all that’s around us. This book is about that place. Thoughtful, thought-provoking and often infused with a gentle humour, Real urges us to look at the world around us with sensitivity and see these connections; to recognise the agelessness of integrity; to value the dignity in small things; to appreciate the imperfect; to be aware of beauty and the possibility of creating it. Superbly designed and packaged, and generously illustrated with photographs taken by the author in more than 20 countries, Real explores a simplified and honest approach to life and living, drawing examples from across a diversity of cultures.
978-1-74196-780-7 978-1-74336-200-6

304 pages hardback 255 x 198 mm (10 x 7¾ in) 20,000 words 978-1-74336-116-0 £20.00 May 2015 (April 2015 AU)

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Victoria Alexander was a fashion editor for Vogue and Cosmopolitan and a freelance stylist and art director for stills, film and television commercials. She established the television production company, The Film Business, and a small boutique hotel, The Russell, in Sydney and fought for and built the Bathers' Pavilion restaurant and café in Balmoral, Sydney. Victoria has also completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Hons) at the National Art School, Australia.

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Australian Architects’ Houses
Stephen Crafti
Australian Architects’ Houses offers an insight into how contemporary architects live in the homes they have designed specifically for themselves and their family: from warehouses to apartments, from an entirely new build to a substantial renovation. In the absence of a ‘client’ and a formal brief, architects can be truly adventurous, exploring groundbreaking, unconventional ideas and materials in designing their own houses. In this lavishly photographed book, Crafti looks at the fascinating details of the process involved, as much as the end result. What were the challenges, the hardships and the problems faced? Did ideas have to be modified to suit the budget? Were there compromises along the way? What discoveries were made? Australian Architects’ Houses also explores the things that didn’t quite go to plan. Their insights and journeys will appeal to those looking for fresh ideas that go beyond the traditional offerings by architects.

272 pages hardback with jacket 292 x 258 mm (11½ x 10 in) 40,000 words 978-1-74336-330-0 £30.00 May 2015 (April 2015 AU)

ABOuT THE AuTHOR: Stephen Crafti has been writing on architecture and design for over 20 years. To date he has written 40 books and numerous stories for newspapers and magazines including the Age, The Sydney Morning Herald and The Australian Financial Review, Indesign and Habitus. Crafti hosts a radio program ‘Talking Design’ on behalf of RMIT University, as well as operating architecture and design tours both in Australia and in Europe.

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50/60/70: Iconic Australian Houses
Karen McCartney
From the 1950s to the 1970s, Australia experienced an economic boom and a broadening of horizons that heralded a whole new approach to domestic design. A generation of young Australian architects along with a number of recent European immigrants turned for inspiration to the work of international names such as Frank Lloyd Wright, Walter Gropius, Alvar Aalto and Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, as well as to traditional Japanese principles. By reinterpreting, melding and adapting what they’d come across, they created highly individual houses in often dramatic and hitherto inaccessible settings. This superbly designed and photographed book—now available in paperback—showcases 15 significant houses from that era. Each is by a different architect and combines outstanding architectural principles with an interior that remains in keeping with the integrity of the house.
In this superbly designed book — lavishly illustrated throughout with evocative images by internationally renowned photographer Michael Wee — author Karen McCartney has gathered together 15 significant and influential houses from that era, most of which have never before been comprehensively documented. Each is by a different architect and combines outstanding architectural principles with an interior that remains in keeping with the integrity of the house. After an extensive, illustrated introduction that places these homes in a social and historical context, McCartney discusses each one in an informed and engaging style. She has interviewed many of the people associated with these iconic houses — both architects and owners — and mixes their personal insights and reminiscences with more technical and practical aspects of the designs. Each study also includes a rundown, with text and images, of specific details associated with the architecture and interior design, focusing on such aspects as furniture, lighting and decorative items. Designers and manufacturers of classic works are comprehensively discussed, providing an invaluable guide for anyone interested in achieving this distinctive style in their own homes. From the 1950s to the 1970s, Australia experienced an economic boom and a broadening of horizons that heralded a whole new approach to domestic design. A generation of young Australian architects along with a number of recent European immigrants turned for inspiration to the work of international names such as Frank Lloyd Wright, Walter Gropius, Alvar Aalto and Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, as well as to traditional Japanese principles. By reinterpreting, melding and adapting what they’d come across, they created highly individual houses in often dramatic and hitherto inaccessible settings.





232 pages paperback with flaps 266 x 255 mm (10½ x 10 in) 55,000 words 978-1-74336-079-8 £20.00 April 2014 (March 2014 AU)

ABOuT THE AuTHOR: Karen McCartney has a wealth of experience in the areas of design, art and architecture. With an honours degree in the History of Art and English from University College London, she has written for British ELLE Decoration, The Financial Times and The World of Interiors. In Australia she edited marie claire Lifestyle before becoming founding editor of interiors magazine Inside Out, a position she held for ten years. She has also published 70/80/90 Iconic Australian Houses with Murdoch Books.


