The Female Century (International Women’s Day

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1. Watch the first part of the video (0:00 – 4:05 min) and tick the names of the women mentioned there.
An"e a #e$ke % izabeth && #a$ie 'u$ie Va entina (e$eshkova Anna F$ank )osa *a$ks *$incess +iana #iche e ,ache et -ueen Victo$ia % en .ohnson /i$ eaf 'ha$ otte ,$onte /hi$in %badi #ade eine A b$i"ht 0i a$y ' inton /imone de ,eavoi$ #iche e 1bama /and$a +ay 12'onne$ 'athe$ine && #a$"a$et (hatche$

2. Watch the video again and match the halves of the sentences.

A. was the fi$st woman who $eceived a =ob e *$ize in chemist$y and physics. 3. An"e a #e$ke 4 5. #a$ie 'u$ie4 6. #iche e ,ache et4 7. % en .ohnson /i$ eaf4 8. #ade eine A b$i"ht4 9. /and$a +ay 12conne$4 :. Va entina (e$eshkova4 ;. Anna F$ank4 <. )osa *a$ks4 3!. /imone de ,eavoi$4 33. /hi$in %badi4 35. #a$"a$et (hatche$. ,. was the autho$ of the Anna F$ank2s +ia$y4 '. was the autho$ of the book (he /econd /e>. +. "ot a$$ested fo$ $efusin" to "ive p he$ seat fo$ a white passen"e$ on a bus4 %. became the fi$st woman in space4 F. was the ?@ fi$st *$ime #iniste$4 A. was the fi$st Bud"e of the ?/ /up$eme 'ou$t4 0. was the fi$st fema e ?/ /ec$eta$y of /tate4 &. the fi$st fema e #us im woman who $eceived the =ob e *eace *$ize4 .. was the fi$st fema e *$esident of an Af$ican 'ount$y4 @. is Ae$many2s fi$st fema e chance o$4 L. was the fi$st 'hi i2s fema e *$esident


ecide if the statements are !r"e or #alse.

. 9. Va entina (e$eshkova is a )ussian cosmonaut. Anna F$ank2s +ia$y is a book about a *o ish "i$ who was in 0o ocaust du$in" the /econd Co$ d Ca$.th #a$ch. &n 5!33 th$ee women f$om Af$ica $eceived the =ob e *eace *$ize fo$ thei$ nonDvio ence st$u"" eE fo$ safety of women and women2s $i"hts. :.3. #a$ie 'u$ie discove$ed two new chemica e ements. 5. 7. 8. =owadays women ho d ess than 3/9 of the positions in the nationa "ove$nments. &nte$nationa Comen2s +ay is ce eb$ated on . &n 3<3! women ove$ :! count$ies decided at the /econd &nte$nationa /ocia ism Comen2s 'on"$ess in 'openha"en to to vote fo$ an &nte$nationa Comen2s +ay to p$omote women2s $i"hts eve$ywhe$e in the wo$ d. 6.

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