Capital town

- A premium dtcp approved residential project from vip housing and propertiees is located near the proposed thirumazhisai satellite township, In close proximity to the gate-Way of west chennai - Poonamallee. It is spread across a span of acres and consists of !"" premium dtcp approved residential plots of which capital town phase ! has #$ plots. %he proposed thirumazhisai satellite township ma&es capital town the 'est location for 'oth living and investment purposes. (apital town lets you live in-)ync with international comfort as it is surrounded 'y many centres of academic excellence *+oth engineering colleges and schools, and 'y many mncs which offer excellent career opportunities. Its strategic position in close proximity to the 'est entertainment and lifestyle centres with excellent connectivity to the city nerve centres ma&es capital town the perfect place for a perfect life and an excellent opportunity for a great return on investment. •

• • • • • • • • • located at -$ mins drive from &oyam'edu 'us terminus * (m't , located at !$ mins drive from poonamallee 'us terminus located within close proximity to thirumazhisai satellite township located !$ mins from thiruvallur railyway station located at " mins from sevvapet railway station located at "$$ meters from aranvoyal 'us stop. surrounded 'y many educational institutions, +an&s and atms surrounded 'y schools li&e chennai pu'lic school, .aco' matriculation school surrounded 'y many engineering colleges li&e panimalar engineering college, Prathyusha engineering college, )ri ven&ateshwara engineering college, International maritime academy and alpha engineering college, /tc. surrounded 'y many mncs li&e caterpillar india, 0otte chocolates, (oca cola, )ri &rishna sweets, India-.apan lighting ltd., )tanadyne

amalgamation pvt. 0td., /tc.

Sailent features:
• • • • • • • • • • • dtcp approved layout 'lac& top roads children play area layout developed with three par&s fully gated community compound wall 'uilt around the entire layout easy accessi'ility to 'us stops 1 railway stations availa'ility of good ground water excellent return on investment +an& 0oan Availa'le CONTACT 8124248679 / 9884635430

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