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Suzanne Gollery - Fall 2010 - BIOL 410/415

Course Code & No. - Section: Course Title (Credits): Term & Year: Course Ref. No. (CRN): nstructor: !"one(s): #mail: $ffice: $ffice %ours:

BIOL 410/415 - Section 1 Genetics (3) an La! (1) Fall / 2010 "0054 an "0055 #r$ Suzanne %$ Gollery &'45( or ''5-"13-4215 (")00 a$*$ to +)00 ,$*$) s-ollery.sierrane/a a$e u 012S3 roo* 223 4 1)00 5 2)30 ,$*$3 0 2)30 5 4)00 ,$*$ % 10)00 5 11)30 a$*$3 F 10)00 a$*$ - 11)30 a$*$3 an !y a,,oint*ent BIOL 410) 4% 11)30-12)45 a$*$ BIOL 415) F 1)00-3)45 ,$*$ 012S3 roo* 204 (Biolo-y La!) BIOL 1013 BIOL 1023 4708 251 (Statistics) BIOL 410 an BIOL 415 are core9uisites

Class &eetin' Time: (ocation: !rere)uisites (6ro* 1atalo-): Core)uisites (6ro* 1atalo-): Course *escri+tion

BIOL 410) Genetics (3) 1ore9uisite) BIOL 415$ Intro uction to t:e trans*ission an e&,ression o6 -enetic *aterial as it occurs in nucleate or-anis*s 6ro* yeast to *an$ 0:e -enetic !iolo-y o6 eu;aryotes is consi ere on t:e *olecular3 cellular3 e/elo,*ental3 6a*ilial3 an ,o,ulation le/els3 <it: e*,:asis on in6erences ra<n 6ro* e&,eri*ents an o!ser/ations$ BIOL 415) Genetics La! (1) 1ore9uisite) BIOL 410$ Intro uction to *o ern *olecular -enetics tec:ni9ues3 inclu in- reco*!inant #=7 tec:nolo-y3 restriction *a,,in-3 Sout:ern !lottin-3 >1?3 #=7 se9uencin-3 an !ioin6or*atics$

Student $utcomes @,on co*,letion o6 Genetics an La!3 stu ents <ill

e*onstrate su66icient un erstan in- an recall o6 t:e trans*ission an e&,ression o6 -enetic *aterial o6 eu;aryotes to !e success6ul in -ra uate le/el !iolo-y an :ealt: science courses$ e*onstrate s;ill at rea in- an co*,re:en in- ori-inal scienti6ic researc: ,a,ers$ e*onstrate a!ility to ans<er 9uestions a!out eu;aryotic -enetics li;e t:ose on stan ar ize e&a*s (suc: as t:e G?23 41703 or senior e&it e&a*s)$ e*onstrate s;ill at critical analysis3 lo-ic3 an ,ro!le* sol/in- relatin- to t:e trans*ission an e&,ression o6 eu;aryotic -enetic *aterial$ co**unicate a!out an criti9ue issues surroun in- a,,lication o6 *olecular -enetic tec:nolo-y to sol/e societal ,ro!le*s$ e*onstrate co*,etence in !asic *olecular -enetics tec:ni9ues$ e*onstrate co*,etence in ,resentin- an analyzin- scienti6ic ata in t:e 6or*at use !y ,eer-re/ie<e scienti6ic Aournals$

&et"ods of ,ssessin' Student $utcomes: Stu ent outco*es <ill !e assesse usin- t:e 6ollo<in-)
Instructor o!ser/ation o6 stu ent ,artici,ation in class an la!oratory acti/ities Online assi-n*ents coor inate <it: class to,ic %ritten :o*e<or; assi-n*ents coor inate <it: class to,ics Bournals in <:ic: stu ents critically e/aluate conce,ts/to,ics ,resente in !oo; a!out G4 6oo s


@, ate 13-7u--10

Course Syllabus - - / 11

Suzanne Gollery - Fall 2010 - BIOL 410/415

Four e&a*s3 eac: co/erin- a!out one 9uarter o6 t:e course *aterial3 in *ulti,le c:oice3 *atc:in-3 true or 6alse3 an s:ort ans<er 6or*at 7 co*,re:ensi/e 6inal e&a* in *ulti,le c:oice3 *atc:in-3 true or 6alse3 an s:ort ans<er 6or*at %ritten la!oratory assi-n*ents an la!oratory re,orts

nstructional Strate'ies: 0:is class <ill utilize :o*e<or; assi-n*ents co*,lete ,rior to class3 Socratic
re/ie< o6 :o*e<or; to,ics in class3 lectures3 s*all -rou, acti/ities3 class iscussions3 an in9uiry learnin- in la!oratory$ 0:e course *a;es use o6 t:e Moodle course *ana-e*ent syste*$

Re)uired Te.ts and &aterials 1$ %illia* S$ Clu-3 4ic:ael ?$ 1u**in-s3 1:arlotte 7$ S,encer3 an 4ic:ael 7$ >alla ino3 2ssentials o6
Genetics3 'e3 >earson/BenAa*in 1u**in-s3 2010$ ISB=-10) 0-321-(1"(+-( (Dou *ay elect to use an eBoo;3 ISB=-10) 0321(1"(""3 rat:er t:an ,urc:asin- a :ar co,y te&t$)