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Minxy Vintage
Kelly Doust
Do you browse through vintage clothes at flea markets and wish you had the knack to breathe new life into the dated smocks, flares and kaftans? Kelly Doust’s Minxy Vintage is the book that will help you transform those items and, in fact, anything that has been sitting in the back of the wardrobe, waiting for a reinvention. In Minxy Vintage, Kelly combines her love for fashion with creativity and her enthusiasm for craft, and transforms stained, musty, dated clothes into modern and unique pieces. Feel inspired with more than 50 projects ranging from customised frocks, wedding dresses, trenchcoats, cardigans and accessories. This is not just a book about loving vintage fashion, it’s about seeing the possibilities for reinventing all old clothes, and how to look fabulous as a result, no matter what your age, location or budget.

The Stylist’s Guide to NYC
Sibella Court
Sibella Court, who worked in New York City for ten years as an interior stylist for leading American magazines and brands, opens her address book to reveal her favourite places in the world’s most exciting and energetic city. Cleverly arranged into loops of interest such as ‘Jewellery & Hardware’, ‘Haberdashers & Handmade’ and ‘Furniture & Interiors’, The Stylist’s Guide to NYC takes the first-time visitor—or long-time resident—on a number of surprising and beguiling journeys, uncovering traditional merchants and hidden sanctuaries as well as some of the coolest spots in town. This well-edited collection of stores, services, galleries, markets and refuelling stops also contains city survival tips, maps and comprehensive indexes. An idiosyncratic travel guide celebrating the beautiful, the curious and the unexpected, and chosen with the impeccable eye of an insider, The Stylist’s Guide to NYC is an indispensable accessory for anyone visiting, working or living in New York.
978-1-74196-556-8 978-1-74266-569-6



256 pages hardback 255 x 210 mm (10 x 8¼ in) 43,000 words 978-1-74266-642-6 £18.99

ABOuT THE AuTHOR: Kelly Doust has been scouring flea markets and charity stores for vintage fashion, fabrics and homewares from her early teens, making and reinventing things in her own trial-and-error way. Her favourite things, in no particular order, are tea, clothes, friends, home, crafternoons, and her husband and daughter. Kelly is the author of The Crafty Minx, The Crafty Kid and A Life in Frocks. Visit Kelly’s blog:

ABOuT THE AuTHOR: After living and working as an interior stylist in NYC for ten years, Sibella Court was drawn back home to summer days by the beach in Sydney, where she opened her haberdashery-meets-hardware store, The Society Inc., a home for flea-market finds and artisan pieces she’s collected over years of globetrotting. Sibella is constantly on the lookout for beautiful and curious things, and has found success as a best-selling author.

288 pages hardback 210 x 140 mm (8¼ x 5½ in) 16,000 words 978-1-74266-108-7 £16.99


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My Heart Wanders
Pia Jane Bijkerk
What would happen if one day you decided to follow your heart? Where would it take you? Pia Jane Bijkerk takes us on her journey as she leaves behind a comfortable life in Sydney to follow her instincts, unconditionally. Setting up home first in Paris, then on a houseboat in Amsterdam, Pia observes the serendipitous moments that present themselves when you let go and follow your dreams. My Heart Wanders is a reflective, inspirational, tender memoir that speaks to ‘the wandering heart’ in all of us.

International Garden Photographer of the Year
Garden and Landscape Photographic Arts
Garden photography is a hugely diverse subject. For some it’s about a love of the beauty of plants; for others it’s an opportunity to express an appreciation of the wider landscape and its inherently fragile nature. The International Garden Photographer of the Year competition was established in 2008, and is the world’s premier competition specialising in botanical photography, attracting an average of 18,000 entries every year, from 119 countries. From an exquisitely detailed close-up of a delicate flower to sweeping, panoramic garden vistas, this book showcases award-winning photographs from the competition, taken by the world’s best garden photographers, both professional and amateur.

304 pages hardback 230 x 203 mm (9 x 8 in) 32,000 words 978-1-74196-746-3 £20.00

ABOuT THE AuTHOR: Pia Jane Bijkerk is an internationally acclaimed stylist, photographer and author specialising in interiors, still life and food. She uses her home as her workshop and her travels as inspiration and delights in stepping off the beaten path to discover the unexpected. She is the author and photographer of Paris: Made by Hand (2009) and Amsterdam: Made by Hand (2010). Her work can be seen at

256 pages hardback 280 x 260 mm (11¼ x 10½ in) 35,000 words 978-1-74336-241-9 £25.00


C ATALO GUE 2 0 14 –2 01 5



Trisha Dixon
Adagio is a charming muse on slow gardening and the importance of slowing down and enjoying life. At the same time, it has an environmental message regarding living ethically and sustainably. This message is delivered in Trisha Dixon’s inimitable style, as she seamlessly blends personal anecdotes with musings and facts, drawing on her gardening background and her wide-ranging interests in philosophy, music, art, nature and the environment. Adagio will appeal to gardeners and dreamers alike and to everyone, in fact, who yearns for a more environmentally attuned life.

