02_Ch18: The Spanish American War! Timeline: 1890 - 1920" FS: Vamonos, Muchachos para Cuba!

La guerra de Espana y Los Estados Unidos." " Main Idea: In 1898, the United States went to war to help Cuba win independence from Spain."

" CCSS...! "

I. Cuban's Rebel Against Spain" " A. Failed Attempts for Independence- 1860s" " B. 1895- Another Independence Attempt" " " 1. Jose Marti & Guerrilla Tactic to Force US Intervention" " " 2. "Cuba libre!" and the splitting of American support (Idealists vs. Business Owners)"

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II. Yellow Journalism" " A. Spanish reaction fuels 'newspaper war' in US." " B. William Randolph Hearst vs. Joseph Pulitzer" " C. "You furnish the pictures and I'lll furnish the war".- WR Hearst" " D. Pres. McKinley's negotiation attempts criticized after The De Lome Letter." III. "Remember the Maine!"" " A. Feb. 15, 1898. USS Maine Explodes, 250 dead" " B. Hearst Posts a Reward for Culprit" " C. 9 April, Spain agrees to most US demands" " D. 11 April, McKinley requests military action." " E. 20 April, US Declares War on Spain"

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IV. US Army/ Navy" " A. Navy=> Very Good" " B. Army=> Ill-trained. Civil War veterans." " C. Rough Riders of Teddy Roosevelt- Heroes (?) of San Juan Hill." V. Treaty of Paris" " A. 12 August 1898=> "A splendid little war" - Sec. John Hay" " B. Cuba freed. Puerto Rico & Guam become US protectorates. Philippines sold to US." " C. Moral implications for the US. How did empire-building sit with our founding principles? " VI. Summary: Why it matters today." US involvement in Latin America and Asia increased greatly as a result of the war. It continues today."
Materials/Sources: Refer to the course calendar for additional assignments and pertinent due dates." " -Presentation

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