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Page 1 (9) | Front Page | C5 RM-645 | Board: 3ft_06a | v1.0 | 03.03.2010


C23.13_PR_RITSA_BGA401 CBUS(3:0) 0 1 R2806 27R 2 RFCONV(20:0) 2 3 8 1 0 6 7 Y15 AA16 AB17 H3 J3 H4 G4 F4 K4 J4 5 4 9 J2 K3 L3 TXC(2:0) 1 2 0 INT_SIM(5:0) 1 2 0 EMINT(3:0) R2803 100R 0 ACI(7:0) INT_MMC(13:0) EarDataL EarDataR mic_data audclk0 PMARP 5 PMARN R2808 47R SIMClk1 SIMIOCtrl1 SIMIODa1 GenIO86 R23 EMInt1 GenIO87 T20 U21 T22 P22 T21 ACIRx T17 1 ACITx D13 AB20 AC21 AB21 AB19 AC19 AC20 AA21 Y19 W20 U22 KEYB(15:0) RFCLK(1:0) MMC(15:0) 16 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0 26 27 28 29 LCD_TE MESSI8 MESSI7 MESSI6 MESSI5 MESSI4 MESSI3 MESSI2 MESSI1 WRX RDX LCD_D/CX LCD_CS W4 Y7 AB4 U3 U7 AB7 AA9 AB3 Y9 AA7 AA5 Y4 AC3 30 Lossi_RstX R2 0 1 BT_ResetX BT_WakeUp D20 D19 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 BTCTS BTUARTIn BTUARTOut BTRTS BTPCMClk BTPCMOut BTPCMIn BTPCMSync HostWakeUp R20 D11 N9 R22 P7 M4 M7 L7 R4 11 10 9 8 7 3 2 0 5 1 4 COL4 COL3 COL2 COL1 COL0 ROW3 ROW2 ROW0 ROW5 ROW1 ROW4 0 1 RFClkP RFClkN 12 MMCCardDet R2857 47R H17 L17 E22 L22 G21 AA10 P23 T3 U9 W3 Y8 G3 G2 RFClkP RFClkN Y3 GenIO17 GenIO16 GenIO18 GenIO19 13 12 8 D3 D2 C2 FlsStrobe L1401 VBAT D16 D15 Y14 Y13 AB15 AB14 U13 U14 AA14 FCClkN FCClkP FCDataN FCDataP MCClkN J1402 MCDataN I2C0SCL I2C0SDA CCP1_SN CCP1_SP CCP1_DN CCP1_DP CCP0_SN CCP0_SP CCP0_DN 13 12 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 AA12 U12 T7 R1 R7 AA4 MCDataP CCP0_DP FlsStrobe LedFlashStrobe FCSD Cam2_ShutDownX MCSD Cam_ShutDownX Cam_Reg_1V8 Cam_Reg_2V8 7 8 10 11 19 20 Cam0Clk 14 U11 I2C_SCL I2C_SDA Strobe R2854 B1 2u2H L1400 A3 C1411 100n C1405 10u GND 11 14 13 12 XSHUTDOWN CAMCLK I2C_SCL I2C_SDA 4 5 CCP_CLKN CCP_CLKP 6 7 CCP_DATAN CCP_DATAP VCORE A1 SMPSClk SysClk384 PURX ExtSysClkReq SleepClk SleepX C2825 1/100n GND VRFC C2802 100n GND C2801 100n GND C2825 2/100n GND C2800 100n GND C2826 18p GND C2830 2u2 GND C2823 2u2 GND C2824 1/100n GND R2855 J1 H7 F1 R8 GND X1400 C1406 10u-20u 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 GND VCAP VCAM_2V8 L1402 120R/100MHz C1453 1u E21 Cam1Clk VCAM_1V8 C1404 1u R2802 47R GND 5 B6 N20 PURX 6 0 D10 D7 P21 PURX SleepCLK SleepX 4 1 3 N1450 BT(23:0) 4 1 BT_Clk_Req SleepClk 2 21 VCAP VIO DISPC_DATA_LCD16 DISPC_DATA_LCD7 DISPC_DATA_LCD6 DISPC_DATA_LCD5 DISPC_DATA_LCD4 DISPC_DATA_LCD3 DISPC_DATA_LCD2 DISPC_DATA_LCD1 DISPC_DATA_LCD0 DISPC_PCLK DISPC_HSYNC DISPC_VSYNC R2851 3k3 GenIO29 GenIO30 GenIO51 GenIO21 TXA TXP RFBusEn1X TXReset RX1 RX2 RFBusClk RFBusDa VDDA GPS(15:0) R2850 3k3 SleepClk I2C1SDA I2C1SCL 7 3 4 GPSResetX GPSBlanking 1 5 TimeStamp A_GPS_CLK_REQ 2 6 G13 C13 G11 AC9 C7 C1 N3 A3 A20 A3 5 4 8 0 1 0 P4 N4 6 7 2 2 DATA- 3 1 0 15 9 4 5 22 DATA+ CLK+ CLK- 12 13 10 16 15 14 FCSD GND GND GND RFClkP RFClkN STBY J1421 C2 Cam1V8_enable VIO C2816 1/100n C2816 2/100n GND C2810 1/100n GND C2810 2/100n GND C2811 2/100n C2811 1/100n GND GND C2817 1/100n GND C3307 100n C2817 2/100n ON C1408 2u2 VOUT VOUT A1 GND B1 C1410 100n VIN C1407 2u2 C3306 100n VIN GND GND GND GND GND GND Z3300 A2 D3300 C2820 1/100n SysClk192 GND AC16 C2820 2/100n GND C2821 1/100n GND C2821 2/100n GND C2814 1/100n GND C2814 2/100n GND C2841 1/100n GND C2841 2/100n C1420 4u7 F3 GND GND R2801 F5 B5 47R B2 GenIO72 ULPIClock ULPIDir ULPINxt ULPIStp ULPIData0 ULPIData1 ULPIData2 ULPIData3 ULPIData4 ULPIData5 ULPIData6 ULPIData7 GENIO52 GENIO04 47R