2$ Stu ents are re9uire to use online *aterials at <<<$-enetics,lace$co*$ Dou <ill 6in a re-istration co e at
t:e 6ront o6 your ne< te&t$ >lease <rite o<n your lo-in I# an ,ass<or so you can access t:e stu y *aterials a-ain$ Once you :a/e reac:e t:e 4y Genetics >lace <e!site 6or t:e 2ssentials o6 Genetics te&t3 enroll in our class usin- class I#) cm461868. Dou <ill not :a/e to enter t:e class I# a-ain a6ter you :a/e enrolle $ (@se te&ts *ay not :a/e a /ali Genetics >lace re-istration co e$ 7 cost-e66ecti/e <ay to ,urc:ase !ot: te&t an online *aterials is to ,urc:ase t:e eBoo;) ISB=-10) 0321(1"(""$) >a*ela 1$ ?onal an ?aoul %$ 7 a*c:a;3 0o*orro<Es 0a!le) Or-anic Far*in-3 Genetics3 an t:e Future o6 Foo 3 O&6or @ni/ersity >ress3 200"$ ISB=) +'"-0-1+-53+35'-($ 0:is is a/aila!le in t:e S=1 !oo;store or 6ro* any !oo;seller$ =ee e !e6ore Se,te*!er 203 2010$ 7 s*all !oun Aournal or s,iral note!oo; to use <:ile rea in- 0o*orro<Es 0a!le$ =ee e !y Se,t$ 203 2010$ 0:o*as ?$ 4ertens an ?o!ert L$ 8a**ers*it:3 Genetics La!oratory In/esti-ations3 13e3 >earson/>rentice 8all3 200'$ ISB=-10) 0-13-1'4252-3$ La!oratory 2&ercise 8an outs t:at <ill !e ,oste on t:e BIOL 410/415 4oo le site$ Dou s:oul o<nloa t:e :an out an rea it ,rior to eac: la! class$ Brin- your la,to, <it: t:e o<nloa e 6ile or a ,rinte co,y to la!oratory <it: you$ @se o6 a co*,uter <it: Internet access (course re9uire*ents can !e *et usin- t:e ,u!lic co*,uters in >ri* Li!rary3 alt:ou-: stu ents <ill 6in it *ore con/enient to :a/e t:eir o<n co*,uters) 0:e course sylla!us3 :an outs3 an ot:er *aterial <ill !e ,oste on a 4oo le site at :tt,)//sierrane/a a$*roo*s$net/$ Stu ents <ill learn :o< to access 4oo le sites urin- t:e 6irst class$ 1urrent articles relate to class to,ics 6ro* :i-:ly rea a!le sources suc: as Science Ne/s or Scientific ,merican <ill !e assi-ne as su,,le*ental rea in-$ 0:ese <ill !e istri!ute in class an ,oste on t:e course 4oo le site$


4$ 5$ ($

'$ "$ +$

Recommended Te.ts and &aterials

1$ La,to, co*,uter (one t:at *eets t:e ,u!lis:e S=1 1o*,uter ?e9uire*ents) 6or online assi-n*ents an la! e&ercises t:at re9uire a co*,uter$

,*, ,ccommodations: In accor ance <it: t:e 7*ericans <it: #isa!ilities 7ct an Section 504 o6 t:e
?e:a!ilitation 7ct o6 1+'33 stu ents <it: a ocu*ente isa!ility are eli-i!le 6or su,,ort ser/ices an acco**o ations$ I6 a stu ent <is:es to re9uest an acco**o ation3 ,lease contact t:e #irector o6 7ca e*ic Su,,ort Ser/ices3 8enry 1ono/er3 at (''5) "31-1314 &'5343 :cono/er.sierrane/a a$e u or -o to t:e O7SIS o66ices on t:e t:ir 6loor o6 >ri* Li!rary <it:in t:e 6irst <ee; o6 t:e se*ester$


@, ate 13-7u--10

Course Syllabus - 0 / 11

Suzanne Gollery - Fall 2010 - BIOL 410/415

,ttendance: Success in Genetics an La! is lar-ely e,en ent on 6ait:6ul atten ance at class an la!$ 0:us3
la!oratory re,orts an class assi-n*ents <ill !e acce,te only 6ro* stu ents <:o :a/e atten e an ,er6or*e t:e la!oratory e&ercise or class assi-n*ent$ Stu ents 47D =O0 !e allo<e to *a;e u, *isse la!oratory e&ercises3 class assi-n*ents3 an e&a*s$ Since li6e :a,,ens3 stu ents *ay see; to e&cuse an a!sence an :a/e an o,,ortunity to o *a;e u, <or; 6or *isse ,oints$ 7!sences <ill !e e&cuse 6or ocu*ente illness (o6 t:e stu ent or a e,en ent)3 *ilitary uty3 a 6a*ily !erea/e*ent3 or at t:e instructorEs iscretion$ 2&cuse a!sences <ill =O0 !e -rante 6or e*,loy*ent con6lictin- <it: class ti*es or o/erslee,in-$ Stu ents <it: *ore t:an t<o une&cuse a!sences <ill !e ,enalize !y :al6 -ra es accor in- to t:is ru!ric) F2 une&cuse a!sences 8al6 -ra e ro, (6or e&a*,le3 6ro* earne B to B5 or 1G to 1) F3 une&cuse a!sences Full -ra e ro, (6or e&a*,le3 6ro* B to 1) F5 une&cuse a!sences 0<o 6ull -ra e ro, (6or e&a*,le3 6ro* B to #) F' une&cuse a!sences 0:ree 6ull -ra e ro, (6or e&a*,le3 6ro* 7 to #) F+ une&cuse a!sences F 6or t:e course

Sanctions for C"eatin' and/or !la'iarism T"e %onor Code

0:e 6aculty o6 S=1 !elie/es stu ents *ust !e :el to :i-: stan ar s o6 inte-rity in all as,ects o6 colle-e li6e in or er to ,ro*ote t:e e ucational *ission o6 t:e 1olle-e an to encoura-e res,ect 6or t:e ri-:ts o6 ot:ers$ 2ac: stu ent !rin-s to t:e S=1 co**unity uni9ue s;ills3 talents3 /alues an e&,eriences <:ic:3 <:en e&,resse <it:in t:e co**unity3 contri!ute to t:e 9uality o6 t:e e ucational en/iron*ent an t:e -ro<t: an e/elo,*ent o6 t:e in i/i ual$ Stu ents s:are <it: *e*!ers o6 t:e 6aculty3 a *inistration an sta66 t:e res,onsi!ility 6or creatin- an *aintainin- an en/iron*ent con uci/e to learnin- an ,ersonal e/elo,*ent3 <:ere actions are -ui e !y *utual res,ect3 inte-rity3 res,onsi!ility an trust$ 0:e 6aculty an stu ents ali;e *ust *a;e ili-ent e66orts to ensure :i-: stan ar s are u,:el !y t:eir collea-ues an ,eers as <ell as t:e*sel/es$ 0:ere6ore 6aculty an stu ents acce,t res,onsi!ility 6or *aintainin- t:ese stan ar s at Sierra =e/a a 1olle-e an are o!li-ate to co*,ly <it: its re-ulations an ,roce ures3 <:ic: t:ey are e&,ecte to rea an un erstan $

