SOAL TEST MARKETING 1. Apakah yang Anda ketahui tentang marketing secara umum ? 2.

Seandainya Anda telah diterima menjadi seorang petugas marketing dalam sebuah LBB, bagaimana cara Anda mencari konsumen ? 3. Sebutkan dasar-dasar marketing yang Anda ketahui ! 4. Buatlah suatu deskripsi singkat program marketing yang menurut Anda efektif dalam hal menarik konsumen ! 5. Bagaimana cara Anda meyakinkan pada konsumen bahwa perusahaan kami lebih unggul dari perusahaan lain yang sejenis ? Jelaskan ! 6. Saat Anda harus berkomunikasi tentang informasi yang kompleks; bagaimana situasi, pendekatan apa yang Anda ambil dan apa hasilnya ? 7. Langkah-langkah apa yang akan Anda ambil dalam rangka memupuk kesadaran komersial tentang keunggulan jasa kursus kami dan fokus penjualan dalam tim layanan pelanggan ?

• Tell me about a recent sales and marketing strategy you implemented which failed to reach its objectives. What did you learn from it? • Tell me about a time when you had to make a sales presentation to major client. Did you get your message across successfully? • Tell me how you handle confrontation? Please give me a recent example? • Tell me about the last time you had to use your negotiating skills to bring about increased sales from a major client. • Tell me about a salesperson you know who has inspired you. What did you learn from him/her? How have you been able to incorporate these methods into your own sales skills? • How do you think you could improve your existing customer services policies? • How do you handle negative feedback from angry customers? How do you normally respond to them? • Have you ever felt during course of your work that the existing systems and solutions are not sufficient to meet needs of customers properly and need to be changed? If so, tell me more. • Tell me about the methods you use to keep informed of your sales teams's activities and progress towards their set objectives. • How do you keep up to date with recent developments in your field • Tell me about a recent sales and marketing strategy you implemented which failed to reach its objectives. What did you learn from it? • How have you fostered an atmosphere and ethos of aggressive but ethical selling behavior in your area? • When you need to employ somebody with strong sales skills, what do you look out for? • Tell me about a successful lead and referrals generation system that you created (or improved) and implemented. • When your sales team has been in danger of failing to reach their targets, what steps do you normally take? • What steps do you undertake when you have an idea to improve either a company service or product? Give me a recent example. • Tell me about a time when you had to make a sales presentation to major clients. Did you get your message across successfully? • Describe a project you undertook that required researching for possible foreign distributors for your products, how did you go about it? • What steps do you normally take to develop relationships with key Opinion Leaders (KOL). Can you give me a recent example? • Tell me about the most difficult distributor you have had to deal with? Why were they so difficult? How did you handle them? • How have you dealt with rejection in the past? Can you give me some examples? • Tell me about an opportunity you foresaw in the overseas market for a new product or for an adaptation of an existing product. What steps did you take? Were you successful? • How many foreign languages do you speak? How did you learn them? • What steps have you taken to become proficient in the use of modern office software? Which software programs are you familiar with? • Tell me about a time when your company had to make a dubious decision, and there was a possibility of an adverse public reaction. How did you manage the situation? • Tell me about a situation where two of your managers were at odds and you helped to negotiate a solution acceptable to all. • Tell me about a time when you anticipated a serious potential problem in a company's marketing strategy. How were you able to anticipate it? • Tell me about a recent sales and marketing strategy you implemented which failed to reach its objectives. What did you learn from it?

• What steps do you undertake when you have an idea to improve one of your organization's marketing strategies -maybe in relation to loyalty/incentive programs, brand management or online campaigns? Please give me a recent example.

20 samples of sales interview questions and marketing job interview: 1. What is your own definition of marketing? How do you measure the effectiveness of marketing based on your definition? 2. In sales negotiation, how would you go about persuading and convincing a customer who is reluctant in buying your product? 3. If the customer insists he or she is not interested in your product, at what point you will stop pitching about the product? 4. Describe a situation where you need to explain and convey a complex information to your customer during a buying process. 5. As you are working with a relatively big organization, describe your engagement, if any, with other business units and divisions. What are your roles and how do you work with other departments in achieving common business objectives. 6. You described in your resume that you spearheaded the marketing effort in making one of your company’s products nationally endorsed by the Ministry of Health. How did you achieve this? What were the challenges that you faced, and what were the measures taken in order for you to step up your effort and eventually making the project successful? 7. Marketing requires huge expenditure commitment. Are you agreeable to this statement? Why? 8. You just join a new company. A few weeks later you discover that one or two of your subordinates do not perform well in their job. How would you handle them? What will be your approach in handling the situation? 9. Has there been any suggestion from your end to your existing company on ways to improve the marketing function? What are those? Are they accepted? 10. Can you describe a specific example where you presented an idea to your supervisor and it resulted in a tense argument? 11. It seems you handle more than 2 major marketing projects at one time. How would you keep track of their progress? How do you make sure you stay focused, and most importantly, how do you make sure you prioritize your work right? 12. Talking about priority again, inevitably, it changes as the days or weeks go by. How do you cope with the changes in priority? How does this affect your motivation, productivity, and the running of your team? 13. Unhealthy argument can sometimes occur during the sales presentation. If the situation arises, how would you handle the situation? Have you had such incident before? What happen exactly? What were the final results? 14. I see you have managed to build a number of collaborations and partnerships for your products, which is quite an achievement. How do you achieve this? What are your steps in reaching the final agreement? 15. If you are a sales or marketing personnel from a relatively small company, how do you approach a large or multinational company in proposing a joint venture or partnership collaboration? 16. How would you utilize your marketing experience in our company? How best we can see you perform? 17. What are the specific functions in your roles now that you enjoy the most? Why? What about functions that are not likeable to you? Why? 18. We welcome changes, and as such we will be happy to invite new marketing personnel who would bring changes to the organization and operation, even though the ideas seem to be crazy at first. Have you come up with something like this before, i.e. out-of-the-box ideas for your company? 19. Your marketing experience for the past five years has been all related to IT products. I am not at all convinced you have what it takes to handle ours, which are pharmaceutical and life sciences products. How would you change my mind? 20. If sales/marketing is not your field of choice, what would the first option be?

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