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B Index Of Sample Forms

B Index Of Sample Forms


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Published by: Daniel on Feb 20, 2007
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Form 1-1 Bylaws Bylaws

II. Directors - Organizational Meeting Form 2-1 Notice of Organizational Meeting – Board of Directors Form 2-2 Affidavit of Mailing Notice – Organizational Meeting Form 2-3 Waiver of Notice – Organizational Meeting Form 2-4 Unanimous Consent of Directors in Lieu of Organizational Meeting Form 2-5 Minutes – Organizational Meeting I. Directors - Annual Meeting Form 3-1 Notice of Annual Meeting – Board of Directors Form 3-2 Affidavit of Mailing Notice – Annual Meeting Form 3-3 Waiver of Notice – Annual Meeting Form 3-4 Unanimous Consent of Directors in Lieu of Annual Meeting Form 3-5 Minutes – Annual Meeting II. Directors - Special Meeting Form 4-1 Notice of Special Meeting – Board of Directors Form 4-2 Affidavit of Mailing Notice – Special Meeting Form 4-3 Waiver of Notice – Special Meeting Form 4-4 Minutes – Special Meeting III. Resolutions Form 5-1 General Resolution Form 5-2 Resolution Annulling Previous Resolution Form 5-3 Resolution Approving Subchapter S Election Form 5-4 Resolution of Directors Authorizing Purchase of Real Estate Form 5-5 Resolution Authorizing Issuance of Stock to a Specific Person Form 5-6 Resolution Declaring Dividend Form 5-7 Resolution Filing Vacancy on the Board of Directors Form 5-8 Resolution Fixing Salary Form 5-9 Resolution Appointing Accountant Form 5-10 Resolution for Borrowing of Money Form 5-11 Resolution for Leasing Corporate Office Space Form 5-12 Resolution Ratifying Previous Action of Directors Form 5-13 Resolution to Approve Contract Form 5-14 Resolution to Open Bank Account Form 5-15 Resolution Authorizing Stock Issuance to Certain Persons IV. Shareholders - Annual Meeting Form 6-1 Notice of Annual Meeting – Shareholders Form 6-2 Affidavit of Mailing Notice – Shareholders Annual Meeting Form 6-3 Waiver of Notice – Shareholders Annual Meeting

Form 6-4

Minutes – Shareholders Annual Meeting

V. Shareholders - Special Meeting Form 7-1 Notice of Special Meeting – Shareholders Form 7-2 Affidavit of Mailing Notice – Shareholders Special Meeting Form 7-3 Waiver of Notice – Shareholders Special Meeting Form 7-4 Minutes – Shareholders Special Meeting VI. Shareholder Voting Forms Form 8-1 Proxy for Annual Meeting of Shareholders Form 8-2 Proxy Notice I. Amendments to the Articles of Incorporation Form 9-1 Directors Resolution Advising Amendment Form 9-2 Directors Resolution Adopting Amendment Form 9-3 Shareholders Certificate of Consent to Amendment Form 9-4 Shareholders Resolution Approving Amendment Form 9-5 Shareholders Resolution Changing Name of Corporation

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