Session One: Dream Big Dreams

Thriving in the Golden Age of mankind. How to be a master of change. Thinking big: a success story. The Laws of Belief, !"ectations, Attraction, and #orres"ondence. Blue $ky thinking. #reating your dream list. %ichelangelo&s 'avid. $even ste"s to goal setting. Three e!ercises of visuali(ation.
Session Two: Commit to Excellence

The )inning dge #once"t. #ritical success factors. *ersonal strategic "lanning. +our "ersonal services cor"oration. ,ero-based thinking. .inding your com"etitive advantage. .our strategic variables in self-marketing. .ollowing your bliss.
Session Three: Harnessing Your Unlimited Thinking Power

The value of knowledge. Avoid the /0ntelligence Tra"./ mbracing change. The mistakes of 0B%. *sychosclerosis and homeostasis. The 1ualities of genius. The Law of *robabilities. Three keys to continuous develo"ment.
Session our: Unlocking Your Creati!it"

2ey factors that trigger creativity. The Theory of #onstraints. The ten forms of intelligence: verbal, mathematical, "hysical, musical, visual, inter"ersonal, intra"ersonal, entre"reneurial, intuitive, abstract. %indstorming and Brainstorming
Session i!e: The #e"s to $ealth Building

The Law of #ause and ffect. $tudying self-made millionaires. The 34-*lus .ormula. )orking all the time you work. Adding value. Time and knowledge. *rocrastination: the thief of time and life. The habits of success.
Session Six: The Power o% Decision

$even ste"s for "roblem solving and decision making. 'on&t fear failure. %aking choices and setting "riorities. #onsidering future cons1uences. The *rinci"le of #oncentration and single handling. The markers of success.
Session Se!en: Possi&ilit" Thinking

'evelo"ing a "ositive mental attitude: five ste"s. $te" one: ideali(e. $te" two: verbali(e. The Law of $ubconscious Activity. *ositive affirmations. $te" three: visuali(e. Three mental "rogramming techni1ues. $te" four: emotionali(e. $te" five: reali(e.
Session Eight: Bouncing Back rom De%eat

5es"onding to disa""ointment. %ental "re-"re"aration and crisis antici"ation. 5emaining "ositive and resilient. 6uestions that turn failure into success. Affirmations for control. *utting things into "ro"er "ers"ective.
Session 'ine: Creati!e 'etworking

5eference grou"s. The Laws 0ndirect ffort and #om"ensation. %astermind relationshi"s. +our list of 744. 8oining a committee. The Law of $owing and 5ea"ing. 0nvesting time. .inding a mentor.
Session Ten: Character (akes the Di%%erence

%ore on the Law of #orres"ondence. Ha""iness and virtue. 0ntegrity: the value that guarantees all others. 'efining your values. Honesty and being true to yourself. Trust9 the glue of relationshi"s. Taking the character self-test: four 1uestions.
Session Ele!en: De!elo)ing Personal Power

$elf-disci"line, courage, and "ersistence. The Locus of #ontrol. The conse1uences of inaction.

%any forms of courage. Turning toward danger. e!"ertise. E!cellence orientation. result orientation. The anatomy of courage. Session Twel!e: The #e"s to Success 6ualities of success: common sense. Time management. Result orientation. The "ower of courage. intelligence. Action. )hat about luck: %aking a G5 AT life: Goal setting. #ourageous "atience and "ersistence. .#hoosing the se1uence of events. self-reliance.

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