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World War 2 Unit Test Study Guide with Answers

1. Why was the rise of dictators a cause for concern from other European nations?

Often, a dictators goal was to gain land and power by attacking and conquering other countries. Other European nations did not want to be threatened by attack.

2. How did life change for African Americans and women during World War 2?

African Americans began working in factories, but for lower pay than white factory workers. hey ser!ed in the military in segregated units. he uskegee Airmen became the first African American fighter pilots.

. What were the causes of WW2 !eginning in Europe?

1. "itler built an army in #ermany although the reaty of $ersailles forbade it. %. A&is leaders began in!ading and conquering other countries in Europe, Asia, and Africa. '. he Allied (owers warned "itler that if he attacked (oland that the Allies would attack #ermany, but "itler ignored the threat and attacked. )ritain and *rance declared war on #ermany.

". What caused America to #oin the war?

On +ecember ,, 1-.1, /apan attacked the 0.1. na!al base at (earl "arbor, "awaii. 2n response to /apans attack, the 0nited 1tates declared war on /apan.

3. 4now the ma#or powers during WW2$ A%%&ES A'&S

#reat )ritain *rance he 1o!iet 0nion

#ermany 2taly /apan

he 0nited 1tates
(. Why were many European nations angered with Germany ta)ing o*er lands in Europe?

According to the reaty of $ersailles, #ermany was not supposed to build an army. Adolf "itler ignored the treaty.

+. ,now the significance of the following e*ents$ a. (earl "arbor5 On +ecember ,, 1-.1, /apan in!aded the na!al base at (earl "arbor,


he 0nited 1tates declared war on /apan following the attack.

b. +6+ay5 On /une 7, 1-.., led by #eneral +wight +. Eisenhower, the Allied forces

in!aded the beaches at 8ormandy, *rance. world history.

c. 2wo /ima5

his was the largest in!asion by sea in

he Allies won the battle.

he Allies, using #eneral +ouglas 9acArthurs :island hopping; strategy, he battle on 2wo /ima

in!aded the island of 2wo /ima, /apan in *ebruary 1-.3. was fierce and both the Allies and A&is lost many soldiers.

d. $E +ay5 :$ictory in Europe; On 9ay <, 1-.3, #ermany surrendered. e. $/ +ay5 :$ictory in /apan; On August 1., 1-.3, following two atomic bombs being

dropped in their country, /apan surrendered.

f. he "olocaust5

hroughout "itlers rule as dictator, his 8a=i party sought to

eliminate the entire /ewish population. /ews were imprisoned in concentration camps and appro&imately 7 million were killed.

-. Why did Harry S. Truman decided to use the atomic !om!s in .apan?

*ollowing the battles in the (acific 2slands and high number of casualties in those battles, Allied military leaders feared that in!ading /apan could cost as many as one million American li!es. (resident "arry 1. ruman decided to use the atomic bomb in the hopes of forcing /apan to surrender and to sa!e many American li!es.

/. ,now the leaders during WW2 of the following countries$ a. /apan5 "ideki o>o b. #ermany5 Adolf "itler c. #reat )ritain5 Winston ?hurchill d. 0nited 1tates @both presidentsA5 *ranklin +. Boose!elt C "arry 1. ruman e. 2taly5 )enito 9ussolini f. 1o!iet 0nion5 /oseph 1talin

1D. What was the 0anhattan 1ro#ect?

he 9anhattan (ro>ect was the code name gi!en to the effort to build an atomic bomb.

11. Understand the significance of the following !attles$ a. )attle of 9idway5 American forces found out about /apans planned attack on

9idway 2sland by cracking the /apanese code.

he Americans were prepared for

the attack and many /apanese ships and planes were destroyed. *ollowing this battle, /apans na!y was no longer strong enough to continue to capture islands in the (acific and the 0nited 1tates began to win back territory from /apan.
b. )attle of 1talingrad5 A battle fought by 1o!iet and #ermany soldiers in the city

of 1talingrad. #erman forces had to surrender to the 1o!iet forces. *ollowing the )attle of 1talingrad, the 1o!iet army began forcing #ermany to retreat.


What is a *ictory garden is and what is its purpose?

)ecause of the rationing of food in the 0nited 1tates during World War %, many families began planting !egetable gardens in order to increase the amount of food a!ailable in the country.

2 .

What are the reasons that Americans were rationing during the war?

)ecause there were millions of soldiers fighting in the war who needed to ha!e food supplied for them, the country faced a food shortage. Bationing helped to ensure that there was enough food to send to soldiers fighting in the war.