SpaceSniffer User Manual

printed on 11/01/2012

"Find lost space on your disks the easy way."
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1. Welcome
1.1 - What's that?

It may happen that a day you discover your compter disk is nearly full. #nd you ha$e no clue "why". The main purpose of SpaceSniffer is to help you to dig into the content of your computer storage media the easy way. The approach is to hilight !ig files. This is done !y dra"ing each file and folder "ith a shape si#ed proportionally to its occupation. The !igger on screen the !igger on disk. This helps in finding "hat$s eating your storage. To !etter help in your %uest a versatile filtering system is availa!le. &ou can search !y file and folder name e'tension si#e dates attri!utes and even more. In fe" "ords( • • • )asy find "here !ig files reside on your storage even net"ork paths. *ast and simple to use simple interface easy to understand. +ets you easily search "ith file masks ,*.jpg,*.txt-. !y file si#e ,>1mb-. file age ,<3months-. attri!utes ,archive, hidden-. folder names ,\temp, \*internet*. com!inations negations and more. *ile and folder tagging lets you !ookmark elements for later processing. /irect access to the 0indo"s )'plorer files/folders popup menu "ith mouse right click. 1eacts to e'ternal storage modifications keeps al"ays in sync "arns you a!out e'ternal modifications !y elements !linking. /iscover created/modified files in real time2 Intuitive navigation "ith animated #ooming effects even during the scan process. Multithreaded scanning engine "ith smart caching system to minimi#e disk access. +ets you focus and complete the scan on a #oomed portion of your disk even if the master scan is in progress ,i% you are in hurry..
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SpaceSniffer User Manual

printed on 11/01/2012

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Scans 3T*S 4lternate /ata Streams if needed. 5ustomi#a!le interface( geometry colors !ehaviors effects look styles. It doesn$t clutter your registry only a plain 6M+ configuration file. It$s porta!le no installation re%uired 7ust put the e'ecuta!le some"here and let$s go. &ou can keep it in your flash key ready to use. It$s *ree0are. 8etter it$s /onation0are.

8y using SpaceSniffer you may say( “Hei! Look there! A lot of old 10+Mb JPEGs!” “Oh! That old 2Gb database ba k!"! #etter $o%i&' it o!t of the (a)!” *Look here! The a""li atio& +,- $odifies all those files!* “.hat is this biiii' folder/ Oh0 that1s the O232 folder2 #etter lea%i&' it i& "la e0 eheh”

2. Quick Start Page
9lease have a look at the &uick 'tart page. &ou "ill find information a!out the tool !ar that is not covered here. &ou should find the &uick 'tart page into the same package "here you found this document.

3. Start The Application
The main "indo" of the application appears and a smaller dialog ,the start dialog. "ill ask "hat you "ant to scan. &ou can choose one of your disks or type one or more paths ,separated !y :;: char.. 9aths can !e local or net"ork paths. It "orks "ell also "ith Sam!a shares. &ou can navigate your media structure !y pressing the Path !utton or drag$n drop one or more folders on the start dialog to avoid typing. Then press the Enter key or click the Start !utton. If you typed a path and that path does not e'ist an error message "ill appear. If everything is ok the scan process !egins the start dialog "ill close ,you can reopen it later. and one or more scan vie"s "ill appear. &ou can also drag one or more folders directly on the main "indo" avoiding the start dialog.

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'i ple. 4 limit has !een set to the display recursion to avoid graphic cluttering. If you "ant the dialog to close then press )S5 key./!$*+ ..generically an ele ent. If you "ish you can #oom into a folder element !y dou!le clicking on it. 0hen you start #ooming in and out you "ill notice that the navigation keys . 0hen you are in the main "indo" the !"#$% shortcut "ill reopen it. +ots of rectangles appear on the screen.1 . *older elements sho" other elements into them recursively.SpaceSniffer User Manual printed on 11/01/2012 *or your convenience the start dialog is easily usa!le also "ith key!oard. "ill activate.displayed in a different color. (he !igger the ele ent on screen) the !igger the %older or %ile on disk. 0hen you click on a folder or file it "ill !e hilighted and it "ill drop a shado" to make it easy to track during a scan operation .Seeing stu in !etail If you "ant to e'amine an element in deep 7ust le%t ouse click once on it and you "ill start digging. Ben Shneiderman) *ro%essor in the Uni$ersity o% +aryland. &ou can go !ack and forth !y pressing them or !y *+ .. &ou can dig into folders until you reach a file element .2 . of 22 . Note: (his type o% graphical representation is called (ree ap and was in$ented !y Prof. Note: (he na$igation key!oard shortcuts are acti$e only when the %ilter %ield is not %ocused 4. This "ill e'pand the folder to the entire vie" sho"ing more smaller elements previously hidden !ecause of their small si#e.SP+ E shortcuts.SP+ E and S-. )ach rectangle represents a folder or a file . )lements change in si#e proportionally to the real si#e of the file or folder.What !oes SpaceSniffer !ispla"? /ue to the intrinsic nature of the Treemap concept SpaceSniffer "ill not sho" files "ith #ero !yte si#e. 8ecause the display area is proportional to the file si#e a #ero si#e file page .!ecause SpaceSniffer is continuosly rearraging and moving all elements to !est fit them in your screen. 4. 4. &ou can change this limit as you "ish "ith !"# $ and !"# & shortcuts or "ith dedicated tool!ar !uttons.bac' and (or)ard like a "e! !ro"ser. This is a real time display of the scan operation. The Scan Process The scan progress "ill !e displayed on the main "indo"..