82 Modern Style Ideas to Create at Home
Tamara Maynes and Inside Out
For more than ten years, Inside Out magazine has brought Australians contemporary craft and design solutions with personality and style. This book is a carefully selected collection of some of the best, affordable, ‘create-it-yourself’ projects. Whether you have an hour or a whole weekend to spare, there are 82 inspiring ideas to choose from, with step-by-step instructions. In addition, the queen of Australian craft, Tamara Maynes, has developed eight brand-new projects for readers, making her book a unique resource for creating and improving your ‘home with heart’.

296 pages hardback 245 x 225 mm (9¾ x 8¾ in) 32,000 words 978-1-74266-094-3 £30.00

ABOuT THE AuTHOR: Trisha Dixon is on the Board of the Powerhouse Museum and National Management Committee of the Australian Garden History Society. She gives lectures and radio interviews; and writes many magazine and newspaper articles on garden-related subjects. She regularly travels throughout Australia and abroad, photographing and researching gardens and gardening trends.

ABOuT THE AuTHOR: Tamara Maynes is a craft doyenne with experience as a stylist, designer and maker of exquisite things. She has been commissioned by Mokum Textiles and Inside Out magazine, among others, and has recently created an innovative online pop-up shop for her wares. She lives in and runs her studio Bespoke Workshop from the Southern Highlands of New South Wales, Australia.

192 pages paperback 260 x 195 mm (10½ x 7¾ in) 30,000 words 978-1-74266-726-3 £12.99


C ATALO GUE 2 0 14 –2 01 5



Eco Colour
India Flint
An internationally renowned dyer, costumier and artist, India Flint draws on her two decades of experience and experimentation in natural dyeing techniques to present an expert, highly accessible and achievable handbook of ecologically sustainable plant dye methods that use renewable resources, most of which can be found in the average home garden. Eco Colour fills a gap in the existing literature and uses an exciting range of projects to demonstrate a variety of techniques, some of them entirely new processes developed by the author.

Knitting Basics
Melody Lord
Knitting Basics shows just how easy it is to create impressive knitwear and accessories. With more than 30 inspiring projects written specifically for those who want to learn how to knit but don’t know where to start, Knitting Basics is full of useful information and easy-to-follow patterns to help a beginner on the path to becoming a confident knitter. With step-by-step instructions and photos of all the basic stitches, advice on how to choose and read patterns, and handy tips for mending and repairing knitwear, this book is an invaluable resource for all aspiring knitters. Once you have mastered the skill, there will be no stopping you.

240 pages hardback 270 x 225 mm (10¾ x 8¾ in) 978-1-74196-079-2 £25.00

272 pages paperback 250 x 210 mm (10 x 8¼ in) 65,000 words 978-1-74266-665-5 £18.99

Second Skin
India Flint
Almost from the moment of our birth, clothing acts as our second skin, yet we rarely consider where our clothes have come from and the effects they might have on the environment and ourselves. This heartfelt, practical and topical book is about easily achievable ways in which we can care for our planet by living simpler lives and using fewer resources, specifically those to do with cloth and clothing. Beautifully photographed and illustrated by the author, Second Skin presents information and inspiration on selecting, acquiring, wearing, caring for, making and repurposing textiles and clothing.

Sewing Basics
Sandra Bardwell
Few people learn to sew from their mothers any more, but many would love to master this rewarding and enjoyable skill. Sewing Basics is the ultimate bible for sewing at home, making sewing accessible for all. Covering fabrics, sewing machines, hand sewing, fitting, finishing, trouble-shooting and much more, this comprehensive and easy-to-follow book will soon have you approaching a needle and thread with confidence. For beginners learning how to hem and for more experienced sewers who need help dealing with difficult fabrics, Sewing Basics is an invaluable reference to keep on the bookshelf for many years to come.

288 pages hardback 270 x 225 mm (10¾ x 8¾ in) 978-1-74196-721-0 £25.00

272 pages paperback 250 x 210 mm (10 x 8¼ in) 56,000 words 978-1-74196-750-0 £18.99


C ATALO GUE 2 0 14 –2 01 5



Recycled Chic
Amanda McKittrick
Recycled Chic is for those who aren’t content to look like everyone else. It both inspires and instructs on ways of recycling, renewing, and reinventing pre-loved fashion and fabrics. Featuring 30 simple and accessible projects, for even a novice seamstress, Recycled Chic will arm you with the techniques, inspiration and confidence to renew your existing clothes and accessories, or alter pre-loved fashion and fabrics to suit your individual taste. Each project requires only minimal time, effort and expense to achieve stylish and satisfying results.