DigiMIC_Data DigiMICClk R2856 K20 K21 H21 G20 J21 J20 M22 H20 L21 F21 F20 E20 G23 B13 J2101 GND D1 C1 Z3301 CHIP_SEL_N CHRG_DET DIR REG1V8 NXT F2 5 STP C2 DM 4 VDD 8 9 10 11 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 12 16 L/R 3 DATA CLK C3 E5 D5 D6 12 9 10 11 B2100 1 A4 8 2 5 GND C2115 100n C2116 27p GND GND B1 A1 A2 A3 A5 A6 B6 C6 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 RREF CLOCK C4 16 V21 1 0 VIO AVPAEn I2C2SDA I2C2SCL R2805 3k3 I2C2SDA I2C2SCL GenIO23 U15 U16 I2C2(1:0) Vchar FMRADIO(20:0) I2C2SDA I2C2SCL 1 0 1 0 Y5 I2C2SDA I2C2SCL FMIRQ 2 1 0 H13.C16.J8.K16.H10.L9.M9.27.J16.T12.P16.M8.B3.D2.7.L8.AB13.Y12=GND Confidential Copyright © 2010 Nokia Only for training and service purposes Page 2 (9) | RAPS.N21.J14.K22.Y23=VIO A13.P8.H8.D18.G8.L16.AB5.U23. F1.V23.U1.T1.D2.28.H16.M15.AA23.C18.24.C15.P1.D1.D8.T16.AC5.H7.A9.A16.K8.R9.6.B19.31.03.N8.T9.B15.J15.AA1.J1.C21.N15.H2.R12.C2=GND GenIO39 GenIO24 GenIO35 GenIO26 DISPC_DATA_LCD15 DISPC_DATA_LCD13 DISPC_DATA_LCD14 C1451 100n C1454 1u GND 20 GND GND 8 RFCTRL(11:0) GenIO9 GenIO62 GenIO58 GenIO59 GenIO60 GenIO61 C1450 100n 10 1.AC15.F3.B4.N16.32=GND GND GND VDIG VANA C2806 2/100n C2806 1/100n GND XSHUTDOWN B2 C2818 2/100n 20 18 C1458 100n SDA SCL A2 C2818 1/100n NC EXTCLK B3 DISPC_ACBIAS GenIO54 GenIO53 GenIO47 GenIO49 GenIO50 GenIO48 GenIO82 GenIO84 GenIO85 GenIO83 GenIO20 GND L1403 120R/100MHz 15 GenIO32 MMCClk MMCDa0 MMCCmd MMCDa1 MMCDa2 MMCDa3 GenIO70 GenIO69 GenIO11 GenIO71 C1455 220n GND 47R C2824 2/100n GND X1401 GND GenIO31 GenIO37 R11 C1 VOUT 47R T13 C1413 27p A2 B2=GND C3=VIO GND D3000 COMBO 32Mx32 DDR 128Mx16 M3 V1413 not_assembled SGND VIN 120R/100MHz 120R/100MHz A1 PGND SW X1402 L7597 D1 SCL/EN1 LED_OUT SDA/EN2 STROBE PUSL(15:0) EarDataL EarDataR MicData AudioClk0 PMARP PMARN LCD(99:0) BT(23:0) GenIO43 L20 M20 M21 R21 SD_MMCCmdDir SD_MMCDaDir0 SD_MMCDaDir1 SD_MMCFbClk CCPDaP0 TxCDa TxCDaCtrl TxCClk 0 10 2 0 4 6 8 1 3 5 11 Genio28 Genio27 CCPStrbN1 CCPStrbP1 CCPDaN1 CCPDaP1 CCPStrbN0 CCPStrbP0 CCPDaN0 N1400 R2852 3k3 R2853 3k3 C14 A8 G12 DIG_AUDIO(8:0) 1 2 3 0 4 CBusClk CBusDa CBusEn1X TXQP TXQN IREF TXIN TXIP RXQP RXQN RXIN RXIP VREFP CCP(20:0) VIO L3305 4 1uH 3 C3316 100n GND C3310 10n A3 GND BOOT C1 C2 C3 SW SW SW E1 E4 E2 CSIN CSOUT AUXPWR PMID PMID PMID B1 B2 B3 C3322 4u7 GND D1.L2.AC13.J9.30.29.R11.A12.D2800 RAPUYAMA_V1.P9.C10.AA22.R15.AB10.G10.P15.0A N3300 A GND GND C3367 2u2 R3367 CURRENT SENSE C3365 10u VREF GND C3304 4u7 C3312 4u7 SDA SCL GND C3301 4u7 GND C3314 1 0 J3300 R3300 V3301 VBUS VBUS 1 4 5 R2804 3k3 SLOWAD(6:0) F4 VBUS AV(5:0) VDD GND GND 12k DATA0 DATA1 DATA2 DATA3 DATA4 DATA5 DATA6 DATA7 N3301 USB(20:0) GND E6 B4.T11.G1.F1=GND B2. E23.P2.T10.P20.D21.C12.N2.19.R13.T14.AC8.12.E3.AC6.AB2.F22.F23.R10.R16.E1.H1.M16.F2.D17.G16.B18.L1.H15.K2.A7.H11.E4.C4=VIO GND B1 XTAL1 VDigiMic V20 AC10 X3300 A1 VCC VCC(IO) DP Memory VDDSRAMOUT VOUT VIN N1402 19 GenIO25 VDDATX VDDARX VDDA_ACS N1401 GND Cam_Reg_2V8 C1. Memory.R14.AA2. Camera | C5 RM-645 | Board: 3ft_06a | v1.B7.E2.AC4.AB8.H9.T10.E3.T15=VCORE A4.E2.D9.R8.H13.B8.E1.AA14.D14.J13.H22.H14.B5.K15.A5.E5. 26.21.K1.J10.L15.J12.A21.H9H23.J11.C17.AC7.T8.D23.B22.3.C22..B12.23.C19.13.A15.AA20.B10.C9.B3.D4=GND Academy DP_Dirty DM_dirty Vbus GND 5 4 3 2 1 .D12.D12.A18.T2.0 | 03.25.M1.2010 C3300 100n R3302 1k0 GND D3 E3 ID REG3V3 C3303 100n GND STAT B4 A4 GND F3300 A1 A2 K 2 GND GND E3 2.D22.U2.C5.B23.AC12.A17.A10.AA15.D3.K9. HS USB.