(his doesn/t ean that 'paceSniffer ignores such ele ents. .ou can open twice the sa e path on two di%%erent $iews and e2a ine it with di%%erent %iltering criteria. #nyway) the ission o% 'paceSniffer is to %ind !ig guys) so this should not !e a real issue. #. So you can go !ack and forth as you "ish. page = of 22 . Space Sniffer features a smart caching system that links also to the disk e$ent syste of the <. Hint: . the disk "ill !e scanned only once. 9lease refer to the &uick 'tart for a visual representation of the user interface. SpaceSniffer lets you open more "indo"s and "atch different parts of your disks.. #.the disk drive or the specified initial path. The vie" root is the starting point of the scan operation .. If you open more than once the same path .3 .)o *ack 'BACKSPACE( + )o or&ar! 'SHIFT+BACKSPACE( 0hen you navigate the disk structure !y #ooming in and out all locations you traverse are kept in memory . The follo"ing commands are availa!le in order( #. Note: -ue to the li ited a$aila!le screen area) also s aller ele ents are not an internet !ro"ser. 0t always takes the into consideration !ut it 1ust doesn/t display the . #.. So if something changes outside the application SpaceSniffer "ill !e a"are of it and "ill reflect the change into the vie".or part of it. $a%igation &ou can navigate the disk structure !y the tool !ar !uttons.S.1 .ou can con%igure the ini u size o% an ele ent to !e shown into the $iew) anyway there are cases with lots o% ele ents that cannot !e %ully displayed.ut also this condition is transient. Note: (here are particular cases when a zero !yte length %ile is displayed. 0% you cannot disco$er the !y zoo ing into) you can %ind the !y the e2port %unction 3see ne2t chapters4. 5nce again) 'paceSniffer is to %ind !ig guys so) you are warned.$e& %ie& 'CTRL+N( <pens the Start /ialog letting you start "ith a ne" scan vie". (his happens only when you ha$e zoo ed into a %older that contains a zero length %ile. .2 .)o upper le%el 'CTRL+UP( 0ill #oom out !y one folder level until you reach the vie" root.SpaceSniffer User Manual printed on 11/01/2012 "ould occupy #ero pi'els hence they are not displayed..

Hint: 0% you need to track only %ile change operations and you are not interested in the %ull edia content) a %ull edia scan is not needed. Hint: .5 . 0%) on the other hand) you are dealing with a network path %or e2a ple) you should rescan totally or partially to keep in sync. #. 6ust start a new scan then stop it with this !utton. #..SpaceSniffer User Manual printed on 11/01/2012 #.4 . 0hile not scanning the !utton lets you start another scan process. 3ote that the currently selected folder/file element "ill al"ays !e sho"n to avoid you a lot of annoying #oom in/out operations.1 .or type a drive path. 7$en i% not scanning) 'paceSniffer will keep track o% created8deleted8 odi%ied %iles and you will see the popping into your $iew.Per orms a ne& scan o the -oome! %ie& 'su* scan( 0hen you are on the vie" root the !utton is disa!led. 0hen you are in a #oomed folder you can start a secondary scan process to force the scanning of the selected folder. 0hen you feel overhelmed !y too much information you can :go !ack %lat: and take a !reath. gi$es odi%ication %eed!acks./ess !etail 'CTRL -( + 0ore !etail 'CTRL +( 0ill dig less/more into the display structure.. #. . .'. disk e$ent syste can detect %ile changes) so it likely won/t work on network dri$es) %or e2a ple.Per orm a ne& master scan 0hile scanning the !utton lets you to stop the process. (his usually happens with local edie storage) as said pre$iously. <nly one active #oomed scan process is permitted for each vie".oth aster scan and su! scan are not really needed to keep the $iew in sync with edia content i% the 5.the disk drive or the specified initial path. This option "ill "ork only if you select a drive .'.# . (his %eature is a$aila!le only where the 5. and not "ith typed paths that are not drives.)o to home 'CTRL+HOME( 0ill #oom out at the root point of the vie" . #. #.. The purpose is to avoid "aiting for the termination of the master scan to !e sure the #oomed vie" is complete.Sho& ree space 'CTRL+F( 0ill sho" an element that represents the free space of the selected drive. If you "ant to focus on another part of the structure and the secondary scan is in progress you must stop and restart it.2se 3ile 4lasses st"le 'CTRL+T( 0ill s"itch !et"een /0at o0ors style and /i0e 0asses style. Note: (he %ree space ele ent is $isi!le only in the root ele ent) i% you zoo into a page > of 22 .

