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A Quixotic Publishing Project

The Quick and Easy Way

To Write Your Personal Bio
A Smart Method to Introduce Yourself!
 An Intelligent Job Search Tool 
The Quixotic Publishing Project
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This is a NON-COPYRIGHT Publication - Copy as Needed

A Quixotic Publishing Project

The Quick and Easy Way

To Write Your Personal Bio

Someone asked me how they can make their own personal Bio. In
the interest of assisting that person and others here are a few ideas I
researched about creating your own Personal Bio.

First, understand that a Personal Bio is not a resume

A Personal Bio is exactly what its name infers, it is a personal

biography of your employment. It is a short synopsis and highlights of
your professional/employment life, perhaps as well, some interesting
notes and flattering comments, all true of course.

The Personal Bio is a type of sales document

Many Career Counselors won’t admit it, but the Personal Bio is all
about selling you as the right person for the position you seek.

Seldom does anybody write a Personal Bio just because they want to
feel good. It is a document that can open doors for you, it can get you
in to see people you may not normally get to see, and it also can
close doors on you - if it is not a professional presentation. If you
choose to add this tool to your employment search efforts, make sure
you do it right.

This is a NON-COPYRIGHT Publication - Copy as Needed

A Quixotic Publishing Project

Simple guidelines to help create your own Personal

Keep in mind that a Personal Bio is a business communication and
as such it needs to have all words spelled right, be perfectly
punctuated, and grammatically correct.

You’ll want to avoid non sequiturs and other deficiencies.

You’ll want to ensure that you write in complete sentences.
One way to assure that these details are abided by is to ask a
couple of friends or someone you know who is very good at

 A great idea is to search in your local library,

and/or online for samples of Personal Bios
You’ll find that there are many available and some of them are pretty
sharp. Pay attention to public news releases about certain leading
CEOs and business entrepreneurs. You’ll find these are filled with
impressive ways to communicate to impressive people. Use what you
find as material to create your own outstanding Personal Bio.
Create your Personal Bio with your target audience in mind
Who will be reading your Personal Bio?
Will it be entrepreneurs and CEOs?
The human resource people and/or middle managers?
Entrepreneurs want to see people who are willing to excel,
sometimes with risk as a factor. Human resource people & middle
managers are more likely to want to see less risk taking, but more
responsibility and administrative qualities.

This is a NON-COPYRIGHT Publication - Copy as Needed

A Quixotic Publishing Project

Your first step in creating your Personal

is to write down answers to these questions
Who are you?

What are you about?

What good things have you done professionally?

What special qualities do you bring to our company?

Where are you continuing to educate yourself in our industry?

What are some significant highlights in your career up to now?

Where have you worked?

How do you perform in your professional life?

Who else says so?

Why are you in this business/industry/field?

Make your Personal Bio on one page

Try to answer who? What? When? Where? How? And why? In your
Personal Bio. A helpful method is to start writing a list of answers you
think of for each of these questions. Make sure to leave out
references to religious beliefs, political memberships or positions, or
anything that might be taken wrong.

This is a NON-COPYRIGHT Publication - Copy as Needed

A Quixotic Publishing Project

Finally you’ll want your Personal Bio to read like a positive

conversation with someone who’s interested in you. It’s like your 30
second elevator speech - with more details on paper. And oh yes,
the paper, make sure your final copy is printed on nice stationery or
watermark paper. Don’t use a sheet of Xerox copy paper. This not
time to try and save a dime.

Well there you have it, a little guidance about creating your own
Personal Bio. I didn’t cover everything and I shouldn’t have to, after
all you have the library and the Internet to learn what you need to
One last comment, never present your Personal Bio with your
resume. Present your resume first, and then if there is another
meeting - present your Personal Bio.

For multi-step interview processes, you’ll have something to bring to

the first two interviews that will assist you in communicating that you
are the person they are looking for to fill the position you are applying
for. They will notice your extra effort, this is a plus in your favor.

I suggest that for the third meeting, (if you should make it that far)
bring an article from a magazine, or online, that you’ve researched
about the position, the industry and/or Company. Something they
perhaps have not seen, and would find interesting.

Even better, research the industry leaders, innovations and write

some of your own observations, (based on research), about
where the industry may be headed.

This is a NON-COPYRIGHT Publication - Copy as Needed

A Quixotic Publishing Project

This is a little more effort, but the impact is tremendous. People who
appear knowledgeable and have writing abilities are always regarded
as more intelligent than those who only present their resume. Being
thought of as more intelligent will always work in your favor.
Every time you meet, you give something of value,
that’s a good sign to a prospective employer.
This has a strong subliminal effect, its not overt, yet a great
strategy to assist in wedging that opportunity door open for you.