N12.F14.P14.03.K11.768kHz B6 C2296 2u2 VCoreDef VCharOut1 VCharOut1 VBatUSB VBatChacon LedOut C2316 2u2 GND GND CMDB Data1B Data2B Data3B Data4B ClkB GND A7 GND BTemp G15 G14 2k2 AV(5:0) G7 C2315 2u2 USBCharDatX 4 3 B2 4 5 6 7 XEARL XEARLC XEARR XEARRC Data4A Data4Dir A2 B1 C1 25 not_assembled Data3A ClkFB ClkA Data2Dir 2k0 2k2 B3 C3 B2 C2 C2040 2u2 GND EMInt GND 0 1 MicBias A3 Mic2P to ASIC 33n B2101 1 3 + 2 4 not_assembled A2 B1 VBatVibra CURRENT SENSE V2100 220R 33n C2034 TxCOut AFCOut R2200 1 2 GND L2100 EarP V2059 N2037 A1 C2280 2u2 GND X3200 GND 1 10R 1 0 GND C3205 100n MMC(15:0) R2037 GND SIMDa 0 1 2 HeadDet ACI(7:0) EarN 1 0 G6 SMPSClk TXCCONV(4:0) C7 E9201 A HookDet PUSL(15:0) GND X2000 1 2 GND TXC(2:0) GND 1 2.A10.F1.F7. K13.J8.B5.E2.R4.T16=GND Confidential Copyright © 2010 Nokia Only for training and service purposes Page 3 (9) | GAZOO. Audio. MMC.L15. SIM | C5 RM-645 | Board: 3ft_06a | v1.5 FMRADIO(20:0) 6 7 8 9 FM_AUDIO_PR FM_AUDIO_NR FM_AUDIO_PL FM_AUDIO_NL G3 F4 G4 J4 Mic3LP Mic3LN Mic3RP Mic3RN VCharIn1 VCharIn2 VCharInTest F2000 T7 R9 L8 C2012 1 0 2 CbusData CbusClk CbusSelX N8 N7 P8 1 0 2 J2203 D3 C2 B2 R2010 J2205 Rstx 3 1 0 P2 E3 C4 A4 SleepX SleepClk Purx 5 GAZOOIO(3:0) CBusData CBusClk CBusSelX N11 1 P1 TxCData TxCClk TxCCtrl RSTX SleepX SleepClk PURX HeadDet EMINT(3:0) D4 C3 0 INT_SIM(5:0) A3 INT_MMC(13:0) D10 HookDet1 GenOut1 C12 B14 B13 SIMIOC 0 E15 1 M14 2 G10 3 4 D13 C14 6 C13 8 D14 11 10 F13 E13 SDClkA 5 D12 J11 E14 DIG_AUDIO(8:0) 3 0 1 2 MicData EarDataL EarDataR N2 N3 N5 P3 4 5 PMARP PMARN N1 N4 B10 PWRONX F16 MBusTx MBusRx MicB2 Mic2P Mic2N MbusTx MbusRx B12 D11 J3 not_assembled 1 2 3 4 R3200 5 6 47R 7 8 MMCDa2 MMCDa3 MMCCmd 3 4 0 MMCClk 5 MMCDa MMCDa1 R2044 C2033 G2 F3 G1 1 2 K4 4 3 MMCDet SW1 1 SIMDa SIMClk SIMIOC CMDA CMDDir Data1A Data1Dir Data2A XEarL XEarLC XEarR XEarRC VRef VBg K3 K2 L3 L4 2 Data3Dir MicData AudClk EarDataL EarDataR PMARP PMARN PwrOnX VMEM VBUS VAux1 VAux2 VOut VR1 VRFC VRCP1 VDigiMic VCP VBack VDDAudTx VDDAudRx1 VDDAudRx2 VDDAudRx3 VAna BSI 2 3 4 5 H14 J14 J13 K14 BGND 12 GND B3 E4 VSS C7 C3200 18p A6 GND VIO L2310 1uH SenseP SenseM C15 C16 A13 F10 CrO VIOCoil VIOCoil VIO VDD18 L2340 P15 P16 1uH T13 VCoreCoil VCoreCoil X2700 R2701 Data C1 CLK C2 RST C3 VSIM L16 0R R2701 L14 0R R2701 H11 0R R2701 0R C2700 100n GND OVVLed OWLED SetCurrKB C2317 2u2 C2214 2u2 GND C2703 2u2 GND C2701 