Timeless Makeup
Rae Morris
In Timeless Makeup, leading international makeup artist Rae Morris shows you how to create a classic, ageless look that will enhance your best features, regardless of your age. Full of fabulous looks for day and evening, complete with step-by-step photographs and clear instructions on how to achieve them, Timeless Makeup reveals Rae’s secret tips for making you look younger and slimmer in minutes. Advice includes how to make your skin look more luminous and glowing, the best way to shape the perfect eyebrow and how to create plumper, more youthful lips.

168 pages paperback 230 x 190 mm (9 x 7½ in) 16,000 words 978-1-74266-666-2 £9.99

Lazing on a Sunday Crafternoon
Eliza Muldoon
Lazing on a Sunday Crafternoon is a collection of 52 blissfully simple craft ideas to make with a child helper. This beautiful book will have you creating delightful things out of everyday household items using nothing more than your own time and ingenuity. You and your child can while away hours of crafting fun with Eliza Muldoon as she helps you make these easy projects—from a child’s head band or apron, to peg dolls, skirts and shoe adornments, practical bags and tool belts, felt toys and unique artworks to adorn your home.

172 pages paperback 285 x 210 mm (11¼ x 8¼ in) 26,000 words 978-1-74336-963-0 £12.99

ABOuT THE AuTHOR: Known widely as the most influential makeup artist working in Australia today, Rae Morris can also boast the titles of best-selling author, L’Oreal Paris Makeup Director and four times Makeup Artist of the Year. Collaborating with some of the world’s leading photographers, Rae regularly works on editorial covers, and fashion and beauty spreads in magazines. When she’s not on assignment, Rae splits her time between Sydney and New York.

192 pages paperback 275 x 210 mm (10½ x 8¼ in) 30,000 words 978-1-84543-462-5 Rights: world, excluding the UK


C ATALO GUE 2 0 14 –2 01 5



Makeup: The Ultimate Guide
Rae Morris
In Makeup: The Ultimate Guide Rae Morris brings the world of fashion makeup to you. With her simple step-by-step instructions she makes even the most sophisticated and creative makeup easy to achieve. She also reveals all the tricks, techniques and trade secrets that have seen her awarded Australian Makeup Artist of the Year four times over.

The Home Book
Murdoch Books
What are the best ways to defeat rising damp, combat yellowing cotton and fix noisy water pipes? Full of invaluable and easy-to-follow advice for indoors and out, The Home Book has all the answers for you. The Home Book provides simple techniques for cleaning, maintaining and repairing your home. Save money using The Home Book’s own recipes for household disinfectants and follow the invaluable stain removal tips: did you know you can get rid of lipstick stains with kerosene and use milk when removing ink on cotton? Other handy hints are great for the environment as well as your budget, such as running your fridge between 3°C and 5°C to reduce electricity costs. Tips on growing herbs, making your own straw compost and tending a worm garden will guarantee you get the best out of your outdoor space, whether it’s a garden or apartment balcony. Packed with clever ideas, practical information and helpful hints, The Home Book is an indispensable DIY manual. Every home needs one!

256 pages paperback 275 x 210 mm (10½ x 8¼ in) 40,000 words 978-1-74175-226-7 Rights: world, excluding the UK, Russia, Poland and France

272 pages paperback 250 x 210 mm (10 x 8¼ in) 88,000 words 978-1-74266-649-5 £12.99


C ATALO GUE 2 0 14 –2 01 5

The Great Barrier Reef
Len Zell
The Great Barrier Reef really is like nowhere else on earth. It is a massive, complex ecosystem, and one that has gone through enormous changes throughout the history and evolution of our planet. Produced in partnership with the BBC’s Great Barrier Reef television series, the book takes you on a journey along 2,300 kilometres of Australia’s north-eastern coastline, through the diverse range of habitats that make up this extraordinary water world. Along the way, discover how the Great Barrier Reef was formed, learn about life on the Reef, and meet the plants and animals that inhabit it. The Great Barrier Reef also looks at the environmental challenges facing this incredibly delicate ecosystem, and what the future may hold. Illustrated in spectacular full-colour photography throughout, The Great Barrier Reef also features hints and tips on how to make the most out of any trip to the Reef, making it the ultimate guide to one of the most treasured natural wonders of the world.