This small !ar "ill sho" you how uch o% the entire edia is currently sho"ing.Sho& unkno&n 'not "et scanne!( space 'CTRL+U( Similarly to the preceding option !ut this "ill sho" unkno"n space. If you #oom in the !ar "ill lo"er its height !ecause you are displaying less and less disk space as you keep #ooming in. <n the other hand if a filtering operation is in progress it "ill take precedence over the scan percentage progress.7onate <pens a "e! connection to the donation page.11 . #. Unkno"n space is space that SpaceSniffer is a"are of !ut has not e'amined yet. This is useful to understand for e'ample that all the files displayed in the current #oomed vie" use a really small portion of the disk and you should focus your attention else"here to recover !ig space. #. Similar to free space unkno"n space "ill not !e displayed if the root path is not a drive and it "ill !e displayed ony in the root element. This "ill sho" you the scanning or the filtering progress.SpaceSniffer User Manual printed on 11/01/2012 %older the %ree space goes out o% sight. #. Hint: . # %ree space ele ent into a zoo ed %older would show a distorted in%or ation !ecause o% shape proportions. (his is due to the ina!ility to scan so e protected %olders. If you go to the vie" root the !ar "ill fill the vertical space entirely.12 . In all other cases a simple message "ill !e displayed. Hint: (he scan process and the %iltering process are ulti threaded) so you can keep changing %ilters to search what you are looking %or and don/t ind the scan process) that will go on in the !ackground.13 . 0t/s not possi!le to keep in sight the %ree space ele ent also in zoo ed $iews !ecause o% the nature o% the (ree ap. 0hile the scanning process goes on the unkno"n space "ill !ecome smaller and smaller giving space to e'amined elements. Hint: 'o eti es a%ter the scan co pletes) so e unknown space is still $isi!le.16 .The %ie&a*le percent *ar 0hen #ooming in and out you may notice a small vertical !ar on the left side of the vie". (ry running 'pace Sniffer with #d inistrator pri$ileges i% you want to co pletely e2a ine the edia. 4t the end of the filtering operation the scan progress "ill !ecome visi!le again. 9lease support this soft"are let me kno" that you like it !y donating something.The progress *ar 4nother item you can notice is the progress !ar in the upper right side of the vie". Since the total si#e to !e scanned is kno"n only if you select a drive the progress !ar is sho"n only if you select a drive path. 'i ply e2plore your edia) you don/t need to wait %or page ? of 22 . Thank you in advance. #.ou can keep two $iews o% the sa e edia and use one to dig into and one to keep $isi!le the root with %ree space ele ent acti$e.

"ith e'ception if you start sniffing from a folder instead of a drive !ut this affects only the root element.jpg and pressing Enter key) e$erything !ut 6*7.jpg and pressing the Enter key) only 6*7.!ackslash. 0hen you apply a folder name mask filter only files "hose path contains a matching folder are included. char. *older name mask filters are the same as file name mask filters e'cept they apply to folders .SpaceSniffer User Manual printed on 11/01/2012 'paceSniffer to ter inate the scan9 .s %iles will !e displayed.s will !e displayed. Example: !y typing *. The 3iltering S"stem The filtering system is the most po"erful tool that SpaceSniffer offers to find "hat you are looking for. It has !een chosen as :s"itch: char !ecause it is for!idden in file and folder names . command is a path separator.3iltering *" ol!er name mask The filter !y file name mask applies only to files. If on the other hand you are using an e'clusion filter . 8y filtering you can virtually :slice : dice: your media molding the vie" content to suit your search needs. 8y placing a pipe character A2B in front of file mask you "ill negate it and this !ecomes an e'clusion filter. In this case you can use a folder name mask filter.1 .. @ust like the <.. . To identify a pattern as a folder mask pattern simply prepend it !y the $ \$ .ok) it/s o!$ious. It$s possi!le to type also a complete file name if you kno" "hat are you looking for. Sometimes you may "ant to search only under certain folders say temp folders. @ust type the filter in the filter entry field then press the Enter key or click the /i0ter !utton..3iltering *" ile name mask It is possi!le to filter the vie" !y file mask. Moreover folders "hose names match the mask are hilighted "ith the 89/7 style in their name.!y prepending the "hole pattern string !y the negation pipe 323 char. The %uestion mark character means A a single characterB "hile the asterisk character means Azero or ore charactersB. The !ackslash char doesn$t have the meaning of :root %older: it is simply a s"itch. . Masks are defined "ith special characters A1B and A*B.. This makes easy to understand "hy stuff has !een included !y the filter. &ou don$t kno" "here they are and at "hich nesting level on your media device !ut you know they are there and possi!ly more than one.2 . Example: !y typing |*. hence it cannot e'ist in an element name . e'cluded folders are not hilighted 7ust page C of 22 .S.

