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Part 1

Gnapllisc:he SYlmbole fUr technische Zeichlnurlgen; This standard, to'letlner
DIN 2429 Part
DIN 2429,
means of
by Irepresenl:ing further
so as to empluilsl2:e
ol1llttirlg all the details,
replresEtntation of   s'ystetl1ls.
a) either SUl::lphem,ent a araohiCal
l'l){I,IRI'll'llnrv text, or
SUPl::llenlent a gra!::lhical
Where the of a is not easy to understand in
a case, the user may
The gra.phiical syll1bols shown in this standard are based on
the established in ISO 3461 Part 2.
meianirlg of gral::lhical
plpework components, valves
repl'eSElntation of pipEework
sys·temls. repreSe!lt components or functions CO!11fflonly
emplo:fed in systems (see notes).
Grslphlical symbols for SUr)pI19ml:'lntary
nents or functions which may be
be in spl:'lciaIi2:ed
This standard
synlbols for the representaticm
valves and actuators on drawirlQs.
cation and selection of use in cOll1pute,r-aidetd
will be
The amendments made to the 1962 edition of DIN 2429.
a) DIN 2429 has been up Into Part 1 and Part 2.
b) for pipework in standards issued standards committees have been taken into consideration in
this revision. syrnb,ols in documentation need not be amended but are to be in all new
work the here.
drawinigs; functional
rules and
on of piplework
DIN 2429: 01.62.
reilires.entation; exsimrlles of the representaticm of open or shut-off flow
Gelneral prinl:::iples for the creation of for use in technical prclduct documen-
Technical drawinlgs; sirriplilled of pipelinles; isometric prcljec:tlo,n
DIN 2429 Part 1 Part 4:
DIN 2429
ISO 3461 Part 2.
ISOIDIS 6412 Part 2
DIN 2429 Part 2
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