27p GND K16 SIMDaC SIMClkC SIMRstC VSIM 1k0 X2001 120R/100MHz Z2001 W=0.R16.R14.K7.B8.H4.B4.R15.R6.C11.P7.G11.D16.C5.10 C2002 27p GND VDigimic VBUS VRFC VOUT VBatLED VBatVR1 VBatVCP VBatIHFRN VBatIHFRP VBatIHFLN VBatIHFLP VBatVIO VBatVIO VBatVIO VBatVIO VBatVIO IHFSpLP IHFSpLN VibraP VibraN IHFSpRP IHFSpRN VAUX2 VAUX1 5 SCL D2 4 SDA D3 1 AVPaEn D4 5 XEARLC C2004 1/1u5 B4 4 XEARL C2004 B3 7 XEARRC C2030 2/1u5 C4 6 XEARR C2030 C3 2/1u5 1/1u5 GND P9 H13 G13 H8 E5 C6 A11 D8 D9 C1 A4 B2 GND SCL SDA CPN CPP A1 HS_GND HS_MIC HS_EAR_R HS_EAR_L 1 2 3 4 HS_GND PLUG_DET 5 6 C2030 2u2 A2 _SD Z2000 INL- OUTL A3 A1 C INL+ INR- OUTR D3 GND 1 HS_EAR_L 2 HS_EAR_R B2 C C1 L2002 A2 R 4 3 C2 R INR+ GND C2008 18p VDD CPVSS C2009 18p L2003 FMANT A3.6V C2268 2u2 C2211 10u GND GND K9 P12 C2269 2u2 GND C2265 2u2 C2266 2u2 GND C2267 2u2 C2222 2u2 GND GND GND C2271 2u2 GND C2213 2u2 GND SLOWAD(6:0) 5 C10 M13 R8 T10 P11 N10 F15 D1 A1 B1 D7 J15 H15 F8 K15 L13 R2071 47K -t Vchar GND VBAT GND BSI GND 1 2 3 J2070 IHFSprP J2071 2 C2071 39p C2072 27p R2070 VBAT X2070 Z2070 J2072 C2070 150u_6V3 GND GND BGND C2071 56p GND L2107 L2109 120R/100MHz IHFSprN 3 1n0 L2108 56nH C2112 1n0 H10 C2314 1u0 GND GND A2 B1 B2 IHFSpLN 1 120R/100MHz B9 L2203 120R/100MHz R7 P6 T3 P5 L2205 120R/100MHz L2102 B2102 68nH C2118 1n0 L2104 L2103 68nH 120R/100MHz GND L2202 GND L2101 120R/100MHz GND LED(6:0) D5 B15 A14 A15 A16 B16 P4 R3 C1 D2 R5 T6 IHFSpLP 0 C2253 68p A1 not_assembled GND C2252 56p C2245 2u2/6V3 0 1 2 GND N16 N15 C2113 1n0 V2103 2u2H K10 J10 L2110 120R/100MHz GND B2103 56nH C2117 L2300 M15 C2227 68p VBatVCore VBatVCore GND L2001 N2000 RFPWR(5:0) V2300 VCore C2231 22u C=1n0 ECI Mic2p Mic2n GND XAUDIO(7:0) 4 1 3 0 CrI VCORE C6 VBatVibra VBatVAna VBatVAux1 VBatVAux2 VBatVDigi VBatVSIM VRTC GND GND GND C2251 27p C2230 22u VBatVMEM VBatVibra B2200 32.C2=GND C2006 2u2 68nH C2005 2u2 GND N14 F2 K1 H2 M3 B7 G2200 2.D15.2010 GND GND GND M2100 + 120R/100MHz VIBRAN 5 L2105 C2108 27p L2106 M - GND 120R/100MHz C2110 27p C2109 27p GND Academy .T14.L7.P13. Battery.0 | 03.0A K CBUS(3:0) SW2 E9200 C2106 1n0 C2107 1n0 A1 A2 B1 B2 not_assembled V2104 GND C2247 2u2 GND C2294 2u2 C2232 10u GND GND C2282 2u2 0 1 4 5 2 3 C2249 2u2 GND GND L2206 120R/100MHz L2207 120R/100MHz VIBRAP 4 C2326 2u2 C2228 2u2 C2294 2u2 C2229 2u2 C2281 2u2/6V3 GND GND GND H_BRIDGE(5:0) A2.G16.N2200 GAZOO_V3.T4.D6.K8.T15.T11.L9.

