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Wingecarribee Bunyip (1926)

Wingecarribee Bunyip (1926)

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Published by draculavanhelsing
Sydney Morning Herald 1926 (Aug 30)
Sydney Morning Herald 1926 (Aug 30)

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Published by: draculavanhelsing on Mar 12, 2014
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The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), Monday 30 August 1926, page 13








rondltiR on intmeRtod ninch «nu e-ir-i of Win myslciy the on Homld Snlurdnj s unmo mss lind the ^o Sttnmp gocurilboo jctim Swnmp Macleay the Burioundlng toi) In thin lives and tho supposed mssters UKO the MtiBlt namely nt tho picnont time R w11 mp Dm

»election had a mother timo nt that The swnmp In ex (10 000) nero» about ton Ihousnnd Wim In almost vva» mother B houso ins tont und her with bin lived thoro ot II centre tho 1 used to n boy nnJ n girl I and children 1 two wau thoro first night The thom visit in they nnd nolso peculiar a moBt board cnlli d peoplo what It was that mo formed to described Tho bunyip was Bunjlp the Hell and also IIB being half pig and half mo BI**OB nnd dirtorent shapes other of various with wan thronged time nt that AB the swamp the 1 at declied that thousand!* of wild duck a shoot I would days hnvo first opportunity Mr of the mystoiy solvo and to try lug the hincks an debbil debbil Bunyip oi Hie
URO loi ty soars Swnmp Cl> bucca niy

culled It vtndlng the house du) I stalled from One about a mile for vtutrr and weeds through sliiillai I a nolao somothlnç heard budden!) would be pi odin ed by a pomon to thnt which boo loud guttoral sound like a vers making cloned in keeping the Ups almost book an I could BOO that a clear Hpiice Creeping along row arter and disturbed wnR ot watoi »arno Into view ti duck big musk, sneondfl It ionic! to Its back on Its head Throwing puzzled hat o that nolsca those mysterious mid finished up b) swimming peoplo tor yoarn two the wntu n throwing In circle round or three feet In tho air I I t all I ronulind seen leaving heaid nnd with charged gun the right burrel of ms go Iii Ht took the lito or ni) 4 shot No und I font» bird 1 tcnmlnlng the dead hutisip und It had thnt a kind ot bag on ils thront Hie win tensón that this IB (ho Hurmlae ailinn«! such i peculiar nolnp bird nuken of F-IIIII ttnn which lind dt led the the duck a muff j nindi tintino ii Mt HIMCI downy tot) too btronu. wa« musk tho but odotn of of It
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