Conse)uences of 1iolatin' t"e Student %onor Code

S=1 stu ents an 6aculty s:are t:e res,onsi!ility 6or *aintainin- an en/iron*ent o6 aca e*ic :onesty$ 0:us3 all are res,onsi!le 6or ;no<in- an a!i in- !y t:e S=1 Faculty/Stu ent 8onor 1o e ,u!lis:e in t:e current S=1 1atalo-$ Faculty are res,onsi!le 6or ,resentin- t:e 8onor 1o e an t:e conse9uences o6 /iolatin- it to stu ents at t:e start o6 t:eir classes 7=# 6or re,ortin- all inci ences o6 aca e*ic is:onesty to t:e >ro/ost$ Stu ents are res,onsi!le 6or ;no<in- <:at constitutes 18270I=G3 >L7GI7?IS4 an F7B?I170IO= an 6or re6rainin6ro* t:ese an ot:er 6or*s o6 aca e*ic is:onesty$ Hiolations o6 t:e 8onor 1o e !eco*e ,art o6 a stu entEs aca e*ic recor $ 1st O66ense) Stu ent recei/es a zero 6or assi-n*ent/e&a* an counselin- <it: 6aculty on t:e :onor co e3 conse9uences 6or /iolatin- t:e :onor co e3 an t:e /alue o6 aca e*ic :onesty in learnin-$ 2n O66ense) Stu ent 6ails course an recei/es counselin- <it: 6aculty on t:e :onor co e3 conse9uences 6or /iolatin- t:e :onor co e3 an t:e /alue o6 aca e*ic :onesty in learnin-$ 3r O66ense) Stu ent is e&,elle $


@, ate 13-7u--10

Course Syllabus - 2 / 11

Suzanne Gollery - Fall 2010 - BIOL 410/415

T"e SNC #mail System: 0:e S=1 e*ail syste* is t:e o66icial co**unication /e:icle a*on- stu ents3 6aculty
*e*!ers an a *inistrati/e sta66 an is esi-ne to ,rotect t:e con6i entiality o6 stu ent in6or*ation as re9uire !y t:e Fa*ily 2 ucational ?i-:ts an >ri/acy 7ct o6 1+'4 7ct (F2?>7)$ Stu ents s:oul c:ec; t:eir colle-e e*ail accounts aily urin- t:e sc:ool year$ Stu ents :a/e a ri-:t to 6or<ar t:eir S=1 e-*ail to anot:er e-*ail account (6or e&a*,le3 .:ot*ail or .-*ail)$ 8o<e/er3 con6i entiality o6 stu ent in6or*ation ,rotecte !y F2?>7 cannot !e -uarantee 6or S=1 e-*ail 6or<ar e to an outsi e /en or$ 8a/in- e*ail re irecte oes not a!sol/e a stu ent 6ro* t:e res,onsi!ilities associate <it: o66icial co**unication sent to :is or :er S=1 e*ail account$

T"e &ission Statement:

Sierra =e/a a 1olle-e -ra uates <ill !e e ucate to !e sc:olars o6 an contri!utors to a sustaina!le <orl $ Sierra =e/a a 1olle-e co*!ines t:e liberal arts an +rofessional +re+aredness t:rou-: an inter isci,linary curriculu* t:at e*,:asizes entre+reneurial t"in3in' an en4ironmental5 social5 economic and educational sustainability$

T"e Core T"emes: 0:ese core t:e*es s:a,e all t:at <e are an
(iberal ,rts #ntre+reneurial T"in3in' Sustainability

o at Sierra =e/a a 1olle-e$

!rofessional !re+aredness

Class Re)uirements and 6radin' !olicy: Since BIOL 410 an 415 are co-re9uisites3 an t:e *aterial o6
eac: is so inte-ral to t:e ot:er3 assi-n*ents 6ro* eac: <ill contri!ute to one ,oint total an t:e sa*e letter -ra e <ill !e a<ar e to !ot: courses$ 0:e -ra in- cur/e is !ase on a 1200-,oint scale3 <it: '5I o6 ,oints 6ro* BIOL 410 an 25I o6 ,oints 6ro* BIOL 415$ Sierra =e/a a 1olle-e a<ar s :al6 -ra es (e$-$3 75 or BG)3 so a stu ent <it: a ,oint total <it:in 1$5I o6 t:e cuto66 6or t:e letter -ra e <ill earn t:e a,,ro,riate :al6 -ra e$ 6radin' Cur4e 7 +0 5 100I ,oints B "0 5 "+ I ,oints 1 (5 5 '+I ,oints # 50 5 (5I ,oints F J50I Stu ents *ay earn ,oints in t:e 6ollo<in- <ays) 10"051200 +(0510'+ '"05+5+ (005''+ J(00 ,oints Online assi-n*ents) (cre it or no cre it) 100 ,oints %ritten assi-n*ents (10 ,oints eac:) 200 ,oints 1lass ,artici,ation) (cre it or no cre it) 100 ,oints 0o*orro<Es 0a!le Bournals 100 ,oints 2&a*s 5 4 at "0 ,oints eac: 320 ,oints Final 2&a* 1"0 ,oints 4aAor la! re,orts (2) 100 ,oints La! 2&ercises 5 5 at 20 ,oints eac: 100 ,oints Total 1200 ,oints Online assi-n*ents) Stu ents are assi-ne online :o*e<or; t:rou-: 4y Genetics >lace or ot:er online resources to encoura-e co*,letion o6 rea in- assi-n*ents an re/ie< to,ics


