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Hindustan Institute of Management & Computer Studies Sales & Distribution Management (MB MK 03

Time: 1.5 hrs Attempt any five (5) Questions. All questions carry equal marks. Q1 What are the qualities required of a good sales person? Explain different types of salesmen. Q2 Discuss the process of personal selling in detail. Q3 discuss the various types of sales force structure. Which sales force structure is commonly used by automotive companies? Q4 “Sales forecasting is a very difficult task, thus sales managers are equipped with some guidelines to enhance the accuracy of the sales forecast.” In the light of above statement explain sales forecasting & its guiding principles. Q5 Explain the methods of designing sales territories. Define the benefits of a good territory design. Q6 Why is sales organization important? What are the various types of sales organization? Q7 Write short notes on any two: (a) Role of sales manager (b) AIDA Theory (c) Routing & Scheduling sales personnel (d) Salesmanship Total Marks: 50