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In the case of my husbands murder, Your accusation is quite profound To accuse me of i!!in" him, No proof #i!! e$er be found

%s &hief Inspector, you must pro$e my error, %nd that burden is a!! on you 'ithout any !ies or ha!f(truths, )efore, from me, you "et apo!o"y do

The "ui!t is painted a!! o$er your face, %nd I doubt you #i!! !ast under the stress Then inspector, #ithout further accusations, P!ease cuff my hands and p!ace me under arrest

*o the inspector #as in a sta!emate, 'hat #ou!d he e$er thin to do+ ,e cou!d not proceed further, Ti!! he found ans#ers to other c!ues

*tay tune for Part II -Profound -

by Tim Thayer