Rossum Corporation LA

TO: Cleared Employees and Contractors FROM: Topher Brink DATE: 10/16/09 RE: Narrative Diagnostic Tests


Since apparently everyone needs to know: I will be using the time that would have been our weekly staff meeting today to start testing the latest builds of my new Narrative Diagnostic Suite, the process of which has changed since the last time I explained it. I’ll be taking several of the more popular Actives off duty starting this evening and through the weekend. They will be re-imprinted with the Memory Modules, but not the full Personality Profiles, of a selection of the imprints which they’ve been given so far this year, so that I can run real-time comparisons between those recorded recollections and various of the accumulated data sets archived from those engagements. I’ll be pulling all available engagement records from the periods DOL-201, DOL-202, and DOL-203 in order to make sure everything is re-calibrated and re-synchronized. If necessary, I might go further back into the engagement archives in case I need to reestablish the baseline. Because the analysis can be time-consuming, I’ll be networking in technicians from other Rossum facilities to speed things up. Anyone with clearance will be able to track the process, since minute-by-minute status updates will be posted to the intranet throughout the testing period. Cleared technicians who wish to participate in the data analysis will be able to sign in to the usual hosts to stream the Memory Module narrative sessions and contribute their own observations to the updates feed.


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