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Abigail Ortiz Academic database 1 Name: Gay Marriage Is a Fundamental Right Author: Goetting, Nathan wor s cited: Goetting,

Nathan! "Gay Marriage Is a Fundamental Right#! "National $awyers Guid Re%iew &'!( )*'1(+: 1(&,1--! $egal .ollection! /eb! *' Feb! *'1-! 1! Google said he wor s at a 0ni%erstiy *! 1es, it does a22ly to my research 2ro3ect! 4his article 2ro%ides me with 5undamental constitutional rights, mentions court cases, and marriagle 3uris2rudence o5 su2reme court that would hel2 su22ort what I am trying to get through in my 2a2er! (! 4he e%idence is laws and the court cases that are used as e6am2le! -! $i e any article it does show a little bias! 4his article 2ro%ides cited laws! 7! Fairly recent! 4he age o5 the source hel2s shed light on the 5act that gay rights laws are constantly chaning! 8! 4his article is a 7! 9%en though this article does show a little bias, this article will me to 2ro%e my 2oint about how gay rights are always changing and how they %ary across the 0nited :tates!

;oo 4itle: "Gay and $esbian Families# .itation: 9s2e3o, Roman! Gay and $esbian Families! <etroit: Greenha%en =ress, *''>! =rint! Author: Roman 9s2e3o

Roman 9s2e3o does ha%e the e62erience writing boo s, but I did not 5ind any e%idence that he is a e62ert o5 this to2ic! 4his source does a22ly to my research 2ro3ect because this boo shows a %ariety o5 2res2ecti%es including eyewitness situation, go%ernment %iews, e6am2les o5 magazine and new2a2er articles! 4his boo shows a lot o5 e6am2les o5 di55erent 2ers2ecti%es! I do detect a little bias but it is not o%erwhelming! 4his article was 2ublished in *''>! 4he age o5 this source really doesnt a55et its re%alancy! I would gi%e this source a -! I would use this source to use it as a com2arison to another article that is more recent to show how much the laws and o2ionions ha%e changed since *''>! Article 5orm the /orld /ide /eb 1 Author: Goode, 9rica .itation Goode, 9rica! ?Grou2 /ants Gays to @a%e Right to Ado2t a =artnerAs .hild!? New 1or 4imes - Feb! *''*: A1&! O22osing Biew2oints in .onte6t! /eb! *- Feb! *'1-! A5ter loo ing 9rica u2 I 5ound that 9rica Goode wor s 5or New 1or 4imes! 9%en though she does not ha%e a title that says she is s2ecialized on my to2ic, she does shows e%idence in her article o5 a lot o5 research! 4he content o5 this article hel2s me because it has 2arts where it tal s about the American Acady o5 =ediatrics and how there is no such e%idence that gay 2artents ado2ting will hurt the child! It also tal s about how the Academy waited two decades to get the in5ormationC e%idence be5ore 2ublishing! 4his author 2ro%ides e%idence by 2ointing out certain research she has done! :he also 2ro%ides straight Douates 5rom 2ediatricanAs, /here they say that children deser%e lo%e 5rom 2arents e%en i5 they are homose6uals! 4hey also go on to say that there is no e%idence that says that children o5 homose6uals 2arents grow u2 with disabilites! I do not detect any bias! /hen I read the in5ormation in her article I 3ust get a sense that she is 2resenting e%idence! 4his source was 2rinted in *''*! 4his source is a bit older than the other sources I ha%e but o%er all I thin it could hel2 me with my 2a2er!

I rate this source as a -! 4his source can held shed light on the 5act that homose6uals 3ust li e heterose6uals should ha%e the right to ado2t children! Also that children do not ha%e a negati%e e55ect i5 they are ado2ted by homose6ual 2arents!

Article 5orm /orld /ide /eb * Name: 4ara :iege ;ernard 4itle: @ow Gay Marriage /ill .hang .ou2lesA Financial $i%es .itation: ;ernard, 4ara :eige! ?@ow Gay Marriage /ill .hange .ou2lesE Financial $i%es!? New 1or 4imes#!*& Fune *'11! /eb! *7 Feb! *'1-! 4he author is a writer 5or New 1or 4imes, so she does ha%e e62erience with 3ornalism, but she is not a e62ert on this sub3ect! One o5 my 2oints in my 2a2er is how e%en when gay marriage is acce2ted in some states, they do not ha%e the same rights as heterose6ual cou2les! 1es, this author 2ro%ides %arious in5ormation o5 the laws and how some o5 the bene5its heterose6uals ha%e are non e6istant to gay cou2les! I do not detect any bias in this article! I only see e%idence! It tal s about how New 1or was the 8ths state to acce2t gay marriage and how they bene5ited 5rom some o5 the bene5its o5 marriage but not all because o5 their se6ual 2re5erence! 4his source was u2dated on Fune *&th o5 *'11 so it is 5airly recent! 4his articles age will hel2 my 2a2er by showing how gay rights laws are always changing! I rate this article as a 7 because I do not sense bias 3ust in5ormatio that will be hel25ul to su22ort my 2a2er! It will su22ort my 2a2er because it will hel2 me with one o5 my 2oints o5 how the laws are changing to gi%e gay cou2les right, but sometimes those rights are incom2lete!

Article 5orm Academic <atabase Name: Msher, Michael F .itation:

?9RI. , .atholic @igh :chool :tudentsA Attitudes toward @omose6uality: A :na2shot o5 Incoming .ollege Freshmen, .atholic 9ducation: A Fournal o5 InDuiry and =ractice, *''-,Fun!? 9RI. , .atholic @igh :chool :tudentsA Attitudes toward @omose6uality: A :na2shot o5 Incoming .ollege Freshmen, .atholic 9ducation: A Fournal o5 InDuiry and =ractice, *''-,Fun!Fune *''-! /eb! *7 Feb! *'1-! .atholic @igh :chool :tudentsA Attitudes 4oward @omose6uality I googled him and it said he has a doctorate degree but there was nothing s2eci5ied! 4he content o5 this article has in5ormation tells statistics o5 hatred towards gay and lesbians! It also has in5ormation o%er the attitude that catholic schools ha%e towards gays and lesbians! 4his author 2ro%ides mostly e%idence there is not a lot o5 bias in5ormation! $i e mentioned abo%e I do not detect bias! 4his source was 2rinted in Fune *''-! 4he age o5 this article will hel2 me shed light on how the way we loo at homose6uality has changed o%er time! I this this source as a 7!