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Dutch Bangla Bank Ltd


As per degree requirements every student of MBM student must go through the practical orientation program. It is the procedure, where a student will get the real life working e perience and also get the scope to implement their knowledge. !his report is "ased on my working e perience as an Internee in Dutch Bangla Bank Limited, Mirpur Branch. In this report, I have tried to cover the whole functional department of Dutch Bangla Bank Limited, Mirpur Branch. As I have worked in the #oreign $ change Department, I have tried to descri"e the whole Letter of %redit &L%' procedure, its classification and how does the process work. I also cover the functional activities of %redit Department including various types of loans and advances and formalities of loan sanction procedures. !his report also cover the (eneral Banking activities of %ustomer )ervice, Accounts section, %learing and %ash )ection. !he different divisions of Dutch Bangla Bank Limited and their hierarchy and performance of the Local *ffice have also "een descri"ed in this report. Most of the data of this report are secondary data and the rest have "een collected through ver"al communication with the employees of the Bank. +nder the proper guidance of my supervisor "y using my limited knowledge I have tried to cover up my report on ,practical orientation in Dutch Bangla Bank Limited-.

Bangladesh Institute of Bank Management