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Distinction between Maslows Theory & Herzberg's Theory.

Maslows Theory of Motivation

1) Meaning: Maslows Theory is based on the concept of Human needs and their satisfaction.

Herzbergs Theory of Motivation

1> Herzberg Theory is based on the use of the motivators which include achievement, recognition and opportunity for growth. 2> Herzberg refers to hygiene factors and motivating factors in his theory. Hygiene factors are dissatisfiers while motivating factors motivates. 3> Herzbergs theory is more prescriptive. It understands the motivating factors which can be used effectively. 4> Herzbergs theory is extension of Maslows theory, Its applicability is also narrow. 5> Herzbergs theory is applicable to rich countries where money is less important motivating factor. 6> According to dual factor model of Herzberg Hygiene factors do not act as Motivators.

2) Basis of Theory: Maslows Theory is based on the hierarchy of human needs. He identified 5 sets of needs and their satisfaction in motivating employees. 3) Nature of Theory: Maslows theory is simple and descriptive. The theory is based on long experience about human needs. 4) Applicability: It is most popular and widely cited theory of motivation and his wide applicability. 5) Maslows theory is mostly applicable to poor and developing countries where money is still motivating factor 6) Motivators: According to Maslows model, any need can act as motivator.