Jeanette looked back at me in class I was at the back with Reynard focusin on the history lesson as best we could the te!t books o"en before us some colour "icture of a ca#e man with a s"ear and dressed in fur and some ca#e irl standin beside lookin butt u ly Reynard said in whis"ered breath Jeanette$s eyes were focused on me dark lookin her hair lon and dark thin hands and frame she looked away a ain her narrow shoulders full to #iew the teacher was chalkin words u"on the board sentence after sentence in a measured scri"t I thou ht about the %uick "eck

on Jeanette&s cheek at lunch recess 'ust so %uick in and out before she had time to say or breathe or feel the affects to make her swoon or sick or both I scribbled on the e!ercise "a e in untidy scrawl Reynard mutterin comments about the ca#e irl&s tits about hair under her arms but I was focused on Jeanette$s line of cur#e the way her narrow waist went in and out so narrow I$d et my arms all about dark hair on her shoulders smooth well brushed or combed the head at an an le as if to scrutini(e the writin on the board

take in the words and sense and write it down in her )I ima ined far finer hand than mine oin by the smooth mo#ement of her fin ers and "en* maybe I could kiss her a ain I thou ht some "lace some when.

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