16th November 2012

Dr. Jennifer Saar I am an ex-student of State University. When I as under!rad student you tau!ht me the business ritin!. I found that you the on"y one ho #an he"$ me to deve"o$ my or!ani%ation&s riter 'ua"ity. I (no about your #onsu"tin! or( $ayment. )ut I ish to $ay *+00 $er session $"us ex$ense. ,ne #"ass in a ee( for five ee(. -s your student you may #onsider this offer. -"so I ant to add that our #om$any $romotin! brotherhood amon! ra#es. #reeds and nations. /han( you sir. 0"ease !ive me #a"" on 101623.4 if you offi#e. ish to ta"( to me. I i"" #ome to your

/han( you


5d. Shaf an )huiyan.

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