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My e-portfolio contains a section that is based on the Dixie State University (DSU) Department of Education DESERT model standards

. Many of the artifacts therein show my growth and experiences during my education program. These artifacts document and provide evidence that I have become, or am becoming, a competent, caring, and qualified educator. I am a competent educator is a lofty statement to be made by someone who has yet to teach. I feel the evidence of my competency can be found in the lesson plan I created in my SCED 4100 class. The unique style of assessment shows that I am aware of the need for accommodations and apply them in my lessons to meet the needs of diverse students (DM1) in the classroom. This lesson also shows my abilities with the use technology as a link to a worldwide Professional Learning Community (PLC) to continually explore new ways to engage students in learning (DM2). I included differentiated instruction in my lesson plan, activities, and assessments to meet their needs. The assessment showed that even after a long break from the time the lesson was originally given they were still able to perform the task based on analogies and pneumonic devises I provided for the class. The formatting of the assessment was able to allow for each child to experience success at their level, while at the same time showing me their individual level of mastery. It was accommodation and extension in a single assessment. This lesson also displays my ability to support my teaching through the use of technology. I used the Smartboard to allow interaction between student and technology. The students would come up to the board and underline and write on the board. They could also manipulate the artificial manipulative to solidify a tactile concept. The multiple colors and artistic features of the board made drawing “Santa’s Hat” come alive to the students. As far as content knowledge goes I have passed the Praxis II for Math and earned a score among the top 10 percent in the nation. I believe that all these aspects, traits, and abilities combined qualify me as becoming a competent teacher.

It is difficult to attach a quantifiable value to something as elusive and ethereal as caring. On the other hand caring is one area that the students understand better that anything else. They have all had experiences with teachers who do and don’t care about them. They can and will assess the teacher’s level of caring from before the first day of school. I have prepared a letter to the parents and to the students that I intend to send as soon as I know who is placed in my class. This letter will demonstrate to the student that I care about their future as a student. It will show the parents that I am concerned about the well being of their child and will start the year off in the right direction. In a world full of busy people students will appreciate the time taken for them. This letter demonstrates that I am focused and committed to being a caring educator. Technically speaking a piece of paper qualifies someone to be a teacher, so long as that piece is a license, but there is so much more that goes into it. In the military to qualify with your rifle you must successfully shoot 23 targets out of 40. That leaves a lot of room for differing levels of shooters. If someone shoots 40 out of 40, should they receive the same qualification as someone who shot 23 out of 40? The same can apply to teaching. We could use a direct correlation by looking at GPA, but there are other ways to show competency. The Literacy Integration Strategies assignment from my SCED 3720 demonstrates my versatility as an educator. Having many ways to teach a topic is vital to instructing such large class sizes. Each of these strategies demonstrates my competency as a teacher. Reflecting on my E-portfolio brings to mind thoughts of my family, friends, and mentors who have inspired me to become a teacher. I am grateful for their support and their wisdom which I bring with me into every classroom. My E-portfolio is a reflection of the path I took to being the educator I am today, and a projection to the educator I will be tomorrow. It represents the empirical data showing my competence, caring and qualifications as a student and as an educator.