kilo !yte( 102= !. gb . Say for e'ample that your disk has a =G! cluster si#e. 'b .3iltering *" ile si-e &ou can look for files !igger/smaller than a given file si#e. Example: on the contrary) !y typing |\temp e$ery %ile under a temp %older 3at any nesting le$el4 is e2cluded. Example: !y typing >100kb 'paceSniffer will show only %iles !igger than 100k!.dis'si4eDc05stersi4eD(i0esi4eD0ogica0si4eDsi4e. For e2a ple) C:\Windows\temp\data\abc. <hen you apply a %older=%ile ask you are de%ining so e kind o% "coordinate" in a 2.synonims for disk space or (i0esi4e 0ogica0si4e si4e .ou can consider %older and %ile asks as a two di ensional %ilter. (he %irst a2is is the %older ask) the second a2is is the %ile ask. Example: # 20 !ytes %ile 3logical size4 will occupy 3partially4 one cluster) in this case >?! 3disk size4. (his eans that the disk space page H of 22 .3 . .. character follo"ed !y the si#e and the measure unit.SpaceSniffer User Manual printed on 11/01/2012 !ecause they are not displayed. This means that any file you "ill "rite on that disk "ill !e sliced into =G! :pieces:. 4 cluster is the smallest storage area you "ill affect !y "riting something on the device.txt would !e included.ou %irst "cut" the directory tree structure and isolate the searched %olders) then e2a ine the wanted %ile na es !y the other ask. The synta' of the search string is A>B . tb .tera !yte( 102= g!. . Hint: . mb . # @?! %ile will occupy two clusters) the %irst will !e %illed entirely) the second partially 3the 1?! le%t !y the %irst cluster4.mega !yte( 102= k!.E<D>FEsi-eFEbD'bDmbDgbDtbF 4vaila!le measure units are b . . &ou can prepend the si#e condition !y the key"ords dis'si4e c05stersi4e .or A<B. Hint: 'paceSniffer uses a %uzzy atch algorith to understand what you are %iltering %or.synonims for logical file si#e.oth a2is work independently. . 'o) you can type disksize) disk) dsk) dsksz and so on. 5urrently storage devices that you can normally find attached to your computer organi#e the space into clusters.giga !yte( 102= m!. #nd so on. The default is dis'si4e.. 4 %uick "ord a!out disk occupation and logical occupation. Example: !y typing \temp e$ery %ile under a temp %older 3at any nesting le$el4 is included.!yte.

8y placing a pipe character A2B in front of tag filter you "ill negate it and this !ecomes an e'clusion filter. Example: !y typing :a Example: !y typing |:a or :a you %ilter all tagged %iles..the colon is part of the synta'.I Example: !y typing :1 or :red you %ilter red tagged %iles. Instead of 1. .$D9. Example: !y typing |:! or |:green you e2clude green tagged %iles. or |:a %ilter all !ut tagged %iles. SpaceSniffer de%aults to disk size !ecause you are looking to reco$er space on disk) !ut i% you wish you can switch to logical size with the appropriate %ilter switch.4 .. to specify "hich file date you "ant to filter for..1.3iltering *" tag If you "ant to find tagged files .. For tag %iltering) the old synta2 is presented %or !ackward co pati!ility.2.SpaceSniffer User Manual printed on 11/01/2012 occupation is nor ally greater than the logical %ile size. page J of 22 . Example: !y typing a>1year 'paceSniffer will show %iles ne$er accessed in last year. .# . 8y default the filter applies to the modi(6 date !ut you can prepend creation modi(ication access .8 for your convenience you can use :red :6e00o) :green :b05e :a00 or 7r 76 7g 7b 7a. (he new synta2 needs that the %ilter starts with the :tag: or :tags: %ilter speci%ier) then you can speci%y one or ore colors %or %iltering. Note: 'ince release 1..normally modification date..creationDmodi(6Daccess.EredD6e00o)DgreenDb05eF. you can use the 71. Example: !y typing >1year 'paceSniffer will show %iles not odi%ied in the last year.and variations !ecause of the fu##y match algorithm.(.8 synta' .2.see ne2t chapter a!out tags..0) to acco plish the need o% any additional %ilters) a new synta2 has !een added %or the tag %ilter. . The synta' of the search string is similar to the previous one !ut the measure unit is different.3iltering *" ile age It is possi!le to search files !y their age . .E<D>FEageFEsecondsDmin5tesDmo5rsDda6sD)ee'sDmonthsD6earsF 4vaila!le measure units are seconds/secs/sec/s min5tes/mins/min/m ho5rs/ho5r/h da6s/da6/d )ee's/)ee'/) months/month 6ears/6ear/6.

Example: :tag:! or :tag:b or :tag:b # or :tag:b #e %ilters !lue tagged %iles.!y os. Note: *ossi!le co !inations are si ilar to the :tag:(%ilter. files encr6pted/encrptd/encptd/enc/e/cr6pted/cr6pt/cptd( encrypted . Example: :tag:" or :tag:y or :tag:ye ow %ilters yellow tagged %iles.3iltering *" ile attri*utes The file attri!utes filter specifier is 7attr7 or 7attrs7 then you can type your attri!ute filter. The follo"ing attri!utes are availa!le for filtering( • • • • • • • • • • • archive/archi/arch/arc/ar/a( archive files s6stem/s6s/s( system files readon06/rdon06/ron06/rdo/ro/r( readonly files hidden/hidn/hid/h( hidden files compressed/comprsd/compr/cpr/c( compressed .!y os. Example: :tag:a or :tag:a %ilters all tagged %iles.!y os. . files sparse/sp( sparse files a0ternatedatastream/a0ternate/a0tern/a0t/ads( alternate data streams this filters "orks only if the Ascan alternate data streamB option is active in configuration. files notindexed/notindx/notidx/noidx/nidx/ni( not inde'ed .. Example: :tag:red%green&b %ilters red) yellow !ut not !lue tagged %iles. Example: |:tag:1'!'&red starting pipe always negate the %ollowing %ilter. files o((0ine/o((/o0/o( offline files temporar6/temp/tmp/t( temporary . Example: :tag:$ or :tag:g or :tag:green %ilters green tagged %iles..os.SpaceSniffer User Manual printed on 11/01/2012 Example: :tag:1 or :tag:r or :tag:red %ilters red tagged %iles. . Example: :attr:arc)i*e%)idden Example:(:attr:%a&ro') Example: |:attr:temp page 10 of 22 .