0 | 03.D5=GND C4401 56p kbc_3 GND Z4404 kbr_2 kbr_1 kbc_1 kbr_0 D2 D1 A2 C2 B1 In6 In7 In1 In4 In3 kbc_4 kbr_3 kbr_4 kbc_0 C1 In5 kbr_5 A1 In2 Out1 Out2 Out3 Out4 Out5 Out6 Out7 A3.A2.B3. C3.2010 C2451 6p8 S2021 S2025 GND Academy .D3. Keyboard Flex | C5 RM-645 | Board: 3ft_06a | v1.B3.Z4405 X4400 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 VBAT R1499 10k PWRONX C2500 27p R1498 GND R1501 100R LEDOUT 0 2 GND SetCurrKB R1505 47R LED(6:0) GAZOOIO(3:0) R1500 100R In4 B1 In3 C1 In5 D1 In7 KEYB(15:0) Out3 Out4 Out5 B5 C5 C4 COL4 R O W2 ROW3 11 2 3 Out7 D4 ROW4 4 A5 A4 B5 C5 C4 D5 D4 ROW1 R O W5 ROW0 COL1 COL0 COL2 COL3 1 5 0 8 7 9 10 A1.03.A4.D2.D3=GND C4402 56p GND R1502 GND GND GND 3 R1503 1 kbc_2 C2 5 V1500 1k 4 6 2 V1500 1 X2100 R1504 39R GND 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 GND V2002 V2003 LEDOUT SetCurrKB Col2 Col3 Col1 Row2 Row1 Row0 End_PWROn Col4 Row3 Row4 Col0 C2002 56p GND A A’ B B’ A A’ B B’ S2019 GND S2100 C2457 6p8 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 C2456 6p8 GND GND VAUX1 L2451 VDD NC VLED1+ VLED1- 120R/100MHz VIO L2450 VDDI 120R/100MHz C2455 100n GND C2454 27p GND C2452 100n GND C2453 27p GND S2001 S2000 S2003 S2005 S2004 S2006 S2007 S2008 S2010 S2009 S2011 S2015 S2016 LCD(99:0) X2450 0 1 S2002 GND S2101 LED(6:0) GND Row5 21 22 Keyboard FLEX board C2003 56p TE D7 D5 D3 D1 D/CX RDX DISPCDataLCD16 DISPCDataLCD7 DISPCDataLCD5 16 7 5 DISPCDataLCD3 DISPCDataLCD1 DISPCVSYNC DISPCHSYNC 3 1 28 27 C2000 56p GND L2000 120nH 120nH L2001 L2003 120nH R2450 10R WRX D0 D2 D4 D6 CSX RESX DISPCPCLK DISPCDataLCD0 26 0 DISPCDataLCD2 DISPCDataLCD4 DISPCDataLCD6 DISPCACBIAS LCDReset 2 4 6 29 30 120nH L2002 S2013 S2012 S2014 L2004 120nH L2005 120nH C2001 56p GND S2017 S2018 S2020 GND C2467 33p GND GND C2465 33p GND C2463 33p GND C2461 33p GND C2460 33p GND C2462 33p GND C2464 33p GND C2466 33p GND Confidential Copyright © 2010 Nokia Only for training and service purposes Page 4 (9) | UI.A5.C3.A3.

368MHz +Vcc C6210 100n A8.D3.B2. 0R L6202 1n2H 4 F2 A4 X6202 R6215 3 GND GND GND VCC_TCXO OUT 2 GND Academy GND .69.E4.H7.71=GND Confidential Copyright © 2010 Nokia Only for training and service purposes Page 5 (9) | BTH FM.D2.27.60.H8=GND GND GND GND GND 23. 64.67.03.E7.H4.65.B3.66.42MHz L6200 3n9H RTC_CLK 1 GPS_CLK C6211 3p3 OUT GND G6200 16.F7.68.558mm 1 GND XTALP 15 RFION RFIOP FMANT C6015 L6003 1n0 47nH 11 C6017 RES 12 FMVCO_LP VDDR5V VDDR3V 19 6 Mic3LP 8 7 9 Mic3RP C6010 220n C6009 220n Mic3LN Mic3RN 24 22 8 REF_CLK VDD_DIG VDD_DIG VDD_DIG VCC_LNA VCC_LNA R6006 C6013 1u0 VCC_MIX VCC_PLL VCC_IF GND H5 G8 B7 A1 C3 E2 A3 G2 C6209 100n L6001 56nH GND VBAT 1 2 E1 C6003 1u0 C6005 1u0 GND I2C_DA FM_IRQ_N GND GND AUDIOL H1 F4 A2 G4 G4 VDDO18 VDDO18 VDDO18 VIO 53 54 55 F5 A7 F8 G5 56 C6012 100n C6204 100n C6207 100n C6206 100n GND C6202 100n GND C6212 100n GND GND VBAT2 C6203 100n AUDIOR C6022 220n GND A6 GND 9 I2C_CLK VDDO33 C6023 220n C6200 33p L3390 470nH C6007 100n 57 58 59 5 FMRADIO(20:0) 39 48 47 C3393 68p 100R GND FMVCO_LN I2C_SCL I2C_SDA FM_INTX R3395 SYSCLK FMRF_INP GND 1 2 0 C6008 47p 150k 47p GND FMRF_INN 10 L6002 100nH C6016 47p C6024 22p FM_CVAR VREGFM_DAC VREGFM_DAC VREGFM_DAC VDDFM GND N6200 RFCLKEXT 18 U2TX G6 J6200 VBAT1 VBAT1 VBAT3 SLEEPXN SLEEPXN GPS(15:0) GPS_EN_RESET I2C_UART_N VDDS I2C_SDA_U1RX VDDS I2C_SCL_U1TX VDDS IO_TIMESTAMP_DATARDY IO_PA_EN AGPS_CLK_REQ C6205 100n H2 1 E6 B6 E8 H6 H3 3 4 2 5 6 GND GND J6000 34 GND GND LNA_IN D1 L6201 6n8H I2S_WS Z6200 C6201 33p BT(23:0) 50 51 52 L6000 120R/100MHz 4 13 17 21 16 VDDC VDDC VDDC VREG_BT VDDRF VDDPLL VDDXO VDDLO LPOIN I2S/PCM_IN I2S/PCM_OUT I2S/PCM_SYNC I2S/PCM_CLK CLK_REQ UART_WAKEUP BT_WAKEUP UART_CTS_N UART_RTS_N UART_RXD UART_TXD RST_N C6006 1p8 GND C6004 1u0 VREG_CTL 6 46 45 42 44 28 32 35 36 43 33 30 49 BTClkReq 3 R6008 2M2 SLEEPCLK I2S/PCM_IN I2S/PCM_OUT I2S/PCM_SYNC I2S/PCM_CLK 21 8 9 10 7 BT_CLK_REQ UART_WAKE BT_WAKEUP UART_CTS UART_RTS UART_RX UART_TX BT_RESETX 2 11 1 6 3 5 4 0 21 D7 X6200 IN IN OUT 1575.F6.62.G1. F1.0 | 03.N6000 X6400 L6203 1nH Z6000 Z6001 C6216 6 Single 5 DC_Bias GND 6p8 Bal Z6002 L=3.70.E3.185mm 2 Bal 3 14 Z6003 L=2. GPS | C5 RM-645 | Board: 3ft_06a | v1.