256 pages hardback 285 x 260 mm (11¼ x 10½ in) 30,000 words 978-1-74336-179-5 £25.00

ABOuT THE AuTHOR: Len Zell is one of the world’s foremost authorities on the Great Barrier Reef. A prolific writer, illustrator and photographer, he has published more than ten books and his contribution to science has been acknowledged: he has two species of coral named after him. He has appeared on several documentary television shows. Len is currently an adjunct Senior Lecturer in Marine and Tropical Biology at James Cook University in Queensland and is often invited to be a guest lecturer elsewhere.


C ATALO GUE 2 0 14 –2 01 5



Man vs Life
Rob Pegley
Man vs Life is a humorous snapshot of the typical man’s life: overweight, married with children, bills to pay, on the verge of mid-life crisis. In early life, our predicted career choices were bold, physical and involved travel and conflict: everything we avoid in our careers now. How did it come to this? A sedentary job, looking at reports and spreadsheets, asking yourself why you are slogging away in a job you don’t enjoy to buy things you don’t need to impress people you don’t like? Referencing life through middle-management jargon such as SWOT analysis, 360-degree feedback and direct lines of reporting—and made up entirely of graphs, pie charts, flow charts, Venn diagrams, bullet points and tables—Rob observes issues such as: • the criteria you apply when considering the correct strategic fit in any spousal mergers • $ value of Christmas presents received vs age • the frequency of masturbation vs age ( just a straight horizontal line …)

Australian Mongrel
David Darcy
Australian Mongrel is a photographic and narrative exploration of Australia’s relationship with this beloved icon. Renowned dog photographer David Darcy explores the lives of a diverse range of dogs from the land down under, from working dogs to suburban canines; Aboriginal camp dogs to the ordinary Aussie mongrel. Accompanying the dogs are a cross section of people who share their lives with man’s best friend, and the many stories and yarns that go with them. Featuring ordinary working folk, mums and dads, Indigenous people and homeless people, their narratives are often funny, sometimes heroic, frequently heartfelt and moving, but always worth telling. Australian Mongrel is also a showcase for the Australian landscape. Dogs play the lead role, but it is the combination of canine personality, the relationship between human and animal, and location that allows a true connection with these distinctive, nostalgic and honest portraits.

120 pages flexibound 210 x 180 mm (8¼ x 7 in) 24,000 words 978-1-74336-195-5 £9.99

ABOuT THE AuTHOR: Rob Pegley works at SBS Television. Prior to that, he was Group Publisher at News Magazines. Rob is a former winner of the British Society of Magazine Editors Editor of the Year award. As well as being an accomplished editor, Rob has been a freelance writer for film and music magazines. He has written for Men’s Health, Ralph, Alpha, Total Film, Total Football, Inside Sport, Sydney’s Child and Voyeur Virgin Blue among other publications.

ABOuT THE AuTHOR: David Darcy was born in the Blue Mountains, west of Sydney. He developed an interest in photography and, by 16, had won the NSW junior Top Shot Award. He combined his talent for photography and his passion for dogs with a desire to travel the Australian outback, and became one of Australia’s leading author-photographers. He has published four bestselling titles, and his work has received international recognition. David’s work appears in newspapers, magazines, books, calendars, cards and posters.

256 pages hardback with jacket 260 x 240 mm (10½ x 9½ in) 10,000 words 978-1-74266-844-4 £25.00


C ATALO GUE 2 0 14 –2 01 5



The Almost Complete History of the World
Joseph Cummins, James Inglis and Barry Stone
Recorded history is rich with events that have changed the course of human experience— events that have rippled through the centuries, and still others that rumble on today. Here in one amazing volume are 75 of the most important historical events of all time, presented in short, fascinating, illustrated and entertaining chapters. Divided into five historical sections, The Almost Complete History of the World ALMOST contains all the major historical events that you ever need to know. Chapters include the Peloponnesian War, the fall of the Roman Empire, the travels of Marco Polo, the storming of the Bastille, the Gettysburg Address, D-Day, the Chernobyl nuclear disaster, the 9/11 terrorist attacks and 64 other incredible historic episodes. The Almost Complete History of the World is the most complete collection of historical events ever captured in one gripping volume, and is a must-have for every home.

Still Life
Jane Ussher, Nigel Watson
Still Life is a unique and hauntingly beautiful photographic study of the Antarctic huts that served as expedition bases for explorations led by Captain Robert Falcon Scott and Sir Ernest Shackleton. At the turn of the twentieth century Antarctica was the focus of one of the last great races of exploration and discovery. Known as the ‘heroic age’, from 1895 to 1917 Antarctic explorers set off from their huts in search of adventure, science and glory but some, such as Scott, were never to return. The World Wars intervened and the huts were left as time capsules of Edwardian life. Jane Ussher was invited by the Antarctic Heritage Trust to record ‘the unusual, the hidden and minutiae of these sites’. The Executive Director of the Trust, Nigel Watson, provides a fascinating introduction to the history and atmosphere of each hut.

