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Live Out Loud

Live Out Loud

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Published by: Jessica on Oct 17, 2009
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e Out Loud
Life & Wellness Coaching

What is Live Out Loud

Eating Disorders Recovery Initiative
• Eating Disorders Are Ever Present in Today’s Society • Public Outreach From Those Who Have Recovered is Essential to Awareness, Prevention, and Elimination of Eating Disorders as an Epidemic • Just as Eating Disorders Don’t Discriminate, Neither Does Recovery. Complete Recovery IS possible!

L.I.V.E. Life & Wellness Coaching
• Learn
a) What issues are present? Are they founded in reality or a shadow of reality? b) What are they reflecting? c) How Can they be redirected?

• Integrate

a) Integrate What You’ve Learned About the Issues b) Integrate “Truth” Vs. False Perceptions c) Implement new methods of re-direction

• Value

a) Understand Value In Struggles b) Understand Value in “The Process” c) Understand Long-Term Value

• Experience
a) Experience Self Compassion b) Experience Mindfulness c) Experience Ability and Stability

Live Out Loud Products
• Care Packages To Those In Residential Treatment • 100% Natural Lip Balms, Lotions, Lotion Sticks, Soap and Limited Edition Items • Natural Soy Candles • Live Out Loud Awareness Bracelets • Live Out Loud Pens

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