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Executive Summary

C.S. Barrera Corporation which is located 2416 Fidel Street Gagalangin, Barangay 10, Zone 001 Tondo, Manila is a Manufacturer engaging in Wholesaling, Retailing, and concessionary Business. It provides the basic house needs that every person and every family should have. Their target industries are department stores, supermarkets, restaurants, culinary art students.

Throughout the company’s business operations after it was commenced, the factors that affected their products are the economic factors such as the unpredictable condition of the economy particularly the fluctuating inflation rate which causes changing business performance. The limited financial resources of the company making their capital limited to the contribution made by the shareholders which somehow affects their business plans (e.g. outlet expansion). There are also some factors affecting their product such as inconsistent supply of raw materials being used in production, limited portion of the product shelves which makes it less conducive to the eyes of the consumers, increasing China products. These products are also affected by legal and government factors which include patent rights, trademarks, customer contracts, and license renewal every year. The main purpose of this marketing plan is to answer certain queries particularly the business as a supplier and how will it maintain the stability of the business in the industry and to continue its objective in the coming years. Some of the future problems that will be encountered by the business are the product’s lack of brand awareness, sufficient funds for projections but limited resources for growth, developing product

.extensions to sustain the company’s continuous existence. This amount will be allocated to the research development of their products. its increasing operation expenses and its promotion for publicity in order to increase market share despite the penetration of the new competitors. The implementation of this marketing plan will amount to P210.000. promotion combined with its operational costs and increasing the number of their outlets which would satisfy its long run goals.