400 pages paperback 297 x 230 mm (11¾ x 9 in) 185,000 words 978-1-74266-709-6 £20.00

ABOuT THE AuTHORS: Joseph Cummins is the author of a number of titles for Pier 9, as well as Anything for a Vote: A History of Dirty Tricks and October Surprises in America’s Presidential Elections. He lives in Maplewood, New Jersey. James Inglis is an Australian editor and writer of reviews, interviews and opinion pieces for national and state newspapers and periodicals. Barry Stone is a writer and photographer who has been a long-time contributor to some of Australia’s largest daily newspapers.

ABOuT THE AuTHORS: Jane Ussher is an award-winning New Zealand photographer. She has been taking photographs for more than 30 years and remains passionate about creating beautiful, uncomplicated images. Nigel Watson is the Executive Director of the Antarctic Heritage Trust. Over the past ten years he has led, or participated in, annual expeditions to Antarctica.

224 pages PLC no jacket 320 x 240 mm (12½ x 9½ in) 978-1-74196-739-5 £40.00


C ATALO GUE 2 0 14 –2 01 5



50/60/70: Iconic Australian Houses 192–3 50 Easy Party Cakes 131 70/80/90: Iconic Australian Houses 192 82 Modern Style Ideas to Create at Home 199 250 Must-have Slow Cooker Recipes 125 365 Good Reasons to Sit Down to Eat 14 Adagio 198 After Toast 120 The Almost Complete History of the World 210 Anatolia 50–1 ANZAC Treasures 176–7 Apple Blossom Pie 64 Apples for Jam 34 Argentinian Street Food 32–3 At My Table 121 Australian Architects’ Houses 186–7 Australian Coastal Gardens 156–7 Australian Mongrel 209 Australian War Memorial 176 Backyard Bees 172–3 Balance & Harmony 12 Barbecue 14 Beginner’s Guide to Cake Decorating 132 Bentley 117 The ‘Bible’ series 147 Bills Food 108 Bills Sydney Food 108 Bistronomy 38–9 Bitesize series 150 Book of Tripe 14 The Bookery Cook 72–3 Botanical Cuisine 44–5 Bourke Street Bakery 118 Bread Revolution 111 Chunky series 140–1 Cloth Bound 178–9 Colour 184 Colour of Maroc 10–11 Commonsense series 145 Connected 166–7 Cook with Love: The Pete Evans Collection 76–7 Cooking with Beer 67 The Country Women’s Association Cook Book 56 The Country Women’s Association Cook Book 2 56 Courtyard Kitchen 62–3 The Crafty Kid 194 The Crafty Minx 194 Dig Deeper 174–5 Dinner Secrets – Gluten-Free 113 Dish It Up 28–9 Don’t Be Afraid To Cook This! 67 Donuts 58–9 Easy Eats series 149 Easy Luxury 160–1 Easy Weekends 12 Eat In 84–5 The Eat Well Cookbook 123 Eating for the Seasons 122 Eco Colour 200 Enchanting Magical Cakes 131 The Essential Guide to Cake Decorating 132 Essential series 144 Etcetera 195 Every Day 108–9 Falling Cloudberries 34 The Farmers’ Market Family Cookbook 135 Fired Up 20 Fired Up Vegetarian 20 Fish 76 Food From Many Greek Kitchens 34 The Food of... series 136 The French Baker 65 From India 72–3 Frozen Yoghurt 26–7 The Garden Cook 113 Good Food 12 The Gourmet Farmer Deli Book 99 Gourmet Hot Dog 15 The Great Barrier Reef 206–7 Grillhouse 20 Hamburger Gourmet 86–7 Happy 