@, ate 13-7u--10

Course Syllabus - 7 / 11

Suzanne Gollery - Fall 2010 - BIOL 410/415

,rior to t:e class ,erio in <:ic: t:ese to,ics are co/ere or to a su,,le*entary in6or*ation$ Online assi-n*ents are ue at t:e !e-innin- o6 t:e class ,erio on t:e ue ate -i/en in t:e sc:e ule o6 classes$ 0:e Genetics >lace assi-n*ents also ,ro/i e i**e iate 6ee !ac; a!out stu entsE un erstan in- o6 i*,ortant conce,ts in ti*e 6or stu ents to as; 9uestions in class as <e co/er t:e to,ics$ Online assi-n*ents are <ort: 100 o6 1200 ,ossi!le ,oints$ Stu ents *ay as; t:e instructor to a Aust ates t:at online assi-n*ents !eco*e a/aila!le or close in or er to <or; aroun illness3 e&cuse a!sences3 6a*ily o!li-ations3 or ot:er s,ecial circu*stances$ %ritten assi-n*ents) Stu ents <ill !e as;e to <or; ,ro!le*s 6ro* t:e te&t3 !e-in an assi-n*ent continue in class3 outline *aterial t:at <ill !e co/ere on an e&a*3 criti9ue scienti6ic researc: ,a,ers3 or criti9ue anot:er stu entEs <or;$ 0:ese <ritten assi-n*ents are ue <:en t:e class ne&t *eets an <ill o6ten !e use in acti/ities urin- t:e ne&t class ,erio $ O6ten stu ents <ill :a/e *ore ti*e to i*,ro/e t:ese assi-n*ents !e6ore t:ey are score 3 !ut only i6 t:ere is a -oo 6ait: e66ort *a e to co*,lete t:e assi-n*ent !e6ore it is ue$ 2&a*s) Four e&a*s <ill co/er *aterial 6ro* t:e ,re/ious 9uarter o6 t:e se*ester$ 2&a*s inclu e *ulti,le c:oice 9uestions3 since t:is is t:e 6or*at use on stan ar ize e&a*s3 suc: t:e G?2 an 4170$ Ot:er 9uestions *ay inclu e s:ort ans<er3 *atc:in-3 -enetics ,ro!le*s3 or true-6alse 6or*ats$ 4a;e-u, e&a*s <ill not !e -i/en <it:out an e&cuse a!sence$ 2ac: e&a* is <ort: "0 ,oints$ Final 2&a*) 7 co*,re:ensi/e 6inal e&a* <ill !e -i/en &onday5 *ecember 85 0:99 : 8:99 +.m. Final e&a* 6or*at <ill !e si*ilar to t:at o6 t:e 6our e&a*s$ 0:e 6inal e&a* is <ort: 1"0 ,oints$ La! 7ssi-n*ents) So*e la! <or; <ill !e co*,lete in a sin-le class ,erio $ For t:ese la! acti/ities3 stu ents <ill ans<er 9uestions an analyze ata on ,a-es o6 t:e la! te&t or la! :an outs$ 7 stu ent *ust co*,lete t:e la! e&ercise in or er to turn in a la! assi-n*ent$ Stu ents *ay !e a!le to *a;e u, a *isse la!oratory e&ercise on t:eir o<n ti*e 6or an e&cuse a!sence$ La! assi-n*ents are <ort: 20 ,oints eac:$ La! ?e,orts) Stu ents <ill <or; on t<o lon--ter* e&,eri*ents o/er t:e course o6 se/eral <ee;s or a 6e< *ont:s) one classical -enetics e&,eri*ent an one reco*!inant #=7 e&,eri*ent$ Stu ents <ill <rite a scienti6ic ,a,er-style la! re,ort 6or !ot: o6 t:ese lon-ter* ,roAects$ #ue ates an late <or;) - 7ssi-n*ents are ue at t:e B2GI==I=G o6 t:e class ,erio assi-ne as t:e ue ate or earlier$ %or; turne in a6ter class on t:e ue ate <ill !e consi ere one ay late$ - Bot: online an <ritten assi-n*ents are ue at t:e !e-innin- o6 t:e ne&t class ,erio a6ter t:ey are assi-ne $ 1lass assi-n*ents are liste as KOut-o6-class assi-n*entsL on t:e sylla!us an ,oste 6or eac: ate on 4oo le$ 1lass assi-n*ent :an outs <ill !e ,oste on 4oo le$ La! assi-n*ents are ue a <ee; a6ter co*,letion o6 t:e la! e&ercise$ - Late <or; <ill !e acce,te 3 8O%2H2?3 10I o6 t:e ,ossi!le ,oints <ill !e e ucte 6or eac: 17L2=#7? ay t:at t:e <or; is late$ (%or; :an e in at t:e en o6 t:e class ,erio <ill !e consi ere late !y one calen ar ay$) - I6 a stu ent is a!sent on a ate t:at <ritten <or; is ue3 it is t:e stu entEs res,onsi!ility to -et t:e <or; to t:e instructor on or !e6ore t:e ue ate$ 2arly or late <ritten <or; *ay !e :an e in urin- class3 sent to class <it: anot:er stu ent3 ,lace


@, ate 13-7u--10

Course Syllabus - 8 / 11

Suzanne Gollery - Fall 2010 - BIOL 410/415

on t:e instructorEs o66ice c:air or un er t:e o66ice oor3 ,lace in :er *ail tray (s:are <it: #r$ 1:uc; Le/itan)3 or e-*aile $ 2&tra cre it <ill =O0 !e acce,te late a6ter Fri ay3 =o/e*!er 1+ (t:e Fri ay !e6ore 0:an;s-i/in- ?ecess)$ Stu ents *ay su!*it <or; as :ar co,y or !y e-*ail3 an are encoura-e to use e*ail in or er to a/oi ,enalties 6or late <or;$ 2-*ails lac;in- a su!Aect line are less li;ely to ,enetrate t:e S=1 s,a* 6ilter$ 0:e instructor <ill ac;no<le -e all <or; recei/e !y e-*ailM it is t:e stu entEs res,onsi!ility to ensure t:at e-*aile <or; :as !een recei/e !y t:e instructor i6 a re,ly is not 6ort:co*in-$

