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King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals

College of Engineering Sciences

Department of Mechanical Engineering Term 062 (2005-2006, Fall Semester) ME 210 Cornerstone Design Proje t !uidelines for Proje t "e#ort
! 2! *! .! 5! 6! /! 1! 2! 0! " co#er page sho$ing title of pro%ect, the st&'ents name an' (D an' co&rse ) an' section! (ntro'&ction of the pro%ect! " free han' s+etch of e#er, st&'ent-s concept! "'#antage an' 'isa'#antage of each concept " free han' s+etch of selecte' concept! Complete $or+ing 'ra$ings of all parts! Complete $or+ing 'ra$ing of assem0l, $ith ta0le an' 0alloon (no 'imension)! Contri0&tion of each st&'ent to$ar's the pro%ect! Concl&sion! 3ne report sho&l' 0e s&0mitte' 0, one gro&p!

$y %e&C'
! 2! *! .! 5! S&0mit all par files ma'e 0, soli' $or+s! S&0mit all 'ra$ing files ma'e 0, soli' $or+s! S&0mit assem0l, file ma'e 0, soli' $or+s! S&0mit all the a0o#e $or+ thro&gh $e0CT! The path is Assignment, Project! 3ne gro&p has to s&0mit onl, one time! "n, one st&'ent can s&0mit!