.3ilter com*inations If you need to specify more than one condition it is possi!le !y separating each condition !y the A.*.see will negate the result o% the pre$ious e2a ple. (he display will react to the new %ilter) !ut the process will always scan all ele ents.*. WARNING: Eote that i% you delete a %older 3!y <indows 72plorer popup enu4 that is currently showing part o% all the container %iles8%olders due to a %ilter rule) you are deleting #FF (G7 C5E(7E() not only the $isi!le content9 (his is !ecause you are deleting the %older) and <indows 72plorer knows nothing a!out the %ilter applied into 'paceSniffer.*oc 3pro$iding that you ha$e not altered the original con%iguration) otherways !eha$ior will change4. ./ ac.ou can change the %ilter string also during the scan process.*.ai//.-#sic is eAui$alent to %ilter %or %ile e2tensions B.B character. m$a.*.*.3iltering *" ile class &ou can filter !y file class as defined in the Con%iguration -ialog .m$a.1 . are orKed together e'cluding masks are andKed together.!gp. If you type a non e'istent file class name an error message "ill".*. page 11 of 22 .including class file conditions.5sic is the name of the file class as defined in the Con%iguration -ialog under 'tyles8File Classes ta!. Example: C:c ass:+#dio.01mont)s will show all 6*7.. (his is !ecause you can change your ind and alter the %ilter whene$er you want.*.SpaceSniffer User Manual printed on 11/01/2012 .*.: character . This "ill let you type a shorter filter string instead of "rite all file e'tensions defined !y the file class.s and . If the configuration name contains spaces you can type them as"ell !ecause the parsing engine "ill split commands on :.*.wma.*.*.ai/..*.*!.see *ilter com!inations.*. 0% you do that) a new scan is not reAuired !ecause the %iltering is applied to the $iew and not to the s art cached data.*.mp!. 4ll other conditions are an!Ked together Example: *.wa*. Hint: .0Fs !igger than 100k! and younger than D onths.*.aac. .a#.a p.ogg. In the a!ove e'ample +5dio:..>100kb. 1ules are( • • *ile mask and tag conditions . Example: :c ass:+#dio. The configuration name is case insensitive.*.

Example: . So 7ust play "ith tags2 Hint: .ou can tag each ele ent only once) !ut ele ents will inherit the tag also %ro parents. -e%ine) say) a tag e2clusion %ilter) as e2plained in the %ilter chapter. Eow) i% you tag ele ents to green in the %irst $iew) they will disappear %ro the %irst $iew and appear into the second $iew.. If you are sure that the filter !o' is not focused you can also use the simpler 1 < 3 8 = key. <hen you %inished "shopping") you can e2port your cart with the e2port %unction 3see later4. . T h e Ta g g i n g S " s t e m If you "ant to track files or folders for !etter handling you can tag them. The tag is temporary( This means that "hen you close all the vie"s containing them they are lost.even elements hidden !y a filter rule. 0t will disappear %ro the $iew 3it has not !een deleted) only hidden4. There are four different tags( red 6e00o) green b05e. This means that the reset is applied on elements starting from the #oomed area .ou want a "shopping cart". (ype "|:r" and press E23E4 key.SpaceSniffer User Manual printed on 11/01/2012 .files and folders outside the #oomed area are left untouched. The !"#$digit( com!inations "orks al"ays also if the filter !o' has the focus. 0ith !"#$= you clear the tag on all elements in the #oomed vie" .ou want to e2clude so e !ig %olders %ro your $iew. (hen select the annoying %ile8ele ent and tag it red. 5n the second $iew set an inclusion %ilter " :g". .it$s an on/off s"itch. (his gi$es lots o% %iltering %le2i!ility. 8y tagging an element you put a temporary A!ookmarkB on it. 5n the %irst $iew set an e2clusion %ilter "|:g". 8y pressing the same key again you clear the tag . (o restore the ele ent into the $iew) clear the %ilter or clear the tag with C345%0. page 12 of 22 . This lets you continue navigating the disk structure and !e sure to find each tagged file !y filter for e'ample.. . 'uppose you want to e2clude red tagged ele ents. 3othing is stored on disk everything is kept in memory. 5pen two $iews o% the sa e edia de$ice. Simply hover the mouse on a file and press !"#$1 for red tag !"#$< for 6e00o) !"#$3 for green and !"#$8 for b05e. Example: .ut) to a$oid $iew cluttering) only the ele ent/s own tag is shown.

