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Theme and Trailer song promotion heavily on digital platform

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For the first time ever the logo on the YRF Studio building has been changed. They have changed their logo to Aamir Khan's Dhoom 3 joker's mask. Throwing some cues about Aamirs negative role in the movie. Drawing a parallel to Joker of the Batman series. This has generated a lot of excitement and curiosity among the audience.

Salman Khan takes the hat out of Bigg Boss' special box and sports it for a week on the TV reality show-Bigg Boss 7. Bigg Boss housemates played a game involving the hat. Hat, jokers mask and other visual motifs have been used effectively to create multiple brand associations with the parent brand. WOM marketing at its best.A strong message to TV viewers and Salman Khan fans.

The children day celebration on Kaun Banega Crorepati turned out to be special for hundreds of children. Turns out in a simple avatar: jeans, tee n slippers. Oppurtunity for more than 100 school children. Looked like a last minute arrangement. Complemented with Big Bs tweet after the show about the movie.

Never before a movie has come out with such a huge spread of a hoardings. The entire campaign is to highlight the release date of the movie. Crossing all bars to create a certain mystery around it and build curiosity. From releasing only 30 seconds visuals of songs to no previews, the makers have got the audience spellbound.