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Name : Sagar Joshi Div : A (noon) Roll no : 1


Its late founder Mr. Vimal C. Parikh showed the seed

of presently known EIE INSTRUMENTS way back in 1977.

EIE INSRUMENTS is a part of Tech-mech group. The

group has interest in manufacturing, marketing, & calibration of scientific instruments & testing equipments for various applications.
EIE got C.E mark in 2012.

ISRO added few words in the admiration of EIE that Hotplates produced by EIE are best than others.

EIE takes 50% advance from their customers. The turnover of EIE in 2005-06 was rs.5,00,00,000, which is currently rs.17,00,00,000. In foreign countries, they are getting advantage of receiving money in advance from their customers.

The wastage generated after the production, is sold in a scrap, which gives earning up to Rs.50,000 to 1,00,000 in per month. EIE provides 60 days credit term to the L&T Company.

EIE took loan from bank initially, when they started the business & they repaid in just 1 year.

The main thing EIE is focusing on is fast services. They are doing online advertising on the websites like,, etc. They have given online advertisement on, which is a Chinese website & which charges rs.1,00,000 per year. They have promoted their website in the countries like Dubai, U.S.A, U.K etc.

EIE uses SAFAL easy ERP software & Payroll Orange software for maintaining the information of employees. They have 24 CCTV cameras in the plant. They are using cyber home internet security.


There are nearly 200 employees working in EIE. On Diwali, they are providing 3 & half month salary as a bonus to the employees. They are also providing 30 to 40 lakhs loan to their employees. EIE has conducted Health awareness program & even sports games like Table tennis, Carom etc. for their employees & workers.

EIE is thinking to open their new branch in Dubai. EIE is also thinking to diversify their business in Solar Technology. They have also got an invitation for tie-up their business with U.K. They are also going to participate in exhibition in June-July 2014 in Kenya & government will pay 80% of their cost like flight fare etc.