4i ter* -ra es) 4i ter* -ra es <ill !e calculate usin- all <or; recei/e t:rou-: %e nes ay3 Octo!er 13$ 2&tra cre it) 0:e content o6 e&tra cre it assi-n*ents is esi-ne to ,ro/i e a itional in6or*ation relate to course to,ics$ 2&tra cre it assi-n*ents *ay !e use to *a;e u, ,oints lost ue to a!sences an to su,,le*ent a stu entEs ,oint total to earn t:e ne&t :i-:er -ra e$ Stu ents *ay earn u, to (0 ,oints in e&tra cre it (5I o6 total ,oints ,ossi!le)$ 0:ere are se/eral o,tions 6or earnin- e&tra cre it3 <it: ,oint /alues assi-ne co**ensurate <it: t:e a*ount o6 <or; in/ol/e $ 0:ese are liste on t:e 2&tra 1re it :an out in t:e sylla!us ,ac;et3 <:ic: is also ,oste on t:e class 4oo le site$ I6 *ore t:an (0 ,oints o6 e&tra cre it are accrue 3 t:e *a&i*u* o6 (0 ,oints <ill !e assi-ne to a stu entEs score$ 17@0IO=N 4ost re-ular assi-n*ents an e&a*s are <ort: *ore ,oints t:an *ost e&tra cre it assi-n*ents3 so ti*e s:oul !e e/ote 6irst to ,re,arin- re-ular assi-n*ents$ 7ll e&tra cre it is ue !y Fri ay3 =o/e*!er 1+3 an <ill not !e acce,te as late <or; a6ter t:at ti*e$ Note: 0:is sylla!us is inten e to ,ro/i e stu ents <it: a clear an accurate outline o6 course content3 stu ent outco*es3 class to,ics3 assi-n*ents an ue ates3 an e&a* ates$ Stu ents s:oul ;ee, an re6er to t:e sylla!us re-ularly3 an learn :o< to access it on t:e course 4oo le ,a-e$ 0:e instructor reser/es t:e ri-:t to *a;e announce c:an-es to t:e sylla!us an class sc:e ule at :er iscretion i6 it is in t:e !est interest o6 t:e stu ents to o so$

Class Sc"edule for ; $( 219 and ; $( 217

<ee3 (&<=) %ee; 1 7u- 23 4 Class to+ic 1ourse outline $ut of class assi'nments (due at t"e be'innin' of t"e follo/in' class) - ?ea 1: + sections +$13 +$53 +$( (also ,$ 1+5)3 +$"3 +$+ an 1:$ 13 sections 13$1 t:rou-: 13$3 - Online assi-n*ent) %e! 0utorial) 1: +) #=7 Structure (run tutorial 6irst3 t:en t:ree-9uestion #=7 Structure %e! 0utorial 9uiz) - %ritten :o*e<or;) 1: + 9uestion O) +3 133 1"3 1+3 233 243 253 an 323 1: 13) O '$ Brin- to class on %e nes ay$ - #.tra credit 1: 13 <ritten :o*e<or;) O 23 33 (3 123 1'3 1+3 223 an 30 (re/ie< o6 -enetic co e an translation)$ #ue !y 7u-ust 30$ - Online assi-n*ent) %e! 0utorials) 1: 2) 4itosis an t:e 1ell 1ycle3 4eiosis (tutorials 6irst3 t:en 9uizzes) - #.tra credit 1: 2 :o*e<or;) O13 23 53 "3 103 113 1(3 1'3 1+3 2'3 an 30 (re/ie< o6 cell i/ision) *itosis an *eiosis) #ue !y Se,te*!er 1$ - ?ea La! In/esti-ation 4) 4itosis an ,$ (' #$ 4a;in- a Sli e >er*anent an la! :an out) 4ountin- ,er*anent sli es (,oste on 4oo le)

7u- 25 %

?e/ie< #=7 an ?=7 structure an 6unction


@, ate 13-7u--10

Course Syllabus - > / 11

7u- 2' F ?e/ie< *itosis an *eiosis 1rossin- o/er is #=7 reco*!ination #=7 re,lication an reco*!ination Si-ni6icance o6 :o*olo-ous reco*!ination in *olecular -enetic tec:nolo-ies 1:ro*oso*al an or-anelle #=7 or-anizationM 2,i-enetics Drosophila crosses Drosophila ,olytene c:ro*oso*es Labor Day Holiday 1ontrol o6 -ene e&,ression 8o< stu ie <it: re,orter -enes an *icroarray analysis Class to+ic 2,i-enetics 8o< to rea researc: ,a,ers Drosophila crosses

Suzanne Gollery - Fall 2010 - BIOL 410/415

- ?ea 1: 10 (all) - Online assi-n*ents) 1) %e! 0utorial) 1: 10) #=7 ?eco*!ination 2) DNA recombination (Holliday model) at: :tt,)//<<<$courses$6as$:ar/ar $e u/P!iote&t/ani*ations/:olli ay$:t*l 3) 1:10 1:a,ter Quiz (=O0 t:e %e! 0utorial 9uiz) - ?ea 1: 11 (all) - 1: 11 <ritten :o*e<or;) O 33 53 '3 +3 143 153 an 1($ Brin- to class on %e nes ay$

%ee; 2 7u- 30 4

Se,t 1 %

- ?ea In/esti-ation ') >olytene c:ro*oso*es 6ro* Drosophila sali/ary -lan s$ - ?ea la! :an out) Intro to Drosophila - ?ea 1: 15 sections 15$' t:rou-: 15$12 - %ritten :o*e<or;) 1: 15 O 1+3 203 223 233 2(3 an 2'$ Brin- to class on %e nes ay (a6ter La!or #ay 8oli ay) - ?ea case stu y an ori-inal researc: article on e,i-enetics (,oste on 4oo le) - Start in-class e,i-enetics assi-n*ent (,oste on 4oo le)

