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ProSpangle Customer Training Assurance Form

Company: Student: Address: City: Phone: Email: Test 1 Score: Test 2 Score: Test 3 Score: Test 4 Score:

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Please check the items covered during your training:

Powering Up Loading a Design Control Panel M1, M2, M3 Setting Color Changes Set the design center Tracing the design Setting the offset Running in Free Run Cancelling the design Emptying the waste reels Changing the reels Changing the press unit Adjusting the feed Using the press unit jig Unit change Cleaning the punch unit Weekly maintenance Lubricating Software install / upgrade Importing graphics Setting the Hotfix Calendar Vector vs. Rastor art Converting to Hotfix Proper Spangle spacing Using the manual mode Text to Hotfix Hotfix lettering Editing nodes Saving and exporting Using the ASP software

This form must be signed, then faxed to (813) 489-5046 or emailed to: for your warranty to be considered valid.