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Work for Liz Moodys class Thursday March 6



A. PLEASE MARK THE ROLL AND COLLECT ANY ABSENCE NOTES. 1. Check all reading logs, all students should have reading logs completed every night. Please initial each reading log as done in previous days.

2. English : Reading and Writing The following students will work together to research each of the Fathers of Federation: Thomas Sir Henry Sir Edmund Alfred George Reid Samuel Playford Parkes, Barton, Deakin Walker Griffiths Marley Cindy Daphne Sam Ben W Ayla Oliver Imran Ben P Angus B Mia Angus K Tait Lilli Varda Jack Grace Jordon Yasmin Chloe Ece Ella Gavan Julian Emily

NO PRINTING OF DOCUMENTS IS TO BE DONE. INFORMATION CAN BE SAVED ON THEIR NETBOOKS IN ONE NOTE. Each group must research these founding fathers and find out how they influenced Federation. Each group will be expected to teach the class about their particular politician next th week on Thursday March 13 . a. What part did they play. b. Which colony did they represent? c. What were their arguments as to why their colony should be part of this federation movement? d. Where were they born? What was their background? Were they landowners or did they have small business? Students have taught the class last week with their presentation on parts of speech. All students are aware of the criteria when presenting to class. Recess Session 3 : Spelling Tests and collect homework: Please collect homework books after each groups spelling tests and see if it has been completed. While you are conducting the spelling tests the other students can complete 3 pages of Handwriting. There are 3 groups for spelling the words can be found on my blog (Just ask Sam or Angus B to locate this on the laptop at the front of the classroom. Please keep a record of the spelling results and make a list of the students who have not completed their homework. Session 4 : Maths: Please see Jess B or Lee P about this. Lunch Session 5: 10 minutes of personal writing all students know what to do. Independent reading for the rest of session. Pack students up at 2.50pm as there is Assembly at 3.00pm in the SPC. Thankyou.