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Date & Time Tuesday, September 25 & Wednesday, September 26, 2007 9:00am-4:00pm Lunch Included Location Echo Automation & Controls 8642 F Street Omaha, NE 68127

Seating is limited - please register for this class today! Ph 402.596.0424 Fax 402.596.0462 Email Agenda
1. PLC Session o Start Step 7 Manager o Method to connect to a processor using MPI o How to determine if you are communicating with the CPU. Check "I" for Information Go online 2. PLC Session o Archive the 2-Wire Program 3. PLC Session o Open a Program (2 wire) o Download Program o Monitor Program 4. PLC Session o Show how to perform an "Up-load Station" o Note NO documentation o Explain this is a worst case scenario upload. Use when you do not have the PLC program and need to backup the system.

5. PLC Session o Use Save As to Save the program as "3 wire " o Edit the 2 wire program to create a 3 wire program 6. PLC Session o Create an FB10 called three wire. Include as Inputs: Start, Stop, tp-start, tp_stop . Include an output: motor. o Call FB10 from OB1 . o Assign DB1 to this instance of FB10 . o Download the Blocks folder. Test the program 7. PLC Session o Open Hardware configuration o Discuss Byte Based addressing vs Slot based addressing o Use Monitor and Modify to determine which output (s) on the PP7 are Green o Open NetPro-review graphical configuration of Networks o Edit the program to turn the first button to green when pressed. o Down Load and Test the Program. 8. PLC Session o Alter the off-line program o Perform a Program comparison between the on-line and off-line comparison 9. PLC Session o Review of Block Types: OB, DB, FB , FC, UDT , VAT 10. PLC Session o Re-Review how to set PC/PG o How to go between ONLINE and OFFLINE o Stress DOWNLOAD is the better place to see what nodes are connected to the port for programming Vs I for Information 11. PLC Session o Show how to Go-Online with the CPU o While On-Line go to the Blocks folder o Show how to perform an "Up-load Station TO PG" o Note documentation is kept intact. o This is the preferred method to back up the program! 12. PLC Session o System Function Blocks for IEC Timers IEC Counters 13. PLC Session o FAULTS: o SF - System Faults o BF - Bus Faults 14. PLC Session o Hardware Report System Errors o Download and test. Generate an error by removing one of the ET-200S modules. o Show how to monitor the system errors on the PC. (CPU Messages)