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SCED 4989-Professional Leadership Assignment Directions: Complete the word document template below.

Submit it to the assignment box in Canvas. Upload this document to your eportfolio. Part I: DM4: Refle tion: See! learning e"perien es #e$g$% professional% resear h% olleag&es% omm&nit'( as so&r es of refle tion to impro)e tea hing$ • Explain one experience you have used sources (professional, research, colleagues, community, etc.) to help you improve your teaching.

I regularly check the internet for ways to teach a particular topic or how to engage students understanding. On one particular occasion I researched Dan eyer!s "hree #ct ath and implemented one of the lessons into my classroom. "he results were astounding. "hrough my research and implementation I understand r. eyers perspective on patient pro$lem solveing and its importance in the classroom. %ist your professional content organi&ation with its we$site. 'hat resources are availa$le for teaching( )ational *ouncil of "eachers of athematics ()*" ) +

)*" $reaks down their resources $y grade levels to help teachers access the necessary content that is applica$le to them. In each they have access to ideas and suggestions on how to teach, lesson plans and outlines, articles and news a$out mathematics teaching around the country, and links to many other resources as well. Part II: DM4: *ased on 'o&r st&dent tea hing e"perien es% de)elop a professional learning plan +ased on indi)id&al needs and the needs of the learners% s hools% and ed& ational omm&nit'$ ,. Descri$e one goal you can include in your professional learning plan that includes ways to• #ddress the needs of individual students.

I will make myself availa$le to help students $efore and after school and I will structure my lessons to allow for time in class that I can help individual or small groups each day.

#ddress the needs of all learners.students.

I will structure my class with differentiated assessments to allow all learners an opportunity to $e successful and grow as learners.

/upport the school.

I will actively participate in all 0%* related activities and I will contri$ute my time and talents towards extracurricular activities as re1uested $y the administration. • /upport the educational community.

I will take the necessary time to colla$orate with and support other teachers $y sharing of ideas and content that we may all $ecome $etter educators.

2. Identify one area of weakness you would like to improve and set a goal. I tend to speak rapidly when I teach to a classroom. 'hen I am teaching I will speak slowly and clearly so that all may have an opportunity to process my instruction ade1uately.

3. 4ow will you measure.assess the goals you listed a$ove( #s with most goals, self assessment will $e pivotal in assessing and measuring these goals. I will measure my weakness goal $y my a$ility to communicate effectively and $ased on formative assessment of their level of understanding.

Part III: DM,: Parti ipate as part of a learning omm&nit'% sharing responsi+ilit' for ea h st&dent-s learning +' gi)ing and re ei)ing feed+a !$ • Explain your experience with participating and sharing in responsi$ilities during a professional learning committee (0%*) experience.

#t 4urricane iddle /chool there is a 0%* meeting every 'ednesday after school. #t times it is a school wide meeting and others it is $y department. During the school wide meetings the emphasis has $een placed on cross curricular work. #s a result of the first such meeting I went to the art teacher and discussed ways we could work together to implement each other!s o$5ectives into each other!s classes. "he result was that she would have a tessellation assignment in her class and I would have a tessellation extra credit in mine. #s a result I would teach it using math $ased principles first and she would follow up with the artistic principles afterwards. "he result was very rewarding and I feel it will $e $eneficial for the students to see content in $oth perspectives. During department time the focus is usually placed on vertical alignment. It is incredi$ly challenging to work with different grade levels and agree upon what is essential for the students in 6th grade to transfer to 7th grade. "his is a continuous discussion and re1uires much

deli$eration and constant coordination. Once it is esta$lished how to achieve vertical alignment the department has mainly focused on new ways to structure their class time to $e more in sync with each other. "he uses of $ellwork, how much time to give them to work on homework in class, and method of delivering the lecture portion have all $een discussed. "heir attempts to adapt and improve each other are impressive and I feel it is going well.

Explain how you engage in professional learning to enhance knowledge and skill, to contri$ute to the knowledge and skill of others, and to work colla$oratively to advance professional practice.

As a student teacher I feel that my time is best served observing and I contribute when necessary or I feel I have valid input. I work much better in small groups or better yet one on one. In the example with the art teacher above she admitted to avoiding tessellations due to being uncomfortable with the content. I was able to give her tips and re-teach it to her and help her feel for confident in her ability to teach this concept. She was able to give me insight to the artistic aspects of tessellations and I was able to convey those to my students to help them understand the math in a new way. This is one example of how I contribute to a P ! environment where my knowledge and skill was enhanced and so was hers.