Sho& ree space If set auto activates the ASho) (ree spaceB option on ne" vie"s.1 . <nitial !etail le%el This is the initial detail level used !y ne" vie"s "hen they$re created. 0inimum element si-e 'pi. :lement proportions If you like a more hori#ontal or vertical layout for elements play "ith this setting. @ust one single 6M+ file.)eometr" ta* :lement ont si-e +ets you to set the graphical panel font si#e to accommodate your monitor resolution. of 22 . SpaceSniffer features a layout algorithm that tries to keep elements to the specified proportion.notice that only relevant items appear into vie" not everything. Sort items If set items are graphically sorted !y si#e so you can easy see "hat$s !ig. 4fter creation each vie" can !e configured independently "ith its o"n detail level as preferred.SpaceSniffer User Manual printed on 11/01/2012 1. 8igger element "ill !e placed near the top left edge letting smaller elements to the !ottom right edge.2 . The configuration is stored in a 6M+ file stored in the same folder of the application e'ecuta!le. 4on iguration SpaceSniffer can !e configured in !ehavior and aspect. 4ny"ay it$s not al"ays possi!le due to vie" space constraints.el( The minimum si#e in pi'el an element must have to appear into vie" . 1.Animation ta* =oom animation !uration 5ontrols ho" long the #oom effect takes.. This avoids display cluttering. Sho& unkno&n space If set auto activates ASho) 5n'no)n spaceB option on ne" vie"s. 1. The #oom effect is useful to make it clear "here page 1. 3o registry messing.

0hen the user stops "orking on the vie" the frame rate decreases smoothly to the lo"est frame rate letting the scan progress s%uee#e more 59U po"er. Lo"ever 4/S can !e used also !y viruses !ecause not all virus scanner are a!le to e'amine them.only for files. 3lash &in!o& a ter scan i hi!!en If you start a scan and minimi#e the "indo" at scan end then the "indo" "ill flash in the task !ar to "arn you. 0hen inactive and the tooltip is visi!le a mouse movement to another element hides the tooltip. >eep element tooltip open on change 0hen active and tooltip is visi!le if the mouse moves to another element the tooltip keeps visi!le and its content changes. It$s a matter of taste. Animation smoothness 5ontrols the frame rate of the scan animation. This is a 3T*S feature that can !e used !y some applications to store au'iliary data related to the main file.. ?eep it acti$e to get a2i u per%or ance.. 7"na=oom /ynamic #oom animates elements layout as long as the #oom animation goes on. /ynaSmooth lets you set the 4nimation smoothness to smoother levels "hile keeping really good scan performances. Then you need to "ait a moment for it to !e visi!le again.IML<.3 .. 4/S are :secondary hidden files: attached to normal files.SpaceSniffer User Manual printed on 11/01/2012 you are heading "hen digging into folders. 7"naSmooth /ynamic smooth changes the frame rate accordingly to user interaction. Sho& ile !ate an! time 4ctivates creation/modi(6/access dates .8eha%ior ta* Scan Alternate 7ata Streams )na!le 3T*S 4/S scanning. page 1= of 22 . 0hen you turn on this option the scan goes slo"er so use it only if needed.:dd/mm/yyyy: or "hatever your <. 1.the value is set !y the 4nimation smoothness parameter. Ligher the fre%uency the !etter and smoother the look !ut slo"er the scan.S. Standard #oom effect simply "orks "ith a precomputed screen shot that may also look nice and needs less 59U. visuali#ation in the tooltip . date format is used. If the user "orks "ith the mouse over the vie" the animation is kept at high frame rates . It needs more 59U po"er !ut looks !etter . 4ny"ay consider that no screen update is done if no ne" information is gathered. /efault is midK"ay.

St"les ta* This ta! contains more ta!s one for each availa!le visuali#ation style. +ight levels are controlled !y the nesting. visuali#ation in the tooltip .# . 0ouse ho%er Lighlights the element under the mouse pointer. 4s the the halo levels setting increase more parent elements are affected !y the highlighting. This can !e annoying to some users. If you e'aggerate the effect can !e pretty psychedelic. 1. &ou can define the default style to !e used at each ne" vie". In case deactivate.4 ./ook ta* /e%el contrast This setting lets you choose from a completely :flat: color scheme to a :deep vie": color scheme. This lets you to vary from a :gummy: look to a :hard edge: look. page 1> of 22 .only for files.SpaceSniffer User Manual printed on 11/01/2012 Sho& ile age 4ctivates creation/modi(6/access ages . 0ouse trail +eaves an highlight trail on elements "hen mouse moves. Popup log console on e%ent If a relevant event happens the log console "ill popup. months:. /og scan &arnings 8y ena!ling this option you tell Space Sniffer to log events "hen it cannot scan a folder or a file due to any reason.:1 year . 1. &ou can also open the log console from the main "indo" drop do"n menu. 8or!er contrast Makes elements !orders more or less noticea!le. 7rop sha!o& Selected element "ill drop a shado" to make it easy to visually track e'pecially during the scan process. 0hen a vie" is opened you can control the style from the tool!ar.. ?ighlight halo le%els 0hen the mouse hovers on an element this is highlighted.