L7.L2.B7.E2.E1.2010 Academy RFCTRL(11:0) .A5.23.C8.H7.L8.B3.8.H9.B9. E3. D9.C3.20.27=GND C7520 3p3 G7500 GND 16 Icntrl1 6 Vbat R7502 RFC8 GND C7561 10n C7562 10u 11 TXCCONV(4:0) GND H8 RFC2 Z7544 L7575 OSCIN XRESET XENA SDATA 1920-1980/1850 -1910MHz GND L7561 C7501 10n RFC9 Z7543 H5 G6 G7 G8 1 R7501 10R RFC6 N7540 GND C7566 10n Z7542 IND_SMPS IND_SMPS IND_SMPS DAC102 MUX_OUT A10 A11 In1 9 GND TXC C7507 10n INM_1800 B2 A4 A4 GND CB_SMPS 0 INP_1800 G_OUTM G_OUTP A2 A5 Z7540 C7565 10n VDIG GND INM_900 F11 G11 A3 J7538 J7536 C7567 2u2 INP_900 T7520 33nH A6 AFC 27R C7544 2u2 10k L7540 NC 3 R7505 K1 WTRP1 GND 0R 120R/100MHz 28R/100MHz GND GND C7530 18p Z7523 850/900MHz C7560 10u C7574 2u2 Vcc2 Vcc1 TX_2 TX_1 TRX3 TRX2 1.L6.19.C8.F3. K7.H8=GND Confidential Copyright © 2010 Nokia Only for training and service purposes Page 6 (9) | RF Part | C5 RM-645 | Board: 3ft_06a | v1.F9.K10.J1.H7.H6.J7.H4.12.L10=GND GND GND GND GND GND C7568 10n 0 8 7 6 L7562 L7563 3u3H 120R/100MHz C7569 10u GND C7575 18p GND C7570 2u2 GND RFCTRL(11:0) A2.25.03.L3.F8.B5.29=GND L7502 L7501 Vcc3 C7529 18p C7532 18p GND GND E5 E6 E7 E8 B8 A8 B4 R7924 Vbat C7572 2u2 VB_SMPS VB_SMPS VB_SMPS VB_SMPS VB_SMPS VB_SMPS VB_SMPS V8_DCDC V8_DCDC B7 R7923 0 1 VXO GND WTRP2 GND GND C7535 5p6 0 Vcp1 K6 C7500 100n C2PQ C2NQ GND GND H3 A3 G8 4k7 C1PQ C1NQ Vsw 470R 3 18 4 RFin 21 RX1 VrefRF01 C7513 18p Z7521 D2 VBEXT R7500 E3 C2NI VDAC 47k C7573 10n VBB_VRX VBB_VRX1 C2PI GND GND 4 GND RFPWR(5:0) C1NI N7520 C7571 100p VXO C1PI VCP L7500 RFout VREF F3 F1 RFPWR(5:0) D1 C7506 X7501 ISO N7560 G2 100n C7541 1n GND C7542 1n GND C7543 1n GND C7508 10n A1.B11.G3.F5.E2.C6.B5.B6.C11.G4.L4.D1.H2.22.15.H3.D4.N7500 C7503 100n C7504 F2 100n C7505 G3 E4 G1 J7590 J7592 1 1 2 OUT L7595 3n9H F4 100n 1 IN 3 4 C7599 1p8 GND D2 GND GND R7560 VrefRF01 B1 6 Ant 1 VXO R7520 Vcp1 26 RX2 17 Icont_I Icont_h 28 9 C7526 8p2 Vgain Vpd VC3 VC2 VC1 GND A8 A9 A6 869-894/ 1805-1880MHz L7521 A7 5n6H R7521 C2 R7921 39R 2 3 5 6 7 L7525 11 14 24 NC Test_MUX2 Test_MUX1 13 F6 F7 F8 H2 G5 C4 D7 R7522 10 27 19 GND C7531 18p GND GND C7580 18p B8 C7509 2u2 GND GND C7512 2u2 GND R7922 C7 VRX2 H4 NC F10 G10 L7524 15nH 16 TRX1 K2 GND GND C7533 10n C7527 18p C7534 100p GND GND GND L7541 J7537 8n2H J7550 GND 33 Out1 IND_BOOST IND_BOOST IND_BOOST IND_BOOST D5 D6 D7 D8 In2 29 Z7541 NC NC NC NC C5 C6 C7 C8 GND FB_DCDC A1 NC B4 IND_DCDC IND_DCDC A7 B7 XRESET ENABLE DATA SCLK E4 F2 F1 G1 GND 1uH L7560 220R/100MHz 120R/100MHz C7563 10u C7576 2u2 GND GND B10 C10 E11 D11 Out2 GND C7577 2u2 GND C7578 5p6 GND In3 25 Out3 4 21 Vbat 31 23 Vcc2_amp2 Vcc2_amp3 Vcc1_amp3 Vcc2_amp1 Vcc1_amp1 Vcc1_amp2 18 2 