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SALES MANAGEMENT GAME Routing Exercise Industry ____ Company ____

Your Selling Day: A Time and Territory Game Your sales manager is working with you tomorrow only, and you want to call on your customers with the greatest sales potential. Because you are on a straight commission, you will have the opportunity to ma imi!e your income "or that day. The area o" your territory that you "eel should #e covered tomorrow contains si teen (16) customers. To determine travel time, allow "i"teen (15) minutes "or each side o" each small s$uare. %ach sales call takes thirty &'() minutes. You can leave your house at *:(( a.m. or later. Time "or lunch, which your sales manager+s dia#etic condition re$uires, is "orty,"ive &-.) minutes. Your last customer cannot #e contacted a"ter -:'( p.m., in order to allow enough sales time and your customers do not see salespeople a"ter .:(( p.m. Travel home can #e done a"ter .:(( p.m.

Sales /otential 0-,(((.

Futrell, Charles M., Sales Management, 6th ed. Fort !orth, T"# The $ryden %ress, &''(), pp. **+,-. SALES MANAGEMENT GAME

*.es the h/ghest sales potent/al 0or the day your 1oss 2or3s 2/th you.elop the route that g/.Routing Exercise Industry ____ Company ____ Filed: &. $e. Day One Action Day Two Action Time 8:15am 8:30am 8:45am 9:00am 9:15am 9:30am 9:45am 10:00am 10:15am 10:30am 10:45am 11:00am 11:15am 11:30am 11:45am Noon 12:15 m 12:30 m 12:45 m 1:00 m 1:15 m 1:30 m 1:45 m 2:00 m 2:15 m 2:30 m 2:45 m 3:00 m 3:15 m 3:30 m 3:45 m 4:00 m 4:15 m 4:30 m 4:45 m 5:00 m Total !"# Value Value ! ! . $e.elop the route allo2/ng you to 4onta4t the rema/n/ng 4ustomers /n th/s part o0 your terr/tory.