The basics go as always with your efforts to secure employment.

For example:

 Skills - that can be applied to the position. Skills are anything you
learned how to do. Typing, running a forklift, researching any subject,
bidding on contracts, manage accounts or people, telemarketing, selling,
creating art work, anything to do with an industry that is an ability that is
 Experience - Time spent in a field of work or a position of
employment, charity or other need/want provider. Experience is anything
that you have spent time in and learned how things work, how operations
run, or how to work with industry peers.
 Credentials - Degree, certificates, license, Permits, any kind of
recognition awarded to you in the course of study/work in a field or

Note: Experience can be presented as a credential, especially

considered by the time spent in that experience. Certainly experience
as a construction worker for 5 years can be considered and
presented as a credential. Volunteer work as a Homeless Counselor
for 12 months can also be an excellent credential.

This is a NON-COPYRIGHT Publication - Copy as Needed

A Quixotic Publishing Project

The same can be applied to Skills in place of Experience and or

Credentials. For example, acquired Skills in Bookkeeping for a small
enterprise can transfer to Inventory Control in a Bakery. Skills at
engineering can be applied to construction. Experience as a delivery
Man can be applied to a Bank Courier.

Give it some thought, ask others, and you should be able to formulate
some useable ideas.

Also remember what ALL employers want:

1. Likeability: you have to be flexible, & courteous.

2. Interest in the work or field of employment.

3.Responsibility:Honest and willing to stick to policy.

4. Trainability: Able to learn and then do the work.

5. Willingness to become a long term employee.

This is a NON-COPYRIGHT Publication - Copy as Needed

A Quixotic Publishing Project


If you have read thus far I want to congratulate you! In so doing I
have included here more details that will assist you in your
employment search! it’s a bargain at twice the price, but for you I wish
to give it freely.

All I ask is that you do two things….One give everything here a try. It
really will work to your advantage. Two…make copies of this and let
other friends and family members join in the knowledge that will take
them to the employment that they seek. That’s it, so lets begin……..


On the next page is a complete SAMPLE of what your Personal Bio

may model after. Here you will find a few ideas to help get you started
with your Personal Bio.

When you see this: (words between these) That means you put
in what YOUR info is for that space provided. Use your imagination
along with your research online about Personal Bios. Or you may
want to start from scratch. But at least you have a mock-up of what
your trying to produce to help you in your employment search.

This is a NON-COPYRIGHT Publication - Copy as Needed

A Quixotic Publishing Project

Personal Bio of Ms. Betty Anderson

Ms. Anderson began working in the (field of work) in 2000, at a small business
in New Hampshire. She was a key member of the (mail department) and was
employed at (Acme Box) for 3.5 years.

After leaving her position, to move to the west coast, she found employment as a
(secretary) at (123 Inc.). She was well received by most all employees and had
an excellent reputation of getting things done. After only a few months she was
awarded the (good employee of the month) plaque. While employed at (123
Inc..) she studied at the local community college of (Landing). There she took
several 2 year courses in Business Management and Marketing. At the
conclusion of her attendance, she was given the (Certificate of Business
Administration). After being released because of downsizing, Ms. Anderson
sought employment with (Bigger Box). Hired as a clerk first, she was promoted
to the sales department and then to (Assistant Marketing Manager).

Ms. Anderson was employed with (Bigger Box) for almost 4 years. She left
because of disagreements with management. It was a put-back, but she is not
one to let a bump in the career road, she has chosen, to knock her off track.

Ms. Anderson engaged herself in Self Education efforts and was studying on her
own - on weekends, vacation times and evenings. As a result, she has become
competent in sales, marketing and business development. She has a personal
library of books on these subjects that she constantly refers to for more personal
development in business.

Currently, Ms. Anderson is considering returning to night classes to expand her

value as a business developer. One of her goals is to manage a mid size
marketing department and have a chance to be promoted to senior management.

Because of the current economic crisis Ms. Anderson is now seeking the position
of (Position w/ your company). She is requesting an interview appointment with
your (Marketing Dept.) She brings with her experience in the industry,
excellent references, an eye for cost saving and profit improvement for your

Please contact her at:(555) 555-1234 or email her at:

She is seeking a fulltime position but will accept a part-time position to prove her
value to (your company). She is willing to become a longtime valued employee
of your firm.

Ms. Betty Anderson
Business Developer

This is a NON-COPYRIGHT Publication - Copy as Needed

A Quixotic Publishing Project

LUCK is an acronym:
Living Under Correct Knowledge

“Knowledge is of two kinds. We know a subject

ourselves, or we know where we can find
information upon it.”
------ Samuel Johnson

“We judge ourselves by what we feel capable of

doing, while other judge us by what
we have already done.”
------ Henry Wodsworth Longfellow

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