7 13 Icntrl2 GND 22k GND C7521 18p GND C7528 2u2 GND C7546 10n GND C7545 100p GND C7502 10n GND RFC7 TXC R7510 C9 C7511 33p P_OUTM 880-915MHz GND C3 G9 14 Icntrl3 20 R7506 RFCLK(1:0) GND P_OUTP RFC10 REFP K8 RFClkP 0 REFM J8 RFClkN 1 REFG INP_2150 INM_1900 DAC_REF1 RXOUT_PI RXOUT_NI RXOUT_PQ RXOUT_NQ VREF_CM TXQ_0 TXQ_180 TXI_0 INP_1900 TXI_180 INP_850 INM_850 INM_2150 W_OUTN_H W_OUTP_H W_OUTP_H2 W_OUTN_H2 RFCLKEXT L9 RFCONV(20:0) SCLK K11 K4 J4 L5 K5 J3 J11 J10 DAC_REF1 RXIP RXIN RXQP RXQN VREFCM TXQP TXQN 8 4 5 6 7 9 2 3 H11 J9 TXIP TXIN 0 1 TXresetX RFbusEna RFbusDat RFbusClk 0 8 7 6 H6 H5 J6 J5 C7600 18p MUX_IN D10 E10 L7927 15nH L7928 15nH C7601 18p GND C8 W_OUTN_L W_OUTM_L R7504 33k GND DAC203 DAC202 H10 DAC201 L11 VBAT_BAT VBAT_VCO H1 VBAT_WTX VBAT_RX VBAT_TX E9 G4 K9 L7925 120R/100MHz C7548 18p C7549 18p C7510 18p C7547 18p 47R 5.0 | 03.B6.C1.E1.

0 | 03.2010 Academy .Top A C2008 U7 C2115 A3 C2231 F8 C2271 F7 C2326 F7 C2464 H2 C2817 F3 C3303 G2 C7506 B2 C7527 C7 C7544 B2 C7567 C8 C7580 C3 L L2203 E7 L7502 B7 L7925 B2 R R2804 H5 R2857 H4 R7521 C3 V2300 F8 Z7543 D3 A2800 G5 C2009 U7 C2116 A4 C2232 G8 C2280 F7 C2451 H3 C2465 G2 C2818 F3 C3304 G3 C7507 C2 C7528 B5 C7545 D5 C7568 C8 C7599 A7 L2001 U7 L2204 F8 L7521 C3 L7927 B2 R1500 E8 R2805 H5 R3300 F2 R7522 D3 V3301 G2 Z7544 D3 X A7500 C5 C2033 T7 C2117 H8 C2245 E7 C2281 F8 C2452 I3 C2466 H2 C2820 E4 C3306 G2 C7508 D2 C7529 D6 C7546 B4 C7569 B8 C7600 C2 L2002 U7 L2205 G8 L7524 D3 L7928 C2 R1501 E8 R2806 H5 R3302 G2 R7560 C7 B C2034 T7 C2118 H7 C2247 F7 C2282 F8 C2453 H3 C2467 G1 C2821 E5 C3307 F2 C7509 B7 C7530 D6 C7547 B2 C7570 C3 C7601 C2 L2003 U7 L2206 F7 L7525 C3 B2100 A3 C2040 H8 C2211 H6 C2249 H8 C2285 H7 C2454 G3 C2800 F3 C2823 E6 C3314 U2 C7510 C3 C7531 D6 C7548 B2 C7571 C7 D N R2037 U7 R2807 F6 R3395 F2 R7921 C3 X2450 H2 L2100 U7 L2300 E7 L7540 D5 N1450 U3 R2044 H8 R2808 G6 R7500 B3 R7922 C3 X7501 A7 Z B2200 G6 C2106 H7 C2213 F8 C2251 F6 C2294 H7 C2455 H3 C2801 E4 C2824 E6 C3393 F2 C7511 D3 C7532 D6 C7549 D2 C7572 D8 D2800 G4 L2101 H7 L2310 F6 L7541 B5 N2037 U7 R2060 H5 R2850 H4 R7501 D2 R7923 D3 C C2107 H7 C2214 F7 C2252 E7 C2296 E7 C2456 H3 C2802 F3 C2825 E6 C7500 B3 C7512 B4 C7533 D6 C7560 D8 C7573 C7 D3000 G4 L2104 H7 L2340 E8 L7560 D8 N2200 G7 R2061 H6 R2851 E3 R7502 D2 R7924 D3 Z2000 T7 C1450 T2 C2108 H7 C2222 H7 C2265 F7 C2314 E8 C2457 H3 C2806 F3 C2826 E5 C7501 D2 C7513 B2 C7534 D3 C7561 C8 C7574 C8 D3300 F2 L2105 H7 L2450 I3 L7561 D7 N3300 T2 R2071 I6 R2852 E5 R7504 C3 C1451 U2 C2109 I7 C2227 E8 C2266 F6 C2315 G6 C2460 H2 C2810 G6 C2830 H4 C7502 D2 C7514 C2 C7535 C3 C7562 D8 C7575 B3 F G Z7521 C3 L2106 H7 L2451 H3 