3otice that only the first files are considered for the previe" production so the previe" "ill likely sho" a partial result. This means that only files starting at the current #oom level and sho"n !y the filter rules are considered for the output. The :. 4fter choosing the e'port configuration the previe" panel "ill display a short previe" of the output. )ach file class has a description and a list of file e'tensions .ou can custo ize it !y adding ore • Hint: (he e2port page 1? of 22 . Lence it can !e easily turned on/off directly from the tool!ar. The report is outputted on file and its layout can !e configured. &ou can range from a simple te't file to a more comple' LTM+ file for e'ample. *inally there is a co0or. Then you can choose an e'port configuration from the drop do"n list. If the same file e'tension e'ists in more than one class the choosed color is the color of the first matching class. . Then you activate the e'port module !y /i0e/Export menu command. The e'port procedure is as follo"s( • • • • *irst of all you isolate the files that you "ant to report !y navigating and filtering the media structure. 5. 0hen you use the *ile 5lasses style matching files are displayed "ith the !elonging class color. The e'port "indo" displays. odule is con%igura!le..SpaceSniffer User Manual printed on 11/01/2012 3lat 4olors ta* Lere you can specify your preferred color for the drive (o0der (i0e (ree space and 5n'no)n space entities.port 0o!ule The e'port module is useful "hen you need to produce a file report of the current filtered #oomed vie". Those are the !ase colors !ut they "ill !e darkened to sho" nesting accordingly to the +evel 5ontrast parameter.separated !y the :.: char. Some !uiltKin configurations are provided for your convenience. 8y pressing the e'port !utton on the tool !ar you start the e'port procedure. This style can help to understand the file type distri!ution on the analy#ed media !ut it can also clutter the vie" "ith too many colors. 3ile 4lasses ta* Lere you can define as many file classes as you "ish.

there is a synta' to correctly define the file e'tension please have a look directly at the e'ample in the panel. The design time mode sho"s more icons on the upper tool !ar and a ne" design section in the middle of the "indo". *lease e2peri ent) it ay !e ore %unny than you can think9 16. :. This is the default !ehavior and all users e'cept "ho "ants to customi#e the e'port configuration should use this mode. To enter customi#ation mode you need to click the small "rench icon ne't the configuration drop do"n list.SpaceSniffer User Manual printed on 11/01/2012 con%igurations and !y custo izing the with the !uilt-in e2port language. This means that it$s hiding all its comple'ity and tries to appear as simple as possi!le to the user. The first ta! contains glo!al informations a!out the e'port configuration. Then the A design timeB mode is engaged. If you press again the "rench icon you s"itch !ack to r5n time mode. &ou can specify the preferred (i0e name and extension . This is "here you customi#e your configuration.. &ou can also specify the primary and secondary sorting( 8lock sorting It$s the primary sorting "here you specify if for each folder you "ant listed first all su! folders first all contained files or if you don$t care. There is a ta! for the header a ta! for the detai0 and a ta! for the (ooter. The follo"ing ta!s contain the e'port configuration itself. 16.port 4ustomi-ation The SpaceSniffer e'port module is capa!le of producing te'tual reports. page 1C of 22 . The e'port engine is customi#a!le and lets you store many e'port configurations one for each specific need. This section is splitted in many parts each one reacha!le !y its o"n ta!. 0hen the e'port module is first sho"n in a SpaceSniffer "ork session it is in Ar5n timeB mode.1 .The glo*al in ormation panel This panel contains glo!al information a!out the current configuration.

5ommands are al"ays enclosed in ?-@ chars.. If you don$t care you can specify here. Typing simple te't is !oring.SpaceSniffer User Manual printed on 11/01/2012 3ine sorting It$s the secondary sorting "here you specify ho" to sort folders and files. There is a small te't editor "here you can type the te't that "ill !e e'ported to file. ommands( "hile tags contain te'tual information a!out the e'ported element command are used to adapt the output to your needs.consider the root as the currently #oomed element in the active vie". Lope this is useful to introduce you to the e'port customi#ation.ou ay notice that e$erything you type is e2ported. Lere "e introduce the t"o main elements of the scripting engine( • !ags( a tag is a key"ord surrounded !y <> and >>. 0hat "e "ant is to e'port file and folder data. Hint: Co ands can !e nested to get the desired result. )ven ta!s and ne"lines are considered for the e'port. There are commands for formatting for testing and so on. (his ode is suited %or $ery si ple scripts !ut when you need to indent your code you need to switch to the HscriptI ode) !y inserting the 6script7 co and at the start o% the script. 3o" let$s e'periment ha$e %un2 page 1H of 22 . • Hint: . (his co and will disa!le the e2porting o% ta!s and newlines. This is a really short introduction to the scripting engine. +et$s no" consider the detail panel. There are lots of tags 7ust e'plore all of them !y right clicking the mouse over the script editor. #t this point) i% you really need to e2port a ta! or a newline) you ust use the 68tab7 and 68br7 co ands. *or e'ample <>path>>. (hese co ands work also in si ple ode) they 1ust i2 with nor al ta!s and newlines. 'o you cannot indent your code !ecause the indentation will !e e2ported. 0hen you type something the previe" panel reflects your changes. The descending check !o' is used to invert the sorting. The hea!er@ !etail@ ooter panels 4ll these three panels "ork the same. 0hen you type a tag into a script it is e'panded "ith the corresponding value of the folder or file. The only difference !et"een the three panels is that for header and footer panels only the information of the root container is availa!le . 4 popup menu "ill appear listing all tags !y category. &ou can find all availa!le commands !y right clicking the mouse on the script editor. The header is used to define a report header the footer to define a report footer and the detail is used for each folder or file to !e e'ported. If you type simple te't this "ill !e e'ported asKis "ithout modifications.