Se,t 3 F

Se,t ( 4 %ee; 3 Se,t " %

<ee3 (&<=) Se,t 10 F

$ut of class assi'nments (due at t"e be'innin' of t"e follo/in' class) - ?ea 1: (3 section ($4 to en o6 1: ( an 1: 14 (all) - Online assi-n*ents) #o %e! 0utorials 6irst3 t:en corres,on in- 9uizzes) 1) %e! 0utorial 1: () 7!errations 2) %e! 0utorials) 1: 14) 4utation at #=7 Le/el an !ot: #=7 ?e,air *o ules 3) :tt,)//<<<$ nalc$or-/resources/no!el/*cclintoc;$:t*l ?ea eac: sli e an clic; on t:e sli e i*a-e in t:e lo<er ri-:t to a /ance an learn :o< Bar!ara 4c1lintoc; isco/ere trans,osons3 6or <:ic: s:e recei/e t:e =o!el >rize in 4e icine 4) :tt,)//Az:an-$,u!lic$iastate$e u/0rans,osition$:t*l ?ea t:e tutorial an ,lay t:e ani*ate 6i-ures to see :o< 4c1lintoc;Es trans,osons *o/e$ 0:is is co*,licate 3 !ut o your !est to un erstan an !rin- 9uestions to class on 4on ayN 5) :tt,)//<<<$ nalc$or-/resources/ani*ations/alu$:t*l ?ea eac: sli e an clic; on t:e sli e i*a-e to a /ance an learn :o< a :u*an trans,oson *o/es$ - ?ea Batzer an #einin-er3 20023 7lu ?e,eats in 8u*an Geno*ic #i/ersity3 Nature Re4ie/s 6enetics 0: 3'0-3"0 (,oste on 4oo le) - %ritten :o*e<or;) outline *aAor conce,ts R to,ics co/ere in t:e course so 6ar$ Brin- to class on %e nes ay$ - ?e-rea sections o6 te&t co/ere so 6ar t:at you :a/e not *astere - ?ea la! :an out on Isolatin- Deast Geno*ic #=7 Inoculate yeast cultures !et<een 1)00 an 5)00 ,$*$ - ?e-rea sections o6 te&t co/ere so 6ar t:at you :a/e not *astere $ %rite -oo ans<ers 6or stu ent--enerate e&a* 9uestions$

%ee; 4 Se,t 13 4 Se,t 15 % Se,t 1( ? Se,t 1' F

4utation an 0rans,osition ?e/ie< 6or 2&a* 1

Score F1 #roso,:ila Isolate yeast -eno*ic


@, ate 13-7u--10

Course Syllabus - ? / 11
#=7 6or li!rary %ee; 5 Se,t 20 4 1

Suzanne Gollery - Fall 2010 - BIOL 410/415

Se,t 22 %

La! ,erio ) Score F1 Drosophila an set u, F2 crosses

?ea 0o*orro<Es 0a!le 6or<ar an ,re6ace$ Bournalin- 6or 0o*orro<Es 0a!le) <rite o<n <:at you ;no< a!out G4 6oo s an your 6eelin-s/o,inions a!out t:e*$ %:at <as your source o6 in6or*ation a!out G4 6oo s t:at lea you to 6or* t:ese o,inionsS %:y o you t:in; t:e aut:or uses t:e ter* KG2 6oo sL instea o6 KG4 6oo sLS - ?ea 1: 1'3 sections 1'$13 1'$23 1'$33 1'$5 an 1'$( - ?ea 0o*orro<Es 0a!le 1: 1 Bournal) %:at o you t:in; *oti/ate >a*3 Cenon-3 an Tia to o t:e e&,eri*ent escri!e S %:at are t:eir -oals in ,ro ucin- t:is G2 rice /arietyS 8o< o you 6eel a!out t:ese -oalsS - ?ea la! :an out on 4a;in- a Geno*ic #=7 Li!rary - ?ea 1: 1'3 sections 1'$4 an 1'$" - Online assi-n*ent) %iley ani*ate #=7 se9uencin- tutorial) :tt,)//<<<$<iley$co*/colle-e/,ratt/04'13+3"'"/stu ent/ani*ations/ naUse9uencin -/in e&$:t*l

Se,t 24 F

1ut yeast -eno*ic #=7 an 413 /ector #=7 <it: restriction enzy*es 6or clonin-$ #iscussion o6 G4 6oo ;no<le -e an !elie6s

- >ractice rea in- se9uence ,oste on 4oo le an *a;e a %or 6ile containin- t:e
#=7 se9uences$ Brin- t:is 6ile an your la,to, to class on 4on ay$ - ?ea te&t ,$ 200) Intro uction to Bioin6or*atics) BL7S0 - Online assi-n*ent) %e! tutorial 1: 1') >oly*erase 1:air ?eaction3 t:en %e! 0utorial Quiz) >oly*erase 1:ain ?eaction - ?ea 0o*orro<Es 0a!le 1: 2 - Bournal) 8a/e you c:osen or-anic 6oo s in t:e ,astS %:y3 or <:y notS 8as your attitu e a!out or-anic a-riculture c:an-e a6ter rea in- t:is c:a,terS I6 so3 :o<S

<ee3 (&<=) %ee; ( Se,t 2' 4

Class to+ic >1? an #=7 se9uencin@sin- BL7S0 to i enti6y -enes 2&,ression stu ies) re,orter -enes3 in situ :y! R *7! la!elin-3 *icroarray analysis3 ?=7 silencin4a;e co*,etent cells an trans6or* <it: yeast -eno*ic li!rary 7,,lication o6 -enetic tec:nolo-ies KO*icsL

$ut of class assi'nments (due at t"e be'innin' of t"e follo/in' class) - ?ea 8ily et al$3 200'3 >lu* >o& Hirus 1oat >rotein GeneV3 @. ,mer. Soc. %ort. Sci. 10-(8): "50-"5" (,oste on 4oo le) %ritten assi-n*entV - ?ea te&t sections 15$123 1"$+3 an ,,$ 41'-421 - ?ea 0o*orro<Es 0a!le 1: 3 an Bournal on <:at ne< in6or*ation you learne a!out or-anic a-riculture$ %:at sur,rise youS - ?ea 1: 1+3 sections 1+$4-1+$' - ?ea la! :an out) 4a;in- 1o*,etent 1ells an Bacterial 0rans6or*ation - ?ea 1: 1" (all) - %ritten :o*e<or;) 1: 1" O 13 "3 +3 103 1(3 1"3 20 (:int) 6in an illustration o6 t:e :u*an --lo!in -ene 6a*ily)3 223 an 25

