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Raspberry Pi emonBase

The Raspberry Pi needs no introduction, it's a great piece of hardware. A low power, low cost Linux credit-card sized computer made in the UK. As soon as we heard of the Raspberry Pi we knew it would make a great emonBase energy monitoring base station. The Raspberry Pi is powerful enough to run a web server running emoncms open-source logging and visualisation web-app while being low power enough to be left running 24/7. Using the Raspberry Pi to log energy monitoring data locally (onto it's SD card) has advantage of not having to be reliant on a stable web connection when logging to a remote sever and gives you total control over your data.

A Raspberry Pi running emoncms with an RFM12Pi expansion board can be used as a powerful emonBase base-station to log, process and visualise energy, temperature and other environmental data. Data can be logged locally to the Raspberry Pi's SD card and/or to a remote emoncms server. Emoncms graphs and dashboards are served from the Raspberry Pi's web-server. Checkout the documentation links below for more information and setup instructions. In the future we plan to release a 'ready to go' Pi SD card image with emoncms pre installed and configured to work with the RFM12Pi. Documentation Links: RFM12Pi Setup Guide & Documentation Wiki: title=Raspberry_Pi RFM12Pi Shop Item: Location: Siurana, Siurana Labels: emonBase
Raspberry Pi with RFM12Pi Expansion

RFM12Pi Raspberry Pi GPIO Wireless Expansion Board

Thanks to Baptiste Gaultier for this nice emoncms dashboard example . .