SpaceSni((er.Scan an! ilter comman!s +et$s e'plain ho" to drive SpaceSniffer through parameters( SpaceSni((er.>1=='b got the ideaO page 1J of 22 . SpaceSni((er.1 .e7\ (i0ter *.d7\ "ill start t"o scan vie"s on respective paths.exe scan c7\ (i0ter *.exe scan c7\ "ill start a single scan on drive c(M SpaceSni((er. 11.SpaceSniffer User Manual printed on 11/01/2012 11. To vie" all the possi!ilities you can type in a command prompt( SpaceSni((er. SpaceSni((er.exe scan Ac7\Program / the filter command "ill apply to the previous scan command.exe scan c7\.jpg scan d7\.exe he0p <r you can choose the A ommand 0ine he0pB in the A+bo5tB menu of the main "indo". So this "ill scan the c(M drive for @9)Ns and NI*s.c7\Bindo)sC you can type also a complete path 7ust consider that if the path contains spaces all the compound paths parameter must !e surrounded "ith AC chars.exe scan c7\ (i0ter *. 4omman! Prompt &ou can start SpaceSniffer also through the command prompt.*. SpaceSniffer can understand some parameters commands.

Note: (he e2port con%iguration na e is si ply the na e you gi$e to an e2port con%iguration as seen in the e2port dialog. ands %or each scan co and. page 20 of 22 . The export command needs t"o parameters( an e'port configuration name and a destination file name.txt a5toc0ose 8y specifying the a5toc0ose command SpaceSniffer "ill terminate itself after all e'port operations are finished.2 . (his with two di%%erent e2port co ands. Hint: . SpaceSni((er.SpaceSniffer User Manual printed on 11/01/2012 11. 0% e2port na e or the %ile path contain spaces) you need to enclose the with dou!le Auotes) respecti$ely.ou can speci%y zero or ore export co eans that you can start two scans and e2port the (he !eha$ior is si ilar to /i ter co and.:.jpg export 3Dro5ped b6 (o0der3 c7\export. (he s art cache engine will scan the path once 3!ut produce two scan $iews) each with a di%%erent export co and attached to the 4.exe scan c7\ export 3Dro5ped b6 (o0der3 c7\export.txt &ou can automatically e'port a vie" !y using the export command. Note: the e2port phase will auto atically !egin at the end o% all scan operations. Hint: 0% you want to e2port the sa e scan with two di%%erent export co ands) please speci%y the scan co and twice on the sa e path. SpaceSni((er.exe scan c7\ (i0ter *. #ll e2port operations are serialized to a$oid disk trashing. 0% the user cancels a scan operation or an e2port operation) all re aining e2ports will !e a!orted.port comman! It is possi!le to automatically e'port scan result at the end of the scan operation. Note: 0% there is no e2port co and or the user cancels a scan or an e2port operation) the autoclose co and will !e ignored.

S. The only e'ceptions are the : hec' (or 5pdate: option that "ill open the do"nload page letting you check if a ne" version has !een released the AS5pport this projectEB option that "ill open the donation page in your default !ro"ser and the A+bo5t *oxB that contains a link to A))). 1emem!er to specify the key"ord or your mail could !e !locked !y the antispam filter. folders so the result is correct even under ?= !it systems.S.3 . It "ill never attempt to connect to the internet !y itself. If it$s not possi!le to get this privilege the application still "orks !ut you$ll pro!a!ly notice that some unkno"n space "ill stay in the "ay also after the end of the scan process.S.3ile s"stem e%ents SpaceSniffer listens to file system events so it can reflect changes made outside of the application.3ile han!ling SpaceSniffer algorithms "orks in read only mode.itB.2 . page 21 of 22 . 12. The only e'ception is "hen SpaceSniffer saves the configuration into his configuration 6M+ file. It is possi!le to access the 0indo"s )'plorer popup menu for a folder or a file !y right mouse clicking on a vie" element. 12. So if you delete a file it$s !ecause you deleted it through 0indo"s )'plorer functions not SpaceSniffer$s.SpaceSniffer User Manual printed on 11/01/2012 12.2 !it !ut "hen runned under a ?= !it environment it asks to the <..1 .2/?=!it. If the application can o!tain this right or not depends on your privileges in the <.4 . <n the contrary no saving is performed and the program %uietly accepts the fact .S. the permission to e'amine also the ?= !it <.. and media type.Pri%ilege reAuest 0henever possi!le SpaceSniffer tries to get the 8ackup <perator privilege that gives the possi!ility to e'amine protected folders. This feature may not !e supported depending on the <.<nternet connection SpaceSniffer plays polite.4ompati*ilit" SpaceSniffer has !een tested on 0indo"s 2000 S9=/69/Pista/C . If it$s possi!le to save then it "ill !e done.4ontact in os If you "ant to contact me for information or to su!mit hints or !ug reports please "rite to in(oF5der4o. 5urrently SpaceSniffer code is . "ill not !e a!le to persist your customi#ations. So if SpaceSniffer connects to the internet it$s !ecause you told it to do and specify the key"ord spacesni((er in the mail su!7ect. 12.# . 12. systems.5der4o. 3inal $otes 12. .

8y donating you sho" me your appreciation and encourage further product development. . Thank you for your support. &ou can do so on the donation internet page !y choosing the donation tool !ar !utton or the AS5pport this projectEB option in the help menu. Copyright © 2007-2012 Uderzo U !erto) please read the -isclai er page 22 of 22 .SpaceSniffer User Manual printed on 11/01/2012 12..Please supportB If you feel this soft"are comes handy to you please consider donating to the pro7ect.

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