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Grade 6 Parliament Letter

Grade 6 Parliament Letter

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Published by Ted Bauer
Grade 6 class writes letter to AB MLA's over their conduct.
Grade 6 class writes letter to AB MLA's over their conduct.

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Published by: Ted Bauer on Mar 12, 2014
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4501 – 52 Avenue
Innisfail, AB 4! 1A"
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Innisfail Mi00le S1$%%l !2a0e + ea/
114 H%n%2%u2a9le !ene C-%D0es=6
#2e/ie2 Allis%n ;e0f%20, EC
Ms. Danielle S/i7$
M2. B2ian Mas%n
D2. ;a> S$e2/an

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