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Presented by Muhammad Jamil

A study based on APC approach

MAJOR CHALLENGES  Sustainability in 3G/4G Era  Sustaining the ARPU  Aggressive marketing  Better customer response time  Improving the Customer Intimacy  Gap the Trust deficit  Front office Expertise  Mean response time  Human Resource Management  Skilled resource retention  Functional Skill Set development .

SUSTAINABILIT Y IN 3G/4G ERA (MAJOR THREATS)  Broadband Services  Wire line and wireless market  High expectations of ARPU customers  Demand to retain/improve QoS  External threats  Recent Broadband service providers  Potential 3G competitors  Internal threats  Infrastructure limitations  Inefficient Customer support  In-house CPE Provisioning .

AREAS OF CONCERN  Increase the customer database & maintain the growth rate  Increase/ Retain the (Average Revenue Per User) ARPU  Customer Support  Improve E2E QoE  Demand driven deployments  Forecasting for network expansion .

ACTION ITEMS /IDEAS  Aggressive Marketing  Increase customer af filiation  Quality Surveys .

education. • Target new areas/network expansion • Up selling and cross selling of the products • • • • • • Reinforcement of front end procedures Improve Mean resolution time Closed User Groups Customer feedback surveys Compensation for outages Customer prioritization index for loyal customers Increase customer affiliation A way to ensure the customer retention .SOLUTION Idea / Item Aggressive Marketing Concept A way to Increase the revenue (ALTERNATIVES) Alternative Ideas • Customized solutions for the Targeted Market segments (corporate) • Value added Services based on existing network to increase the ARPU • New Business segments like eshopping. real estate etc. healthcare.

SOLUTION Idea / Item Routine quality surveys Concept A way to improve the QoS (ALTERNATIVES) Alternative Ideas • • • • • Traffic Trends and KPI Analysis Regular network audits Increase network availability Forecasting for network expansion Preventive maintenance .

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