I, from the headquarters office of the International Christian Assembly, want you to conduct a program on business writing at our

organization. Our organization is a nondenominational religious organization. We have many writers who wor for the organization!s reports. "ut I believe that most of them need to now the techniques of effective report writing. #o I thin they need a refresher course based on this. #ince I was your student in #tate $niversity, I now that you are one of the best teachers in business communication. I want you to conduct a business report writing program at our office once a wee for five wee s. %ou do much consulting wor for business at &'(( per day plus e)penses. "ut our organization can!t pay that much. We can give &*(( per session plus e)penses and that!s all our training budget will permit. As you have been already informed that our organization is dedicated to promoting brotherhood among all races, creeds and nations, you might be willing to wor at a reduced price. We will be honored if you co+operate with us and share your nowledge with our writers. ,han you.

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