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Thomas R. Trask III/Kell, Alterman & Runstein, L.L.P. Mike Frith/Owner-GM Willamette Broadcasting 3/11/14 Bill Post Radio Show

Dear Mr. Trask, I received your letter of 3/10/14 "re: FCC Violations-Bill Post". We are aware of our FCC "equal access" responsibilities in this situation. Some time back we received advice from Counsel, The Oregon Association of Broadcasters, and the FCC itself on this matter. We are not in violation of any federal law or FCC regulation. You are correct that we must offer equal access to the Republican opponents of Bill Post for the May 2014 Primary Election "once that opponent has filed for office and requested such access.". I consider your letter of 3/10/14 to be that request for access. Bill Post has not been on the air since 3pm, Friday 3/7/14, and will not be back on the air before May 21, 2014. Bill Post's website has no link to or vice versa. No mention of Bill Post will be made by us on any of 1430 KYKN's social networks (Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, etc.) prior to May 21, 2014. We believe that our actions more than satisfy your requests per the final paragraph of your letter of 3/10/14:

Please advise me by 3/13/14 or we will consider this matter settled. Sincerely, Mike Frith

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