L7562 B8 N7500 C2 R2450 H3 R2853 E5 R7505 B2 T7520 D3 Z7523 D3 C1454 U2 C2110 H7 C2228 F8 C2267 H7 C2316 H7 C2461 G2 C2811 H5 C2841 E4 C7503 B2 C7520 C7 C7541 D4 C7563 D8 C7576 D7 F3300 U2 L2107 H8 L3390 F1 L7563 B3 N7520 C6 R2801 H5 R2854 H4 R7506 D4 C1458 T2 C2112 H8 C2229 H7 C2268 F6 C2317 H7 C2462 H2 C2814 H4 C3300 F3 C7504 B2 C7521 C5 C7542 D3 C7565 C8 C7577 D6 T V Z7540 C5 L2108 H8 L7500 B6 L7575 D4 N7540 C4 R2802 F6 R2855 H4 R7510 D2 V2059 T7 Z7541 C5 C2002 U7 C2113 H8 C2230 E6 C2269 H8 C2319 F7 C2463 G2 C2816 G3 C3301 F3 C7505 B3 C7526 D5 C7543 B4 C7566 C8 C7578 D7 G7500 D2 L2202 H7 L7501 D8 L7595 A7 N7560 C8 R2803 I5 R2856 I4 R7520 D6 V2100 U7 Z7542 D5 Confidential Copyright © 2010 Nokia Only for training and service purposes Page 7 (9) | Component Finder Top | C5 RM-645 | Board: 3ft_06a | v1.03.

Bottom A C1413 S2 C2500 G9 C4401 D7 C6016 S9 C6209 Q1 G2200 C8 L2110 B4 N R1504 F7 R7928 D7 X3300 U4 A2700 D5 C1453 Q5 C2700 D7 C4402 D7 C6017 S8 C6210 R1 G6200 S2 L3305 R6 N1400 S3 R1505 F8 A3300 R7 C1455 S6 C2701 D7 C6003 R7 C6022 Q8 C6211 R2 J V X4400 E8 L6000 Q7 N1401 Q3 R2010 U3 V1500 E7 X6200 T1 A6202 R2 C2004 U5 C3100 F4 C6004 R7 C6023 R8 C6212 Q2 J7590 A6 L6001 R7 N1402 R4 R2070 F5 V2103 B4 X6202 T2 C C2005 T6 C3200 F5 C6005 Q7 C6024 S8 C6216 S8 J7592 A7 L6002 S8 N2000 U6 R2200 E7 V2104 B5 X6400 T8 C1404 R4 C2006 T6 C3205 F4 C6006 R7 C6200 R2 E L L6003 S8 N3301 R7 R2701 D7 X Z C1405 S3 C2007 T6 C3310 Q7 C6007 R7 C6201 R1 E1001 L1 L1400 S4 L6200 R1 N6000 R8 R2702 D7 X1400 R5 Z3300 T3 C1406 S3 C2012 U3 C3312 R7 C6008 R8 C6202 R1 E1002 L8 L1401 T3 L6201 R1 N6200 R2 R2703 D7 X1401 R3 Z3301 T3 C1407 R3 C2030 T5 C3316 R6 C6009 R8 C6203 R1 E9200 U2 L1402 Q5 L6202 T2 R R3200 F4 X1402 R3 Z4404 D7 C1408 R3 C2070 E7 C3322 R7 C6010 R8 C6204 R2 E9201 U3 L1403 R4 L6203 S8 R1498 F9 R3367 R6 X2060 H1 Z4405 D7 C1409 R4 C2071 E7 C3365 Q6 C6012 Q8 C6205 Q1 F L2102 C4 L7597 R3 R1499 F9 R6006 R8 X2070 F6 Z6000 S8 C1410 R4 C2072 F5 C3366 R6 C6013 R8 C6206 R1 F2000 U3 L2103 B4 C1411 S3 C2253 F8 C3367 Q6 C6015 S8 C6207 R2 Confidential Copyright © 2010 Nokia Only for training and service purposes Page 8 (9) | Component Finder Bottom | C5 RM-645 | Board: 3ft_06a | v1.0 | 03.03.2010 G M R1502 F8 R6008 Q7 X2700 D5 Z6200 S1 L2109 A4 M2100 T4 R1503 E7 R6215 T2 X3200 D2 Academy .

0 | 03.03.2010 Academy .Bottom C C2000 C2001 C2002 C2003 L L2000 L2001 L2002 L2003 L2004 L2005 S S2100 S2101 V V2002 V2003 X X2100 Top E2 F2 G2 H2 E2 H2 H2 F2 F2 H2 K15 K13 E9 H9 A5 Confidential Copyright © 2010 Nokia Only for training and service purposes Page 9 (9) | Component Finder Keyboard Flex | C5 RM-645 | Board: 3ft_06a | v1.