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1. Start my own business 2. Become a lovely wife and wear his last name 3. Have two beautiful children 4. Been everywhere in Greece 5. Learn to speak a new language 6. Go on the first best plane to anywhere 7. Go on a donkey ride 8. Taking a little tattoo with a special meaning 9. Have a walk-in closet 10. Watch a movie at a drive-in cinema 11. Visit Venice during the carnival 12. Celebrate New years in Berlin 13. Create my own website 14. Go to Lowlands one more time 15. Go couchsurfing 16. Solve the Rubik’s Cube 17. Go to the Moulin Rouge in Paris 18. See every playlet of Isabelle Beernaert (seen 4) 19. Take a photo every day for a year (started 2014) 20. Have diner at the Euromast 21. Go to New York 22. Stay at a Waldorf Astoria 23. Go on a road trip through America 24. Go on a cruise with the Holland America line 25. Go to Prague and visit the Starý Zidovsky hrbitov 26. Party at Sziget in Budapest