Se,t 2+ %

Oct 1 F

%ee; ' Oct 4 4

- ?ea 1: 1+) Intro t:rou-: section 1+$3 - ?ea 0o*orro<Es 0a!le 1: 4 5 Bournal) %:at o you nee to learn to un erstan :o< G2 6oo s are ,ro uce S 8o< oes t:is co*,are to Kcon/entionalL *et:o s o6 ,ro ucin- !etter cro,sS (%:at o you nee to learn a!out Kcon/entionalL cro, ,ro uction *et:o s3 suc: as arti6icial selection3 :y!ri ization a la Lut:er Bur!an;3 an in ucin- *utations in callus 6ollo<e !y selectionS) - ?ea 0o*orro<Es 0a!le 1: 5 an Bournal) %:ic: G2 ,ro ucts <oul you acce,t

Oct ( %

Genetically *o i6ie or-anis*s


@, ate 13-7u--10

Course Syllabus - A / 11
Inoculate cultures 6or #=7 *ini,re,s Oct " F 4ini,re,s o6 reco*!inant #=7 ,las*i s Score F2 6lies !y 4on ay3 Oct$ 11 ?e/ie< 6or 2&a* 2 -

Suzanne Gollery - Fall 2010 - BIOL 410/415

(Bo& 5$4)S 8o< are G2 cro,s re-ulate S 8o< are con/entional cro,s re-ulate S - ?ea la! :an out) >las*i #=7 4ini,re,s - 0urn in 0o*orro<Es 0a!le Aournal on Fri ay3 Oct$ "3 6or instructor to c:ec; - %ritten :o*e<or;) outline *aAor conce,ts an to,ics co/ere in t:e course since 2&a* 1$ Brin- to class on 4on ay$

%ee; " Oct 11 4 Oct 13 %

- ?e-rea any te&t sections or ot:er rea in-s a!out conce,ts/to,ics you onEt un erstan $ %rite -oo ans<ers 6or stu ent--enerate e&a* 9uestions$ - ?ea 0o*orro<Es 0a!le 1:s ( an ' an Bournal) %:at sources o6 in6or*ation o you use to :el, learn a!out contro/ersial to,ics an 6or* o,inionsS 8o< can you c:ec; t:at sources are accurateS #o you t:in; G2 6oo s are sa6eS %:y3 or <:y notS - ?ea la! :an out) ?estriction *a,,in- o6 yeast -eno*ic #=7 inserts - ?ea 1: 3 (all) - %ritten :o*e<or;) 1: 3 O 23 53 103 123 153 1(3 1'3 1+ t:rou-: 243 2(3 303 an 31$ Brin- :o*e<or; to class on 4on ay$ - 7tten stu y session on 0ues ay i6 you nee :el, <it: 1: 3 or 1: 4 :o*e<or;N - ?ea 1: 4 sections 4$1 5 4$10 - %ritten :o*e<or;) 1: 4 O 33 43 53 '3 "3 113 203 an 2($ Brin- to class on %e $ - ?ea 1: 4 sections 4$11 5 4$15 - %ritten :o*e<or;) 1: 4 O 123 143 1(3 243 323 333 an 34$ Brin- to class on Fri ay$ - ?ea la! :an out) #etectin- G4 6oo s usin- >1? $ut of class assi'nments (due at t"e be'innin' of t"e follo/in' class) - ?ea 1: 5 an 1: ( sections ($1 t:rou-: ($3 - %ritten :o*e<or;) 1: 5 O 103 113 133 233 an 313 1: ( O 1 an ($ Brin- to class on 4on ay$ - Online :o*e<or;) %e! 0utorials 1: ( #isAunction an >oly,loi y3 t:en acco*,anyin- %e! 0utorial 9uizzes - #.tra credit) 4ertens an 8a**ers*it:3 In/esti-ation 10) 8u*an 1:ro*oso*es$ #ue !y =o/e*!er 10$ - ?ea 1: ' (all) - %ritten :o*e<or;) 1: ' O +3 133 153 253 2'3 an 2+$ Brin- to class on %e nes ay

Oct 15 F

?estriction *a, yeast #=7 clones 4en elian in:eritance

%ee; + Oct 1" 4 Grades Due Oct 20 %

<ee3 (&<=) Oct 22 F

1o-/inco*,lete o*inance3 *ulti,le R let:al alleles3 e,istasis3 ,leiotro,y Class to+ic #etectin- G4 Foo s usin- >1? la! Se& lin;e in:eritance3 se& li*ite (in6luence ) in:eritance3 e66ects o6 en/iron*ent3 an or-anelle in:eritance 7neu,loi ies3 ,oly,loi ies3 an se& eter*ination #osa-e co*,ensation Lin;a-e an -enetic *a,,in-

%ee; 10 Oct 25 4

Oct 2' %

Oct 2+ F %ee; 11 =o/ 1 4

Nevada Day Holiday La!) Lin;a-e *a,,in- in Sordaria

- 7tten 0:urs ay stu y session 6or :el, on lin;a-e :o*e<or; i6 nee e - ?ea 0o*orro<Es 0a!le 1: " 5 Bournal) %:at o you nee to ;no< to un erstan <:y t:is c:a,ter is in a !oo; a!out G2 6oo sS (see c:$ 24 i6 necessary) 8o< o G2 cro,s ,ro*ote s,ecies i/ersity on 6ar*lan sS - ?ea In/esti-ation 12) Genetics o6 7scos,ore 1olor in Sordaria la! e&ercise (Last ay to <it: ra< 6ro* any S=1 class on Sun ay3 Oct$ 31) - ?ea 1: 22 (all) - %ritten :o*e<or;) 1: 22 O 53 '3 "3 +3 113 143 1'3 213 an 2'$ Brin- to class on


@, ate 13-7u--10

Course Syllabus - 19 / 11
%e nes ay$ =o/ 3 % Quantitati/e in:eritance

Suzanne Gollery - Fall 2010 - BIOL 410/415

=o/ 5 F

4ore 9uantitati/e in:eritance Bac;-o-lantern In:eritance la!

