Delegate Argus (NSW : 1906 - 1943), Thursday 4 January 1934, page 2

Mystery Surprises



On Boxing Day, while Mr. C. E. Robertson, of Brighton Beach, was motoring with his family to Mal lacoota, he pulled up at the.gravel
near He Kilmany station. and his two. sons went the over pits to have a few shots with pea rifles at rabbits. To their surprise a huge animal


by, them the going over bank and into a tunnel in the pits. Mr. Robertson went on to Sale and' reported the incident. He stated that the animal was bigger than an Alsatian dog, with black stripes all oyer the body, the head rounded and bulging at the mouth. Mr. Ray nor -(of Raynor's Gar I. age) with two others'— Messrs. S. Cox and rifles Espeldy— got and motored to Kilmany. They lay in ambush' for nearly 'an hour but no 'tiger' turned up. investigations and They made found;tr'acks'of a big animal. The pad could just be spanned by the hand.Itis believed that the ani mal is identical with the one seen



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