164–5 Harvest 174 Healthy Living series 142 Hidden Kitchens of Sri Lanka 82–3 The Home Book 205 Home Made 118 An Hour in the Garden 174 I’d Eat That! 30–1 Indochine 110 Inside Foxglove Spires 180–1 International Garden Photographer of the Year 197 International School of Sugarcraft series 134 Jam Drops and Marble Cake 56 Janella’s Wholefood Kitchen 122 Kid’s Party Cakes 135 Kitchen Coquette 124 Knitting Basics 201 Kumar’s Family Cookbook 121 Lazing on a Sunday Crafternoon 202 Limoncello and Linen Water 34 The Little Moroccan Cookbook 18 The Little Spanish Cookbook 19 A Little Taste of... series 137 Livwise 117 London Style Guide 170–1 Lucio’s Ligurian Kitchen 124 Make Me series 143 Makeup: The Ultimate Guide 204 Man vs Life 208 Manna from Heaven 123 marie claire 10 years of great food 22 marie claire fresh + easy 22 marie claire fresh + fast 22 marie claire summer 22–3 Mastering the Art of Baking 129 Mastering the Art of Poultry, Meat & Game 128 Mastering the Basics series 126–7 MB Test Kitchen Favourites series 138–9 Meals in Heels 119 Mercurio’s Menu 67 Milk Bar Memories 66 Minxy Vintage 194 More Fired Up 20 MoVida 104 MoVida Cocina 104–5 MoVida Rustica 104 Mr Hong 49 Mr Wilkinson’s Favourite Vegetables 102–3 My Barcelona Kitchen 107 My Grill 76 My Heart Wanders 196 My Kitchen 76 My Party 76 My Petite Kitchen Cookbook 24–5 My Table 76 New York Cult Recipes 88–9 Good Without Gluten 36–7 Nomad 195 One 184 Organum 52–3 Origin 94–5 The Painted Cake 60–1 Pasta Artigiana 98 Pier 115 Pies and Tarts 14 Piri Piri Starfish 34 Pizza 76 Planet Cake 57 Planet Cake Celebrate 57 Planet Cake Cupcakes 57 Planet Cake Kids 57 Planet Cake Love 57 Plot 174 Pretty Funny Tea Cosies 158–9 Quay 52 Quick and Clever Party Cakes 130 Real 184–5 The Real Food Companion 99 The Really Useful Ultimate Student Cookbook 148 A Recipe for Each Day of the Year 56 Recipes for a Good Time 90–1 Recycled Chic 202 Rethink: The Way You Live 164 Ripailles 14 Rockpool Bar & Grill 12 Rosa’s Farm 112 Rôtis 14 Rural Australian Gardens 156 Salt Grill 80–1 Sandcastles 182–3 Second Skin 200 Secrets of Eclairs 116 Secrets of Macarons 116 Sepia 46–7 Serendip 115 Sewing Basics 201 Simply Bill 108 Simply Good Food 12–13 Skinny Meals in Heels 119 Snow Flakes and Schnapps 66 The Songs of Sapa 110 Spice Market 66 The Starter Kitchen 30 Stefano Manfredi’s Italian Food 92–3 Still Life 211 The Stylist’s Guide to NYC 195 Supercharged Food 16 Supercharged Food: Eat Yourself Beautiful 16–17 Supergrains 96 Sweet Envy 42–3 Sweet Studio 106 Tessa Kiros: The Recipe Collection 34–5 Timeless Makeup 203 Turkey 97 The Ultimate Guide to Sugarcraft 133 The Urban Cook 112 Vegetarian 114 Venezia 34 Venice Cult Recipes 40–1 Whispers from a Lebanese Kitchen 114 Wholefood 78 Wholefood Baking 78–9 Wholefood for Children 78 Wholefood for the Family 78 Winter on the Farm 99 World Kitchen series 146 Wychwood 162–3 Yoshoku: Contemporary Japanese 66 Zenbu Zen 66 Zumbarons 48 Zumbo 48 Zumbo Riffs the Classics 48


