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How does stratification affect education in India?

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Thanks to social stratification, many Indian children face adversity and discrimination in the school system.

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Education in India is separate but equal. Students may be in different environments, but they are learning the same things and will succeed all the same.

People who are born into higher castes have the ability to send their children to better schools with more technology and teachers.

Lower caste children must go to school in less than ideal conditions. Many do not have desks or proper instruction.

Children who go to school outside are better equipped to handle all types of weather and adverse conditions.

The public school system isnt fair to the middle and lower classes. Public schools are not good places to learn; all the good schools are private schools. Only the elite can attend and afford private school.

Schools are stratified by caste and economic class. Even students who try to move up the ranks will be discouraged from doing so by their teachers and their peers.