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Dear Respondent, I, Kanika Shah, student of Navnirman Institute of Management, Surat is conducting a survey to study “Impact on students due

to addiction of social networking sites” in Surat city in partial fulfillment of semester 6. Data which I collect from you will be used for academic purpose only. We kindly request you to provide your valuable data. I would be heartly thankful for your co-orporation.

1. Are you a member of multiple social networking sites? ☐Yes ☐No

2. Which of the following social networking sites are you a member of? ☐ Facebook. ☐Twitter ☐Google Plus ☐Flickr ☐Orkut ☐Youtube ☐Others

3. How many times in a day do you visit your page on a social networking site? ☐Once a day ☐Every hour ☐Every few hours ☐2-5 times a day ☐More than 5 times ☐Always logged on

4. Do you visit your social networking site with no goal or specific purpose in mind? ☐Always ☐Rarely ☐Sometimes ☐Never

5. Do you have more friends on social networking site than in real life? ☐Yes ☐No

6. Do you prefer to interact with people on social networking site rather than face to face? ☐Always ☐Rarely ☐Sometimes ☐Never

7. Do you feel frustrated when the server goes down? ☐Yes ☐No

Have you been ever disturbed by the social networking site during your academics? ☐Yes ☐No ☐Sometimes 15. Do you stay up late to spend more time on social networking site? ☐Yes ☐No ☐Sometimes 14. ☐Sometimes ☐Never Have you ever ignored a responsibility because of social networking site? ☐Always ☐Sometimes ☐Rarely ☐Never 13. Do you feel depressed when someone does not admire or like you on social networking site? ☐Yes ☐No 9. Has the social networking site ever influenced your eating habits? ☐Yes ☐No ☐Sometimes . For what reason do you use social networking site? ☐Find new friends ☐Play interactive games ☐Chat ☐Time pass ☐Update our profile ☐Check out what others are doing 11. Would you accept strangers who add you on social networking sites? ☐Always ☐Rarely 12.8. Do you check your social networking site through your phone while travelling? ☐Always ☐Rarely ☐Sometimes ☐Never 10.

PERSONAL DETAILS Name: Gender: ☐ Female ☐ Male Age: ☐ 16-18 ☐ 18.21 College:_______________________ .