C ATALO GUE 2 0 14 –2 01 5



A Abrahanowicz, Elvis 90 Alexander, Victoria 184 Allam, Paul 118 Australian War Memorial 176 B Baldwin, Myles 156 Bardwell, Sandra 201 Benn, Martin 46 Bijkerk, Pia Jane 196 Bilson, Amanda 121 Blereau, Jude 78 Book, Natalie 62 Brown, Debbie 131 C Camorra, Frank 104 Collins, Natasha 60 Cooper, Peter 162 Cornish, Richard 104 Country Women’s Association of New South Wales 56 Court, Sibella 195 Crafti, Stephen 186 Cranston, Michele 22 Cummins, Joseph 210 Cutler, Paris 57 D Dale, David 50, 124 Darcy, David 209 Dixon, Trisha 198 Dobson, Ross 20 Doust, Kelly 194 Doyle, Greg 115 E Evans, Matthew 99 Evans, Pete 76 F Flint, India 200 Franco, Silvana 148 Freer, Chrissy 96 G Galletto, Lucio 124 Garden and Landscape Photographic Arts 197 Gare, Anna 84 Garnier, Victor 86 Gibbs, Kate 120 Gilmore, Peter 52 Glendinning, Duncan 111 Granger, Bill 108 Graville, Saska 170 Grisewood, Rachel 123 Grossman, Marc 88 H Haddow, Nick 99 Hall, Karen 162 Hann, Callum 30 Hart, Alice 114 Holmes, Lee 16 Hong, Dan 49 Hutchins, Bree 82 I Inglis, Fiona 113 Inglis, James 210 J Jaffari, Omid 44 Japy, David 86 Jensen, Mark 112 Johnson, Phillip 166 Joyce, Jennifer 119 Jules, Frédérique 36 K Kanetani, Katrina 115 King, Grant 115 Kiros, Tessa 34 Kirton, Meredith 174 Kitchen, Leanne 97 Kuruvita, Peter 115 Kyritsis, Janni 121 L Lawson, Jane 66 Lepoutre, Jennifer 36 Lord, Melody 201 Lorenzi, Constance 26 Lorenzi, Mathilde 26 M Magnier-Moreno, Marianne 116 Mahadevan, Kumar 72 Mahadevan, Suba 72 Manfredi, Stefano 92 Mangan, Luke 80 Manning, Anneka 128–9 Maréchal, José 116 Maynes, Tamara 199 McCartney, Karen 192 McGhie, Kate 64 McGuinness, David 118 McKittrick, Amanda 202 Meharg, Tracey 58 Mercurio, Paul 67 Meynink, Katrina 38, 124 Milgate, Ben 90 Mitchell, Rosa 112 Moriarty, Pamela 113 Morris, Rae 203–4 Muldoon, Eliza 202 Murdoch Books 205 Murdoch Books Test Kitchen 126–7, 135, 138–9, 140–1, 142, 143, 144, 147, 148 N Neve, Tim 182 Newton-John, Olivia 117 Nguyen, Luke 110 O O’Meara, Ross 99 Ozich, Eleanor 24 P Palmer, Darren 160 Palmer, Rob 10 Palmer, Sophia 10 Paterson, Julie 178 Pedersen, Peter 176 Pegley, Rob 208 Pereira, Kumar 121 Perry, Neil 12 Prior, Loani 158 Purcell, Janella 122 Purchese, Darren 106 Purdie, Doug 172 Purser, Jan 123 Q Quinn, Hayden 28 R Rambaud, Elodie 86 Raynaud, Jean Michel 65 Reynaud, Stéphane 14–15 Ruggles, Sophie 107 Ryan, Patrick 111 S Savage, Brent 117 Shewry, Ben 94 Sivrioglu, Somer 50 Smith, Lindy 130 Snowball, Kathy 123 Southam, Susan 180 Stivelmaher, Gaston 32 Stone, Barry 210 T Talbot, Amanda 164 Taouk, Nouha 114 Thompson, Georgia 74 Thompson, Jessica 74 Thompson, Maxine 74 U Ussher, Jane 211 V van Boven, Yvette 118 W Watson, Nigel 211 Wilkinson, Matt 102 Wise, Alistair 42 Wise, Teena 42 Y Yanase, Mitsuru 36

Z Zanoni, Enrique 32 Zavin, Laura 40 Zell, Len 206 Zoccali, Nino 98 Zumbo, Adriano 48


C ATALO GUE 2 0 14 –2 01 5



The ‘Bible’ series The Baking Bible 147 The Slow Cooking Bible 147 The Soup Bible 147 Bitesize series Cakes & Slices 150 Chicken 150 Desserts 150 Fish 150 Meat 150 Noodles 150 Pasta 150 Salads 150 Soups 150 Chunky series BBQ Food 140 Bowl Food 140 Breakfast & Brunch 140 Budget 140 Cooking for One 140 Cool Food 140 Drinks 141 Fast Food 141 Fish Food 141 Home Food 141 Hot Food 141 Pasta 141 Salads 141 Small Food 141 Soups & Stews 141 Sweet Food 141 Vegetables 141 Vegie Food 141 Commonsense series Baking 145 Cooking 145 Quick & Easy Meals 145 Vegetarian 145 Easy Eats series Baking 149 Barbecue 149 Pressure Cookers 149 Quick & Easy 149 Slow Cookers 149 Slow Cookers 2 149 Vegetarian 149 Whoopies 143 Essential series Asian 144 Baking 144 Desserts 144 Finger Food 144 Mediterranean 144 Pasta 144 Vegetarian 144 The Food of... series China 136 France 136 India 136 Italy 136 Morocco 136 Spain 136 Thailand 136 Healthy Living series Babies and Toddlers 142 Diabetes 142 Gluten Intolerance 142 High Cholesterol 142 High Fibre 142 The International School of Sugarcraft series Book One 134 Book Three 134 Book Two 134 A Little Taste of... series China 137 France 137 India 137 Italy 137 Japan 137 Morocco 137 Spain 137 Thailand 137 Make Me series Barbecue 143 Cake and Cookie Pops 143 Cupcakes 143 Pizza 143 Soups 143 Mastering the Basics series Baking 127 Desserts 127 Pasta 127 Pies, Tarts & Pastries 126 MB Test Kitchen Favourites series Barbecue 139 Easy Asian 139 Easy Baking 138 Easy Pasta 139 Easy Weekday 139 Fast Food 139 Hot & Spicy 139 Italian 139 Low-fat 139 Slow Cookers 139 Vegetarian 139 Weekend 139 World Kitchen series France 146 India 146 Italy 146 Morocco 146 Spain 146 Thailand 146

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C ATALO GUE 2 0 14 –2 01 5

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