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Dutch Bangla Bank Ltd

December 29, 2011 The Director, Centre for Post Graduate tudies, B!B"#

Dear ir, $ere is the re%ort on “Practical &rientation in Dutch Bangla Bank Limited”, that 'ou assigned me as a %art of m' Practical &rientation Program of "B"# This re%ort contains detail information about the acti(ities of the branch# )rom m' %ractical orientation %rogram ! ha(e gather %ractical kno*ledge on the acti(ities of General Banking De%artment, Credit De%artment and )oreign +,change De%artment# !n e(er' s%here of m' re%ort ! tried m' best to make good combination of m' learning from the last 'ear of "B" %rogram# ! also tried to match m' theoretical kno*ledge and the direct e,%erience gathered during m' -%ractical orientation %rogram.# /our assignment *as an e'e0o%ener for me# ! had little kno*ledge on this issue before *riting this re%ort# ! thank 'ou for gi(ing me the sco%e of de(elo%ing a humble insight on the sub1ect# ! en1o'ed *riting this re%ort#

incerel' 'ours,

"ahmuda 2abir3 "B" 14th Batch !D5 141169 B!B"

Bangladesh !nstitute of Bank "anagement