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Which of the following are invalid names? Why? Int _calloc clearScreen ReInitialize _ Xx _1312 A$ playNextSong 6_05 alphaBetaRoutine z

Imagine that you owned a boat and a motorcycle in addition to a car. List the actions you would perform with each of these. Do you have any overlap between these actions?

Based on question 2, imagine that you had a class called Vehicle and an object called myVehicle that could be either Car, Motorcycle, or Boat. Imagine that you wrote the following: [myVehicle prep]; [myVehicle getGas]; [myVehicle service]; Do you see any advantages of being able to apply an action to an object that could be from one of several classes?

Create a class Dog inheritance from NSObject class. Dog have some properties and method as the following: Property     Name Age Type Size (kích cỡ kiểu số nguyên)

Method   Voice (hiển thị gâu gâu lên màn hình) Eat (Mỗi khi được ăn, chó sẽ tang kích thước (size) lên 1 đơn vị)

MOBIPRO – Mobile Your Life !

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[OBJECTIVE-C – LAB1]  Display (Hiển thi thông tin của chó). Input property values and call methods of Dog in the main function. MOBIPRO – Mobile Your Life ! Page 2 . Create an instance of Dog. WEBSITE http://mobipro.VN Ex5.