%ee; 12 =o/ " 4 =o/ 10 %

?e/ie< 6or 2&a* 3

- ?ea Sto**el an Gries!ac:3 200"3 In:eritance o6 Fruit3 Foliar3 an >lant 8a!it 7ttri!utes in Capsicum3 @. ,mer. Soc. %ort. Sci. 100(0): 3+(-40'$ - %ritten :o*e<or;) state t:e *ain in6or*ation ,resente in eac: section o6 t:e ,e,,er traits ,a,er$ Brin- to class on Fri ay$ - ?ea Bac;-o-lantern In:eritance la! :an out - %ritten :o*e<or;) outline *aAor conce,ts R to,ics co/ere in course since 2&a* 2 - ?ea 0o*orro<Es 0a!le 1: + an re!uttals o6 =ature ,a,er on -ene 6lo< 6ro* G2 corn into 4e&ican lan races (,oste on 4oo le) Bournal) 8o< is -ene 6lo< etecte S %:at ,ro!le*s ,ur,orte ly e&iste <it: t:e =ature stu yS 8o< :as ,u!lication o6 a careless stu y a66ecte t:e ,olitics o6 G4 6oo sS - #.tra credit) Searc: t:e literature 6or *ore recent e/i ence o6 -ene 6lo< 6ro* G2 cro,s to ,lants near 6ar*s an re,ort your 6in in-s$ - 0urn in 0o*orro<Es 0a!le Aournal on 4on ay3 =o/$ "3 6or instructor to c:ec; - ?e-rea any te&t sections or ot:er rea in-s a!out 2&a* 3 conce,ts/to,ics you onEt un erstan $ %rite -oo ans<ers 6or stu ent--enerate e&a* 9uestions$ - 7tten 0ues ay stu y session 6or :el, <it: -enetics ,ro!le*s i6 you nee it - ?ea 4or-an an 1arter3 200"3 KScienti6ic %ritin- an 1o**unicationL in In/esti-atin- Biolo-y La!oratory 4anual (e3 >earson/BenAa*in 1u**in-s - %ritten :o*e<or;) Outline Drosophila la! re,ort$ Brin- outline to class on Fri ay$ - ?ea 1: 23 (all) - Online assi-n*ent) >earsonEs >o,ulation Genetics La!) :tt,)//<<<$,:sc:ool$co*/science/!iolo-yU,lace/la!!enc:/la!"/intro$:t*l - ?ea 0o*orro<Es 0a!le 1:s 10 5 Bournal) %:y are :y!ri see s ,re6erre !y 6ar*ersS %:y o t:ey cost *oreS #o t:ey cost too *uc:S %:y are O> cro,s !etter 6or 6ar*ers in e/elo,in- nationsS $ut of class assi'nments (due at t"e be'innin' of t"e follo/in' class) - %ritten :o*e<or;) <or; ,o,ulation -enetics ,ro!le*s istri!ute in class 4on ay (also ,oste on 4oo le)$ Brin- to class on %e nes ay$ - Finis: Drosophila re,orts ( ue %e nes ay3 =o/e*!er 1') - ?ea 1: 24 (all) - 1riti9ue anot:er stu entEs Drosophila re,ort$ Brin- your criti9ue to class on Fri ay$ - Outline reco*!inant #=7 la! re,ort$ - ?ea t:e 1onser/ation Genetics la! :an out - ?e/ise your Drosophila re,ort - ?ea 1: 1( (all) - ?ea 0o*orro<Es 0a!le 1: 11 5 Bournal) %:at are ,ros an cons o6 ,atentin-S 1an a ,atent !e use to *a;e a use6ul tec:nolo-y more a/aila!leS I6 so3 :o<S - 4eet <it: your -rou, to rea an analyze t:e cancer case stu y$ Brin- your analysis to class on %e nes ay - %rite a -oo ra6t o6 your reco*!inant #=7 la! re,ort$ Brin- to class on =o/$ 2+$ - ?ea 1: 20 (all) - %ritten :o*e<or;) 1: 20 O 13 43 +3 113 143 153 203 223 an 25$ Brin- 4on ay$ - ?ea 0o*orro<Es 0a!le 1: 12 5 Bournal) %:at are your o,inions no< a!out G2 6oo sS ?ea your 6irst Bournal entry$ 8o< :a/e your o,inions a!out G2 6oo s 0

=o/ 12 F

<ee3 (&<=) %ee; 13 =o/ 15 4

>ool an analyze Drosophila ata ?e/ie< Drosophila la! re,ort outlines I enti6y clone yeast #=7 Class to+ic 8ar y-%ein!er*o el Factors t:at a66ect e/olution o6 s,ecies 8ar y-%ein!erc:ec;-in

=o/ 1' %

=o/ 1+ F

Drosophila re,orts Hirtual 1onser/ation Genetics La! 1ancer -enetics

%ee; 14 =o/ 22 4 =o/ 24 %

1ancer case stu y Drosophila re,orts ue


@, ate 13-7u--10

Course Syllabus - 11 / 11

Suzanne Gollery - Fall 2010 - BIOL 410/415

c:an-e S %:y i t:ey c:an-eS

=o/ 2( F %ee; 15 =o/ 2+ 4 #ec 1 %

Thanksgiving holiday #e/elo,*ental -enetics ?e/ie< 6or 2&a* 4 - %ritten :o*e<or;) outline *aAor conce,ts an to,ics co/ere in t:e course since 2&a* 3$ Brin- your outline to class on %e nes ay$ - 1riti9ue anot:er stu entEs reco*!inant #=7 la! re,ort$ - ?e-rea any te&t sections or ot:er rea in-s a!out conce,ts/to,ics you onEt un erstan $ %rite -oo ans<ers 6or stu ent--enerate e&a* 9uestions$ - 0urn in 0o*orro<Es 0a!le Aournal on Fri ay 6or instructor to c:ec; - ?e/ie< all o6 your e&a*s3 e&a* stu y *aterials3 <ritten :o*e<or;3 an 0o*orro<Es 0a!le Aournals$ 4a;e notes a!out to,ics/conce,ts/-enetics ,ro!le*s t:at -i/e you trou!le$ ?e-rea sections o6 t:e te&t or <or; t:rou-: online acti/ities on i66icult to,ics$ Brin- re*ainin- 9uestions/,ro!le*s to <ee;en stu y session$ - Stu y conce,ts/to,ics t:at still -i/e you trou!le$ 3)00-()00 ,$*$ - ?eco*!inant #=7 la! re,ort ue !y 5 ,$*$

#ec 3 F 2 Or-anize <ee;en re/ie< 6or Final 76ternoon stu y sessionS =inal

Sun ay #ec ( 4 #ec " %


@, ate 13-7u--10